Lolly: Eco-Friendly, Scented Watch Review {Giveaway}

Lolly Watch

Lolly Watches are colourful, scented, eco-friendly watches that are unique and fun. They are made from eco-resin, which is a natural sustainable polymer derived from softwood. Eco-resin is environmentally friendly and helps reduce the use of plastic in an already plastic littered world.

Lolly Watches feature hardened mineral crystal lenses and a stainless steel back casing to ensure that the watches are 5ATM (150 ft.) water-resistant.

The case and bracelet of all Lolly Watches are made from a unique sentanite material (an eco-resin sister product) that has been modified to carry and release a realistic scent. The Lolly Juice collection comes in eight different colours with matching scents featuring: coconut sentanite (white), black currant sentanite (black), blueberry sentanite (blue), grape sentanite (purple), strawberry sentanite (pink), pineapple sentanite (yellow), orange sentanite, and apple sentanite (red).

Sentanite is BPA free, contains no harmful elements and utilizes no petroleum-based materials. Lolly watches are hypoallergenic and safe to wear by all.


Lolly Watch

I received a Coconut sentatine (white) Lolly watch to review and I absolutely love it! I really like the wooden packaging it came in and  the nice coconut scent that is not too overpowering, it makes me feel like I am somewhere at a beach in Hawaii on holiday. I imagine all of the other scents are just as nice.

I like that Lolly Watches makes watches from sustainable materials and they support non-profit organizations like Trees for the Future, planting a tree for each watch they sell. We really need more companies like Lolly Watches!

Be sure to visit to check out the full collection of scented, eco-friendly watches. Each one sells for $85 and comes in a super cool wooden case.

Buy it: Get yours now! Use the following exclusive disocunt code for 20% off your order: “monkey20”

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Lolly Watch (colour of their choice!). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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456 responses to “Lolly: Eco-Friendly, Scented Watch Review {Giveaway}”

  1. Strawberry sentanite

  2. Eco friendly watch plus scented? that must be the coolest watch ever!!!! I’d love a purple or red!

  3. coconut sentanite (white)… please!

  4. In all over the coconut! This is so cool

  5. I love the pink strawberry sentanite.

  6. white coconut

  7. I think purple!

  8. Black currant 🙂

  9. When I first saw this I thought I would pick a “fun” colour for sure, but then I saw that there was a black currant scent, which I LOVE, so I have to go for the black currant sentanite (black) one!

  10. apple sentanite

  11. I would choose the Red Apple Sentanite Watch

  12. Coconut sentatine

  13. love the apple sentanite (red)… or the strawberry sentanite (pink… )

  14. orange or black

  15. pink

  16. Definitely the coconut..yummy!

  17. Ok, that’s REALLY cool. I don’t wear perfume because of all the chemicals, a naturally scented watch is brilliant!

  18. oops! Definitely the white coconut. Or the yellow pineapple 🙂

  19. White coconut sounds lovely. I need a new watch, lol.

  20. purple/grape

  21. Coconut would smell the best, but I like the red colour… hmm

  22. apple

  23. I’d love a pink one!!

  24. I’d love a white one!

  25. I would love to try the orange sentanite…

  26. I like the pink one

  27. Black – black currant scent. Memories of black current jam as a child. Still make some each year.

  28. White- coconut..:)

  29. How difficult to choose!!! ….maybe the orange would win.

  30. I would like the pink one 🙂 My favorite coloR!

  31. Id like the pink one please 🙂

  32. I would choose the pink! 😀

  33. Apple (red)! How neat!

  34. Pink for me

    • Maybe white


  36. The grape sentanite

  37. I would choose the apple sentanite (red).

  38. The white one. Coconut

  39. the coconut one but i love that they are eco friendly

  40. blueberry sentanite (blue)

  41. Pink is one of my favourite colours and I love the smell of strawberries, so I’d pick that one!

  42. Definitely the strawberry one!

  43. pink and strawberries!

  44. I would choose purple/grape 🙂

  45. I’d choose Black Currant!

  46. blueberry!

  47. pink strawberry sentanite

  48. I’d pick the pink watch.
    the strawberry scent would be nice.

  49. I’d go with the white coconut scented watch

  50. I would like to get the Pineapple sentanite Lolly watch

  51. I am having a hard time deciding between the red or the black. 🙂

  52. I think I would choose the Black Currant sentanite Lolly Watch.

  53. apple!

  54. I would choose the black currant sentanite (black) watch.

  55. I like the Apple sentanite™

  56. Strawberry Sentanite (Pink) 🙂

  57. Black currant!

  58. White/Coconut

  59. I’d pick the coconut!

  60. Strawberry Sentanite (pink) would be my 1st choice!

  61. Strawberry Sentanite

  62. I would choose purple/grape.

  63. I would choose the black currant sentanite

  64. great watches style hope I can win to give it to my boy friend 🙂

  65. Coconut sentatine!!

  66. I would pick strawberry sentanite (pink),

  67. I’d pick strawberry; yummy♥

  68. I love the pink one!

  69. Purple- it is my fav color.

  70. Pink sentanite with Strawberry scent

  71. Red! What a pretty colour!

  72. I’d like the strawberry one

  73. I would love the Pink Strawberry Sentanite.

  74. Red – apple scent!

  75. I would pick apple, but the black currant sounds so nice too.

  76. Strawberry sentanite™

  77. white coconut

  78. I love the coconut!

  79. Well…I think the coconut and pineapple would be a tie…but coconut if I could only pick one!

  80. I like the purple/grape sentanite watch 🙂

  81. Strawberry plz***

  82. I would love the grape sentanite! Would be the perfect addition to my work uniform because it matches my stethoscope 😀

  83. They are so un-resistable…and Eco-Friendly what else could we ask for. That’s a great watch ! I hope I’ll get one 🙂

    • 1. Apple, 2.Pineapple , 3.Blueberry, 4.Coconut

  84. Apple would be delicious 🙂

  85. Would love tow in the white one 🙂

  86. Yellow pineapple!

  87. Grape sentanite.

  88. I would definitely choose the orange. The colour and scent both make me so happy!!! 😀

  89. The apple one.

  90. What a cool blog post. I’ve never even heard of such a product. Eco-friendly and scented (I’m a sucker for stuff that smells good)…plus useful. Way cool!!

    You said the coconut scent wasn’t overwhelming, but did it really smell like coconut? And how long might one expect the fragrance to last?

    Thanks for such a cool post

    Heather@ Exalted Peacock

    • Heather, it really smells like coconut, so yummy! The fragrance is expected to last for years according to their website. I’ve had mine for over a month and it is still going strong 🙂

  91. Mmmm, black currant! Love it!

  92. Orange for me I love citrus

  93. This type of watch would be ideal for me, great for work, and I love the idea that it comes in “fruity” scents because I don’t like to wear perfumes. I would love the orange sentanite…but would be happy with any of them.

  94. i would pick the coconut one

  95. They all look awesome and I bet they smell just as awesome! The white coconut would probably be my favorite!

  96. I would choose the Grape sentanite (purple)

  97. The grape sentanite one looks awesome

  98. Black/Black currant.

  99. I would love to win the Coconut sentanite. Coconut is one of my favorite scents.Very cool product.

  100. I love the white one!

  101. i would pick the pink

  102. either white coconut or black currant sound good 🙂

  103. strawberry sentanite

  104. I’d choose Black Currant.


  106. I love the Grape sentanite™ .

  107. I like the Strawberry/pink watch.

  108. Black currant

  109. The white coconut please.

  110. purple / grape for me,,

  111. coconut all the way… very rad

  112. White coconut

  113. The coconut white for me!

  114. The white coconut one would be my choice, but they are all cute!

  115. I love the pink strawberry sentanite

  116. Orange would be neat. Second choice–white (coconut). Third choice–black (currant)

  117. I would pick coconut sentanite (white)…

  118. I’d pick Strawberry (Pink)

  119. black currant sentanite Lolly watch…my favourite

  120. pineapple yellow

  121. My niece’s bday is in Dec. and she would love the strawberry sentanite!

  122. Strawberry

  123. Yellow/Pineapple for me!

  124. I would choose the Coconut/White sentanite

  125. I would pick white!

  126. white coconut scented watch

  127. I love the Black Currant! I must have this watch now!!!

  128. I would pick the pink strawberry scented Lolly watch!

  129. I would love orange!

  130. I would choose Grape sentanite™

  131. black currant sentanite (black)…something chic, discreet, and YUMMY! =)

  132. I picked orange sentanite.

  133. apple sentanite

  134. This is great!

  135. I would choose the Pink – Strawberry Sentanite

  136. The White coconut, i love it

  137. I think the white coconut would go with lots and I like that scent. The pink is pretty but no thanks to the strawberry scent

  138. I would love the pink/ strawberry one! What a great idea, cute and smells good!

  139. cool idea – nice contest thanks

  140. Strawberry sentanite.

  141. Well seeing that my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, it would be a total treat for myself. I think I would the coconut scent…especially if it makes me think of Hawaii. 🙂 yuuuumm

  142. coconut sentanite (white)

  143. Apple

  144. white coconut

  145. I like the idea of it being eco-friendly! I think the pink watch is really cute!

  146. coconut!

  147. I’d love the White sentanite with Coconut scent…oh I’d be in heaven!

  148. I would pick the white/coconut. I like some of the other scents as well but I think the white would compliment more of my clothing than the brighter colors.

  149. coconut sentanite (white),

  150. Black Currant sentanite Lolly Watch.

  151. Grape sentanite

  152. I’d go with the red apple sentanite!

  153. id choose pink – strawberry

  154. I’d choose a white one, since then I can give it to either a male or female (grandchild) as a present. I’m sure they would all be thrilled with it.

  155. Coconut sentatine…

  156. I would pick the coconut sentanite white watch. What a unique idea!

  157. Well ,of course PINL

  158. Well of course PINK

  159. Tough choice but I think I would pick Red for my daughter.

  160. I would pick coconut

  161. red apple

  162. I like the Red Apple Sentanite Watch

  163. coconut sentanite. thankyou, ken

  164. black

  165. orange

  166. apple sentanite (red) is my favorite!

  167. red please<3

  168. I would probably pick coconut or strawberry!!

  169. if i won it’d be for one of my kids…..not sure which one and not sure which one they’d pick?? i like the blue 🙂 thanx for a chance to win

  170. Black Currant!!!!

  171. Yellow is my choice.

  172. Strawberry sentanite

  173. coconut all the way!!!

  174. I’d pick pink-strawberry or purple-grape for my teenage daughter.

  175. I would pick the red apple red watch

  176. I wold love the orange ..:)

    • *would

  177. Strawberry – for my daughter

  178. Blue,Black an pink I just can’t decide I really would love to have them all

  179. coconut sentanite…

    These watches look great!

  180. I would luv to win the White Coconut scented Lolly watch

  181. coconut or blueberry

  182. love the coconut

  183. black currant sentanite

  184. blueberry (blue)

  185. pineapple 🙂

  186. great idea, gotta love the pink

  187. would love either coconut or pineapple 🙂

  188. I would choose the blue! But, any would be nice!

  189. I would pick coconut or black currant, but they all sound good

  190. I would choose the blueberry sentanite.

  191. I would choose Strawberry!

  192. coconut sentanite …white watch

  193. I would choose the blue and blueberry scent!

  194. red apple

  195. White/ Coconut

  196. the coconut sentanite

  197. I would pick pink! I have the yellow and it smells amazing!

  198. love these watches! beautiful colors…and the shipping box…amazing

  199. I’d take the Apple..

  200. blueberry sentanite

  201. I love coconut BUT I have a white fossil watch already SO, I think I would choose Pineapple YELLOW!!!

  202. Blueberry

  203. pineapple sentanite (yellow)…

  204. Coconut, pineapple, strawberry, wow I love all of them honestly. To have a scented watch makes me so happy I am obsessed with good smelling things it might actually entice me to wear a watch, lol just maybe !! Awesome and unique idea!!!!!

  205. Blueberry sentanite

  206. Pink/Strawberry

  207. grape sentanite (purple)

  208. grape sentanite (purple)

  209. grape !! mmmm

  210. I like the white watch in the coconut scent!

  211. Apple

  212. These watches are beautiful I would totally love to have one!

  213. I would love a blackberry watch.

  214. Love the blackberry

  215. i would pick the pink which is strawberry scented!

  216. I’d love a pink (strawberry) watch! <3

  217. Strawberry sentanite. the pink one.

  218. Purple with the grape scent

  219. The White Coconut sounds goods.

  220. i love purple!

  221. I would love strawberry or coconut

  222. I like the flashy Orange sentanite one 🙂

  223. Strawberry Sentanite

  224. I’d choose the Strawberry one.

  225. white coconut for sure

  226. Apple sentanite™
    by lolly™$85.00

  227. The pink strawberry sentanite.

  228. I would pick red.

  229. I’d choose the Red Apple Sentanite Watch…

  230. I would choose the white coconut watch

  231. pink strawberry

  232. I like the Black Currant sentanite…. and white..and blue..

  233. I would love any of these but I would probably pick the white or black. These are just my everyday style too-Thanks!

  234. Blueberry santanite!

  235. If pick strawberry

  236. I like pineapple sentanite (yellow)…

    Read More at ©

  237. The Grape Purple

  238. You can never have enough watches. A watch for every outfit.

  239. I would love to wear a different scent each day. I will pick the apple sentanite (red).

  240. I think I’d like the Orange sentanite.

  241. oh wow I would love to have the pink strawberry sentanite…

  242. Wow I’m in Love with them all =) But Will go with the Pink one =)
    Thank you =)

  243. Now that is a tough choice – I like the scent of coconut best which is the white one but I love the color of the yellow one which is pineapple. Decisions, decisions…ok, it would be the yellow one!

  244. Coconut Sentanite is the one I would choose

  245. I would choose the purple – grape scented watch.

  246. Hmmmm either blk or white…..

  247. Toss up blk or white

  248. Coconut or Apple sentanite!

  249. Coconut!

  250. Pink or white! 🙂

  251. White sentanite with Coconut scent, for me please

  252. The apple sentanite (red).

  253. Purple for the colour
    White for the smell

  254. coconut sentanite (white)… or orange

  255. I like the white one – coconut sentanite

  256. Grape!!

  257. pink strawberry sentanite….

  258. Purple!!!!!! I love purple!

  259. Coconut. No pineapple. Wait maybe strawberry. Hmmm. Guess I better get one of each 😉

  260. I would like the pink one that is strawberries. My granddaughter would love it!

  261. coconut sentanite (white)

  262. Pink

  263. I love the orange. It’s my granddaughter’s school colors/ She’s on the golf team and it would go with her uniform. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

  264. These are terrific! What a cool idea. I love them all. But the pineapple (yellow) is especially adorable 🙂

  265. Black Currant Sentanite
    jitterbug1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  266. pink strawberry

  267. i would either choose the blue or white i love blueberry and coconut 🙂

  268. blueberry sentanite

  269. coconut one and then the grape. these are so cute.

  270. Pineapple/Yellow

  271. black currant

  272. I would love to try Strawberry 🙂 And I LOVE cute lil boxes 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity. You always have access to the best giveaways 🙂

  273. I think purple!…

  274. Hmm…either black current or orange

  275. I could never chose i want one of each…yummy

  276. I would probably pick Apple, though Strawberry is certainly a contender!

  277. Hey I just wanted you to know. I can’t pin any of the pictures on this post. I keep getting an error.

    • I noticed the button at the bottom of the page has issues, have you tried placing the cursor on top of the photo you want to pin and clicking the PIN IT button that shows up after a few seconds? That usually works fine when pinning.

  278. I love the Apple!

  279. I like the idea of smelling coconut all day and thinking I am on a tropical island (instead of a traffic island).

  280. It is hard to choose, but I think I would like the apple scent.

  281. purple…grape!

  282. I would choose either Strawberry or Pineapple Sentanite. I usually don’t like yellow but the Pineapple is very pretty.

  283. I would love to have the blueberry sentanite (blue).

  284. Probably the pink!

  285. the strawberry/pink 🙂

  286. I would love to have the purple!

  287. I would choose strawberry – pink.

  288. I would pick the white coconut one!! I love coconut and I’ve been scouting for a white jelly watch that’s water resistant! Love that it’s scented!!
    This is perfect!!! Thanks for the chance

  289. Black Currant would be awesome. I like Black Watches typically so this would be great for my wardrobe.

  290. pinapple

  291. coconut sentanite (white)…

  292. I would choose the blueberry

  293. Coconut

  294. I would love the Black currant!

  295. I would get the black/black currant watch.

  296. Thanks for the interesting giveaway ~ scented watches ~ what a great idea!
    I would pick the pink strawberry sentanite.
    Pinterest/FB: Alexia Harvours
    Google+: Wendy Lange
    Twitter: @Cinder_Ella_123

  297. Awesome!

  298. i want the Black Currant sentanite

  299. black currant

  300. Pink Strawberry would be awesome!

  301. I like the Red Apple Sentanite Watch

  302. Pineapple sentanite

  303. The strawberry sentanite. Though how could you go wrong with any of those colors.

  304. Pineapple!

  305. this is a tough choice i think if id be lucky n won id let my lil boy pick 4 me!

  306. the coconut scented watch sounds good to me

  307. coconut white

  308. White!

  309. As a doula, I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly watch with a second-hand that is also water-resistant (got to be prepared for those home water-births!) – so this watch could not be more perfect! I would choose the coconut sentanite.

  310. Ohhh how awesome are these! Would love the pink/strawberry or the white/coconut!

  311. Definitely the white coconut one 🙂

  312. I love purple

  313. I would chose white!

  314. I would pick white coconut

  315. I would love coconut sentanite.

  316. They all look so great and sound like they would smell so good!
    I think I would choose the coconut sentanite though. 🙂

  317. pineapple sentanite (yellow)

  318. Wow how cool are these watches and scented! well i would love the coconut scented in white.

  319. white – coconut

  320. Black is my fav.

  321. Orange for sure.

  322. I love the red one so shiek

  323. I’d pick coconut sentanite- white!

  324. I would like the Orange sentanite

  325. Blueberry/blue!

  326. the Black 😉

  327. Any color/scent, they are all nice, 😉

  328. pink strawberry

  329. white coconut

  330. strawberry, maybe id stop eating so much icecream

  331. I would love to try the White Coconut Scented watch. My second choice would be the Red Apple scented watch 🙂

  332. I would pick Lolly’s Coconut sentanite™, in white. Thanks

  333. Coconut!! One of my fave scents!

  334. strawberry sentanite (pink)…

  335. I like the apple sentanite (red).

  336. I like the orange!

  337. I wold love the orange or the black currant. What a neat idea

  338. white Coconut sentatine watch its pretty love

  339. Pink Strawberry

  340. I am thinking I would choose a White watch. I hope the coconut smell would make me think of the beach, and I could use a vacation.

  341. I think I would go with strawberry. Tough choice!

  342. Mmmm…the coconut/white scent!

  343. coconut sentanite, in white! Very classy looking… and I bet the smell is amazing too.

  344. Would be nice to have a coconut and pineapple combo,but I quess cocnut is the winner with me.

  345. I like the Black Currant Sentinate

  346. I would choose the White sentanite with Coconut scented Lolly watch.

  347. I love these … I would be happy with any one of them!

  348. I would choose the purple watch.

  349. I like all the colors and scents! If I was forced to choose, I think I would go with the red apple!

  350. I’d choose apple if i win!

  351. The apple one!

  352. I like the Blue Blueberry sentanite watch.

  353. Strawberry sentanite or coconut sentanite

  354. Coconut white….very pretty

  355. Coconut white all the way…please

  356. i would like the orange sentanite

  357. I’d get the Grape!

  358. i would pick strawberry

  359. I’ve been looking for a fun colorful watch, this sounds great!!

  360. coconut !

  361. White/coconut!

  362. Definitely apple!

  363. pineapple sentanite (yellow)

  364. grape sentanite purple

  365. White Sentanite!!!

  366. Aww OMG the pink is made for me:P!!

  367. Apple sentanite! Definitely, oh year!

  368. interesting, great colors..scented watch. id pick black or white.

  369. I would pick the grape sentanite (purple) for me,… or the apple red for my sister. Thanks for the giveaway!

  370. i like the red one 🙂

  371. Definitely the pink strawberry sentanite… my favourite colour and smell!

  372. Grape sentanite (purple)!!

  373. The Black Currant Sentanite sounds interesting!

  374. I would love to wear one of these! I have never heard about this brand before. Way cool!

  375. Coconut sentanite

  376. I would pick the pink strawberry sentanite.

  377. i like the Strawberry sentanite

  378. Pink–strawberry

  379. I’d have a really hard time decing between Pineapple and Orange

  380. coconut scented watch

  381. I love these watches! I’d love to have one of each, but my first choice would be black currant and my second choice strawberry.

  382. I would choose the pink – Strawberry!

  383. apple sentanite

  384. i like the coconut santanite

  385. I love them all, But If I had to pick..Hmmmm PINK! 🙂

  386. I would like to try the black currant sentanite scent.

  387. I love the pink one!! I could wear it everywhere with all my outfits!

  388. I think I’d go for the pretty pink color!

  389. I would pick the black currant sentanite.

  390. coconut!

  391. The white coconut one all the way. Thanks!

  392. I would pick Strawberry. I love the fact that there are quite a few colors to choose from and they are so vivid looking!

  393. coconut white…

  394. Coconut sentatine (white) Lolly watch …

    Read More at ©

  395. I’d choose the white coconut!

  396. i’d pick the white/coconut

  397. I would pick Apple sentanite™

  398. I love the pink strawberry sentanite 🙂

  399. I would choose the Pink Strawberry Scentanite.


  400. I would totally pick the coconut sentanite, it’s my fave!!

  401. I like the red apple sentanite.

  402. i would pick the pineapple yellow one!

  403. white please

  404. coconut sounds pretty good

  405. I would pick red, which is apple!

  406. I would choose the coconut.

  407. Purple – Grape!!!

  408. I would choose the apple sentanite (red).

  409. Strawberry/pink

  410. I like the black or coconut colors.

  411. I like the coconut sentanite

  412. Cute watches. I would get the black currant sentanite watch. Thanks.

  413. Would have to be a Grape sentanite™ , grape is my fav flavor ever!!

  414. Black currant

  415. I would get the Pink Strawberry Sentanite.

  416. grape sentanite (purple)…

  417. coconut

  418. Love the strawberry sentanite

  419. Strawberry sentanite

  420. I would choose black currant sentanite (black)

  421. The white is most beautiful.

  422. Strawberry sentanite™

  423. I would love the strawberry sentanite

  424. The coconut or orange

  425. Very cool, would love to have one!

  426. Coconut all the way!

  427. Ooooh, I love them! I love the pink or white!

  428. black currant sentanite (black) one

  429. Purple/grape or pink/strawberry

  430. wow how cool are these i would love all of them but white,no red no !!!! lol . No i would pick white!

  431. i’d choose the pineapple sentanite!

  432. blueberry sentanite (blue)…

  433. I would love love a new watch!

  434. i would choose the grape sentanite (purple)

  435. I’d choose the blueberry watch.

  436. White coconut for me! Love coconut!

  437. i would pick the Strawberry sentanite watch!

  438. I like the Orange sentanite.

  439. I would go with the pineapple.

  440. white coconut

  441. white coconut

  442. I’d like the Grape sentanite

  443. I love the pink strawberry sentanite

  444. I’d pick Strawberry sentanite!

  445. I’d have to go with white because I love the scent of coconut, even though I prefer the look of the red (apple) watch the best.

  446. The White/Coconut would be awesome!

  447. either the pink strawberry or the white cocanut

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