Establishing Life-Long Bonds with Your Child


Bonding with your child is the life-long process of intense attachment that develops between parent and child. It is that strong tie that strengthens with time and everyday care-giving and makes parents want to give their child their love, affection and protection.

Newborns respond to the smell, touch and voice of their mothers immediately after birth and that’s a wonderful time to start bonding with them by holding them, talking to them, breastfeeding and more.

Baby-wearing is a wonderful bonding tool for us parents and caregivers because baby is cuddling up close to you and they are getting to know you, your voice, smell, heartbeat, how you move, facial expressions and more. At the same time you are also learning about baby’s movements, facial expressions and gestures and becoming finely attuned to their needs and being able to tell when they are hungry, tired, wet, etc.

With my son I used a Boba carrier from when he was a few months old until he was about 2 years-old. I loved being able to have him close to me and have my hands free at the same time. I used the carrier with him on the front (facing me) when he was an infant and then on my back (still facing me) when he was older, both very comfortable positions.

I found baby-wearing comfortable and convenient, it was also great for bonding with my son as we spent many hours in close contact developing our connection. I loved being able to have eye-to-eye contact with him at close range. He was also very calm in the carrier and would fall asleep without any fussing while I cooked, did laundry or simply moved around the house.

Touch is very important and necessary for the bonding between child and parent, skin-to-skin contact is soothing for babies and it promotes baby’s healthy growth and well-being. Being able to carry your baby close to you while doing day-to-day activities is wonderful and it has many benefits for both parent and child.

By carrying your baby you are letting him know that you are there for him and that you would like to spend time with him. It creates a life-long bond that is strong and will benefit them intellectually and emotionally for many years to come.

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7 responses to “Establishing Life-Long Bonds with Your Child”

  1. So very true! Love this post. I agree 100%, baby-wearing rocks!

  2. Hands-free is always good! Love baby carriers 🙂

  3. Spending quality time with my daughter is how I establish a lifelong bond. When she talks, I listen (even when I don’t understand). Sometimes our time spent together is as simple as her helping me with chores, which she loves to do right now!

  4. My kiddo did not like being in a carrier. Now that he’s older I can see that in his personality. But I held that boy and danced around our living room to John Denver and Jimmy Buffett and Christopher Cross and I think that helped us form our lasting bond 🙂

  5. Can’t wait until our baby arrives so I can baby-wear him/her 🙂

  6. likeeeeee the most useful way

  7. This was very good article.I would like to see a further one for just the dads.There are dar too many single mothers of=r children ignored by their fathers.

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