Spot Lousy Labels on green Products

With Erica Johnson, the host of Marketplace.

Earlier in the Summer I had a chance to participated in the “Lousy Labels: Home Edition” episode of the T.V Show CBC News: Marketplace.  In this episode Erica Johnson investigates so-called “green” household products, putting them to the test, and uncovering surprising truths about some popular brands.  This time she counts down ten products which deserve a Lousy Label for their claims to be greener and safer.

An eye opener and must watch for eco-conscious people like you! The episode aired a few days ago but it is also available online, you can watch the full episode on their website *HERE*

Here are also a few useful tips on how you can spot lousy labels on “green” home products (from their website):

Spot lousy labels

1. Be wary of “green” cleaners that won’t list their ingredients on the label

2. Check the label for some indication that the claims have been independently verified

3. Look closely at any eco-friendly seal on the package: some look official, but may be the company’s own

4. Be skeptical of wiggle-words like “contains natural ingredients”

5. Read the fine print: “natural” products can still be harmful or toxic

6. Make sure a product’s claims are specific: vague green claims can be meaningless

And don’t forget that vinegar, lemon and baking soda make some wonderful cleaning solutions for your entire house! No chemicals and safe for your entire family.  For tips on how to use home-made cleaners check out our green cleaning tips here.