When traveling, it is prudent to pack a wellness survival kit with some essentials to stay healthy and happy. Long, exhausting travel days, sitting on germy airplanes or trains for hours and jet lag can certainly do a number on your overall wellness. Add to that eating new, unfamiliar foods, and you may end up feeling ill.

4 Natural Wellness Travel Essentials To Pack

Feeling sick while on vacation can dampen your spirits and cast a cloud over your family holiday. I always take some essentials with me to ensure I am ready for our next adventure. Below I am sharing some of the items I pack and take with me when every time we go on vacation. We travel a lot, and my wellness kit’s size has increased with every experience. I like being prepared!


4 Natural Wellness Travel Essentials To Pack

1. Saje’s Travel Safe Kit: This kit contains Restoral Ointment for skin irritations, Arrive Revived Remedy and Mist to fight Jet Lag and uplift the mind, Safe Hands Lotion to sanitize and clean hands (so needed when you are on planes and public spaces!) and finally Eater’s Digest Remedy for upset stomachs.  I find this kit super convenient because I can carry it in my purse and it has everything I need for on the go.

2. Jamieson MelatoninI take melatonin to help with jet-lag, and I swear by it. It can help you adjust to the time change. I usually take it the first few nights of our trip and then again once we get home for the first couple of nights. Like anything, always consult a health care practitioner before use.

3. Jamieson Probiotics:  Probiotics help balance intestinal microflora, and they are used for overall digestive and immune health. I usually start taking probiotics up to two weeks before we leave for our trip and continue to take them while I am away. I am very sensitive when it comes to new foods, and I have noticed a positive difference when I take probiotics while I am away.

4. Saje’s Pocket Farmacy: This is another one of my favourites for travel.  The little kit fits in the back pocket of your jeans, and it contains my favourite and most used essential oil blend rollers, including Peppermint Halo for headaches, Immune, Eater’s Digest, Stress Release and Pain Release. All super important to have handy when you are traveling.

What are your favourite wellness essentials to pack with you when you are traveling? Share them below!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Saje. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.