With the arrival of our second son three weeks ago we are now back in newborn land. The land of infinite cuddles, cute newborn smiles and that newborn scent you never forget.

I am also now back to having sleepless nights and dealing with mom exhaustion while caring for a very active three year old and a very hungry newborn. Β Still I wouldn’t change it for the world, our family is now complete and I am loving having the chance to slow down to live in the moment with my two boys.

I must say that I am really loving the cuddle time I get with my newborn. Nowadays it is harder to get cuddles and hugs from my three year old as he is never in the same spot for more than a few seconds and he obviously prefers pirate sword fighting over boring hugs!

And then when I spend time with my toddler I find it refreshing to be able to have real conversations, to know what he is feeling without guessing and to see him so independent and ready to do things on his own.

Two totally different worlds!

Something I found very nice was celebrating our first Christmas as a family of four and starting the New Year together. We are still adjusting to the changes in routine and family dynamics for sure but we are enjoying the time we get to spend with each other.

In the end I consider myself extremely lucky, I get to spend time with both a cuddly newborn and a super fun toddler! Isn’t that the best way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year?

Sears is also celebrating the new year with a big sale. From January 17th to the 30th they will be offeringΒ 15% off almost everything in the Baby’s Room – nursery furniture, strollers, monitors and more! Plus, there will be great deals on infant apparel, more details HERE. I personally love the baby clothes I find at Sears, like the adorable ealephant sleepers my son is wearing in the picture above, so sweet!

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. #SearsMom