Choosing the kind of holiday that best suits your needs can be a daunting task. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money and limited vacation days only to find that their struggles to plan their own itinerary have left them short of activities, or that the structure of an organized tour group leaves them feeling overly regimented and unable to relax. So in order to decide what type of vacation is the best for you, here is a select list of options and what they all entail.

1. Independent

An independent holiday is for those who want to plan and execute their own vacations, giving them the freedom of doing what they want when they want to. Some important things to keep in mind however, are that even the most spontaneously planned trips need to have some structure behind them, including a booking base accommodation, from a range of hotels, hostels, or apartments, and creating a general plan for travel between your major destinations.

2. All-inclusive

If you’re after one of the more relaxing options of travel than all-inclusive is a great way to ensure a hands free holiday where everything will be taken care of. The majority of activities that focus around all-inclusive resorts tend to be beach and water based, although many will include night clubs and music events that can be fun for those looking for some late night festivities.

3. Cruise

Perhaps combining the best of both the independent and all-inclusive options, cruising is a combination of a planned itinerary between ports, and the cruisers choice of activities both on the boat and during shore leave. One major advantage of cruises are that they allow you to see multiple destinations in a hassle-free way, and the massive cruise liners of today provide a wide array of cuisines and on-board events.

4. Tours

The all-inclusive tour is great for people who are worried about planning their own vacation, or who are travelling to a destination where the language can be a barrier. The itinerary is set in advance, but you are given some opportunities to explore on your own. Tours are also a fantastic way to see many historic and archaeological sites, as there are groups designed and hosted by guides with intimate knowledge of the local area.

However you decide to travel, be sure to book a vacation that will allow you the type of holiday atmosphere you’re looking for, whether its relaxation, exploration, or a party.


Images by Abir Anwar and Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta used under the Creative Commons.