My Weekly Workout Plan {Just 15-20 Easy Minutes A Day!}


Me, 1 and a half years ago.

If you follow me on Instagram (@onesmileymonkey) then you have also been following my fitness journey as I share some snaps of my exercise routines and some of my workouts.  Since last August we set up a basic home gym with some weights, a mat and a T.V,  and  I have been doing 15-20 minutes of daily exercise at home.

My priority has been working on strength training, cardio and flexibility and I have seen so much progress already. As a busy mom of a toddler and a five-year-old I have no time to go to the gym so working out at home has been ideal, I also love food and I don’t do diets. My ultimate goal is to have toned, strong muscles, a healthy heart and a happy soul!

I use free workout videos from YouTube for my routines. My favourite channel is FitnessBlender and I love that they have lots and lots of videos to pick from. On Sundays I usually set up a workout plan and a weekly schedule to ensure I am working all my muscles. Below is an example of all of the videos on my schedule for next week:








Working out daily for 15-20 minute works for my schedule and my lifestyle. I know some people prefer to do longer workouts 3-4 times a day with break days in between workouts and that is another great option. You can find longer workout videos on YouTube as well if that’s what works best for you.

If you are looking for inspiration to get into a fitness routine then be sure to follow along as I continue to share my progress, photos and stories on Instagram.

Note: Always remember to ask your Dr. before starting a full workout routine and to take it easy for the first couple of weeks, this is just an example of MY routine but your own exercise routine may look different.

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22 responses to “My Weekly Workout Plan {Just 15-20 Easy Minutes A Day!}”

  1. Amazing. Great work. Thanks for sharing your workouts!

  2. very inspiring!

  3. Thanks for sharing. You look great! So inspirational.

  4. Thanks for sharing your workouts!… you look fab…

  5. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon, after I tore a rotator cuff. No more free weights at home, but so many things to do, I must get on it!

  6. I think I should have a go at these exercises, I definitely need to do more, Drs orders so I’ll try these.

  7. wow you look AMAZING! i have the same problem. trying to find the time to work out really is hard but 15-20mins is so duable! I am going to bookmark this to refer to ! thank you for posting this

  8. Oh wow! You look amazing! I lack a little discipline in my diet; but your results are really motivating to get back on track! Congrats 🙂

  9. awesome these would be perfect , thanks so much for sharing i will def be trying them out , i need to get more exercise 🙂

  10. Awesome! My mom would be interested in this. She’s looking for good workouts.

  11. It works really well for me to eat clean foods and take a 45 minute walk with my family every day.

  12. Just starting my own routine so this is very helpful! Thanks!

  13. These are GREAT! I have bookmarked your page and will have to check this out for later… These workouts would be perfect for when I am at work and stressed out.

  14. looks like you have an awesome workout routine going. Great job!! I need to change up my routine and keep up with what I have right now, so close to my goal 🙂

  15. Kudos to you for your committment to exercise. I have always tried to exercise with intervals of pregnancy and small babies. I agree that you do have to be persistent as it is just too easy to omit one day that leads to two …,and so on. Now that I am a senior, you would think it would be easy-not so-life intervenes. It takes a stubborn sense of ‘I have to do this for my health’ committment to suceed .

  16. I had a setback in my health because a severe allergy forced me to go a steroid for a few days-the latter really upset my digestive system. I was unable to exercise for three weeks. I decided to look over your exercise plan again. I think your shorter version will suit me for the time being.

  17. I lack discipline but I always get inspired when I see people succeeding. Kudos to you.

  18. I have seen bits and pieces of your journey and it’s very inspiring to know you do your workouts at home. Definitely keeping these videos bookmarked!

  19. I am Working daily for 25-35 minute for my fitness. But your last video tips was awesome.


  20. Awesome content I enjoyed reading this.

  21. I enjoyed your video guides. It is very inspiring and surely it will help me go according to my routine.

  22. Thanks for the info.

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