Childproofing The Modern Home: Safety Checklist

Our homes are changing and evolving all the time with TVs, gadgets, new devices, and multiple chargers filling our homes more than ever before. I remember how simple it was to childproof our place when we had our first child. Things have changed since then, and with new technology and new family products available there are some other things we need to consider when it comes to childproofing.

Below you’ll find an updated safety checklist including tips to ensure your little one is safe around new technology and products found in our modern homes.

  • Cover all outlets with safety plugs or plastic covers, including USB outlets.
  • Store phone and device chargers away when not in use, long cables can be very dangerous for children.
  • Secure your flat screen TV to the wall with a wall bracket/stand to avoid it from tipping over.
  • Secure window blind cords with a safety device to avoid having dangerous wires hanging.
  • Secure all of your large furniture with wall restraints.
  • When cooking, use the back burner of your stove and always turn pot handles away from the edge, keep children out of the kitchen when the stove and oven are on.
  • Keep all chemicals, medications, batteries out of reach or in locked cabinets.
  • Keep your dishwasher closed at all times and your little one away from it. If they get to it, children can easily access sharp knives or forks and detergent.
  • Place safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Pull away furniture from windows if possible as little ones love climbing. If this is not feasible secure windows and make sure they have childproofed locks.
  • If you use a baby monitor in your child’s room be sure to mount it to the wall and keep all cables away from the crib/bed.
  • Wireless headphones, adapters, and other dongles can pose a choking hazard, be sure to keep those away from little ones at all times.
  • Keep liquid laundry pacs out of reach or in locked cabinets. We use Tide PODS® with the new Child-Guard zipper for our laundry and always store them on top of a cabinet, out of the kid’s reach.

Childproofing your home is critical and necessary but being watchful and keeping an eye on your child is always the best way to ensure they are safe. How do you keep your little one safe at home?

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Tide. A product sample and compensation have been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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12 responses to “Childproofing The Modern Home: Safety Checklist”

  1. such a great post to refer to. My hubby actually just finished securing our tv to the wall because my oldest kept touching it and not only were markings getting all over it but most important it was a safety issue…we were afraid it may be tipped over if they got to rough

  2. So very true! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Safety has always been an issue with me. I have always tried to keep ahead of little fingers and cllimbing little ones.
    Now with great grandchildren sometimes visiting, I have to be very careful as well. Medications have to go up and other areas have to be checked. it is all worthwhile to see those little faces at our home. Thank you for all your sensible tips.

  4. Great tips! Its shocking how many hazards there are for the little ones these days.

  5. A very good collection of tips. I’d also advise that remotes be put up high when kids are around. A little boy of 2 yrs, manage to take a remote for the TV apart and swallowed a battery, unfortunately he couldn’t be saved – please, please remember that batteries can be deadly to children.

  6. All those tiny tech batteries can be quite dangerous too, so need to store those out of reach of tiny hands.

  7. I will have to really child proof mine as I will be babysitting my granddaughters in June for 4 days! Great tips, thanks!

  8. Great tips, I put items higher too for pet-proofing, It’s the similar kinds of things I go through to cat-proof my house.

  9. So many things to remember so it’s great to have a comprehensive list like this!

  10. Thank you for sharing these wonderful childproofing tips. I can especially appreciate the baby monitor tip. A lot of parents don’t think about the dangers a baby monitor poses children, even if there are chords attached to it. I would also love to add that getting yourself certified in First Aid and CPR can be very helpful in the case of an emergency. Although we would love to think that our homes are perfectly safe, it is impossible to make it accident-proof. Thanks again for sharing this information, your parent readers are sure to benefit.

  11. This is a very helpful list for any new parent.

  12. What a great checklist. We have not had little in the house for awhile, but this is a great list for when we have company who do.

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