Exploring the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Park

Lynn Canyon Park is a municipal park located in the District of North Vancouver in British Columbia. The park officially opened to the public in 1912 and has been a popular destination for locals and tourist alike ever since.

Lynn Canyon Park features a suspension bridge that sways 50 meters above the canyon. The park is open daily all year, and it is free to cross the bridge.

Exploring the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Park

Exploring the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Park

Lynn Canyon Park is the perfect location for a family hike. It is a great spot whether you go during the summer or the winter, and it makes a beautiful backdrop for photos. We go hiking there with the boys year-around and love it there.

During the winter be sure to wear appropriate shoes and warm clothes and allow plenty of time to return to the parking lot before it gets dark. Other than that the place is stunning and a hike there is great exercise for both kids and adults. Note that there are plenty of stairs, so the park isn’t stroller friendly,  be sure to take a baby carrier instead. 

Exploring the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Park

Exploring the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Park

Directions when driving:

If you are driving, take upper levels Trans Canada Highway 1 until you reach exit 19. Follow Lynn Valley Road North East past the Mountain Highway intersection, and then continue to Lynn Valley Road.

Watch for Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre sign on the right-hand side of the road. Turn right onto Peters Road, and you will find the main entrance at the end.

If you are local, have you ever visited the Lynn Canyon Park? If not, I highly recommend you visit soon! More details about the park, including a map, here.

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  1. We have to stop by next time we are in the area!

  2. Capilano one is popular too, haven’t been to this one yet.

  3. I haven’t been to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in years. It was where my love of BC forests and trails began.

  4. so disappointed we didn’t check that out when we visited Vancouver! Just means I will have to make another visit…hoping sooner then later

  5. I’m not the type to want to walk across that suspension bridge!

  6. This looks like a beautiful area but bridge

    • please disregard this

  7. This looks like a beautiful area but I don’t think I could make it across that bridge

  8. I love walking on trails in nature, so beautiful! I now get vertigo on suspended bridge but I still do it…

  9. ‘suspension bridge that sways 50 meters above the canyon’ I guess it sways badly if it’s a windy day.

  10. I have been last summer and it was beautifull and very busy. What i didnt know is that its open all year long especially in tge winter. That is very cool and agreat activity to keep the family active during the colder months. Great tios and advice about the avoiding strollers. And leave before dark.

  11. That bridge terrifies me, reminds me of a post I saw of a guy who was scared of heights crawling to the edge of a cliff to try and conquer his fear. Think I’d be paralysed and not able to move neither forward nor backwards.

  12. Your kids are amazing, being able to go over that bridge. With my fear of heights, no way fo rme!

  13. I’ve been to North Vancouver a few times and love hiking the canyons and walking the suspension bridges.

  14. Oh gosh – that looks like so much fun. Not sure _I_ could handle it though!

  15. looks like a beautiful place, I would love to explore this area

  16. We went to the Capilano when it was all decorated for Christmas a few years back, my wife was terrified.

  17. Lynn Canyon and Suspension Bridge looks like a wonderful place to visit but the bridge would be a challenge to people like me who do NOT like heights. The directions will be helpful to people who do.

  18. This looks like a beautiful place to bring family to explore! I love finding new places to go on adventures. 🙂

  19. I can tell it is such a beautiful place from your photos! I’d love to go on a family hike here for sure.

  20. those are some nice pics

  21. I love how you do everything together as a family and you do lots of activities

  22. Beautiful photos! It looks like a wonderful place to spend the day with your family. I bet the view from the suspension bridge is amazing.

  23. This would be such a fun family activity.

  24. I would love to hike here, but not sure if I would make it across the bridge.

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