Preparing Your Pet For a New Baby {Tips}

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With all the excitement a new baby brings and the vast amount of research that goes into selecting the best gear, we tend to forget about one little thing. We tend to forget how our first “baby” is going to react to it’s new little human counterpart. Here are a few tips on how to make the transition of bringing a new baby home easy with your pets.

1. Set up large baby items well in advance of bringing your baby home. Chances are they will be very curious of the new items and this will give your pets time to get accustom to them. They will probably sniff, stare and even lick the new items, trying to figure out what they are and why they are there.

2. Spend time in the nursery, sit in your rocking chair or glider and read a book or sip a cup of tea. By enjoying some quiet time in the room, this will show the animals this a calm place and get them in the mind frame of being calm when they are in that room.

3. Get them used to extra noise. Take the time to turn on your swing with the sound on, or turn on your white noise machine for a while. If they are accustomed to the noises, there will be less chances of them barking and waking up the baby later on.

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4. If you have a dog, set up your stroller in your living room for a few hours. This will give them a chance to get up close and personal with it with out being overwhelmed. I highly recommend taking them out for one or two practice walks with the stroller to get them accustomed to walking beside it.

5. If you have a cat fill your crib and bassinet with balloons. Cats are known to love warm spots to curl up and what better place than a cozy new crib or bassinet. The only thing wrong with this is once your baby arrives they may be tempted to do this and could accidentally smother your precious little bundle. If you place balloons in the crib and your cat jumps in, chances are they will be in for a little surprise. No harm is done to the cat, aside from a little scare that will stop them from being tempted to jump in again.

6.  If you can, while you are still in the hospital send home one of your swaddle blankets with the person who is watching your pets. This will introduce the scent of the new baby to your pets without overwhelming them. Once you arrive home from the hospital, and go to introduce your baby to your pet, they will already be familiar with their scent.

Do you have any tips to make the introductions smoother?

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Andria Milliard lives in the Fraser Valley with her husband, her daughter Hazel, her son Everett and their two fur kids, Izzy and Murray. Once Hazel became mobile the antics between her and the animals didn’t slow down, combine this with Andria’s love to share great brands and products and her blog The Cheerio Diaries was born.

19 responses to “Preparing Your Pet For a New Baby {Tips}”

  1. Beautiful photos and great tips.

  2. Good adbice especially a pet that might be younger and not know boundaries well yet.

  3. Awe beautiful photos

  4. Great post….the balloon trick worked well when our cat attempted to claim the bassinet and stroller.

  5. we never got pets until after we had our son

  6. Love the photo of her and the dog,too cute

  7. Excellent tips! The balloon tip sounds interesting.

  8. Wonderful tips! I really like the one about setting up a stroller in the living room so that pets can get use to the baby first!

  9. I’ve never heard of the balloon tip before. Definitely a great tip. I have heard of putting in tin foil before the baby arrives. Cats hate the sound. Similar concept, I think… but the balloon idea sounds like it would work better.

  10. Thank you, Andria, for these useful and sensible tips for preparing your pet for a new baby. I wish i had known about this years ago. I know this will help many young parents. Thank you.

  11. These are great tips! We are thinking about getting a dog soon so I will keep these tips in mind for the future!

  12. really good tips here for those excitedly awaiting a new arrival. It’s so important that a pet doesn’t feel unloved now a new baby has arrived. The balloon idea is really good, I liked the tin foil idea from Holly too.

  13. I am glad to see a post like this! I crosspost andd do rescue and one of the excuses for getting rid of an older animal is ‘we had a baby’. I dont see that as valid and if people actually knew the likely outcome for the aanimal they would spend more time preparing.
    My only other tip is when the baby gets hoe, do not put them together right awaay- put a child gate up or close the door. Do not leave baby and pet alone together . Let them adapt.
    If you have an older pet, tey truly might not like the screams, the ear pulling etc, make sure you are watching.

  14. These are such great tips!

  15. I really like the balloon trick

  16. I just love that photo with the dog ….priceless

  17. Excellent tips!

  18. Love the balloon trick.

  19. I will have to share this with a friend who will soon be having a baby and is worries about how fur babies will handle it… She’s been super concerned and worried. Thank you for the tips!

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