There are SO many amazing moments that you get to experience after becoming a parent. Witnessing your baby’s “firsts” and watching them reach new milestones is truly exciting and exhilarating.

I recently dove into our archives and found some priceless photos and videos documenting some of my boy’s most precious milestones and “firsts” during his first year of life. It was really fun to go back in time to relive those exciting moments by watching the videos over and over and looking at the photos, it was even more fun watching them with my now 2 1/2 year old son.

It wasn’t easy to pick just five special moments but I managed to decide on my favorites from his first year. I feel fortunate to have captured them and I’ll be sharing some of our personal photos and videos below.

pacifier push

  • He pushes his pacifier back in his mouth at a few weeks old.  This picture was taken the first time he did it, a precious moment!

First time eating solids

  • His first time eating solids. I made sweet potato puree for him and he was interested but as the photo shows he wasn’t a big fan. We tried again a few days later and he ate it then.

  • His first time crawling. He started crawling at my parents home when we were visiting, we don’t have carpet at home and he loved the soft fluffy carpet there. It was exciting to see that he was now mobile.

First flight

  • His first international flight (9 hours!). We went to Europe for his uncle’s wedding when he was nine months old. It was his second time flying but his first international flight and I was stressing a bit about this one. In the end he was wonderful and easy to travel with, he also got his first couple of passport stamps!

  •  His first steps:  This video was taken a few days after he turned 11 months. He has always loved computers and he “walked” to get closer to his dad’s laptop. He had been cruising for a few months and this was the first time he let go and took a couple of steps on his own.  He has not stopped walking, running, bouncing, dancing and climbing since then!

Do you have videos and photos documenting your child’s “firsts”? How often do you go back in your archives to watch them again and again?  The first years of a child’s life are fun, intense and rewarding, but they go by way too fast. Don’t forget to slow down for a second and capture your own special moments.


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