5 Common Cloth Diapering Myths

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By Contributor Carolyn Bechard

I admit it! I was a complete cloth diaper skeptic when I had my first child. I distinctly remember someone mentioning the idea of them during my first pregnancy and I completely shrugged them off. Two years later, we are a full time cloth diaper using family. We use them at home, at night and when we are out and about during the day.

So in the hopes that you will be more informed then I was, I am going to debunk several cloth diapering myths that may be keeping you from going cloth.

1. You have to touch poop.
This is probably the number one comment I get from people when I tell them we cloth diaper. It’s like they think I’m walking around all day with it constantly on my hands. Believe me, if that was the case I probably wouldn’t be cloth diapering either. My hands don’t get any messier then they would if I were using a disposable. In fact, your hands may even be cleaner, because I have yet to have a blow out in cloth.

2. You won’t save that much money.
If you take only one thing out of reading this article, take this. You will absolutely save money by switching to cloth diapers! The average person spends nearly $2000 buying disposables for one child. A good cloth diapering package will cost you around $500 and can be used on multiple children. For example, I have two boys aged two years and four months. Because we went with a one size diaper system, they are essentially using the same ones. Diapers aren’t even in our monthly budget anymore! And we don’t have to make any last minute runs to a store because we’ve run out of diapers.

3. You’ll end up doing way more laundry.
I wash my diapers every 2-3 days. It takes one hot wash followed by two cold rinses. Is that really much more laundry? Not in my world.

4. It’ll add extra time to diaper changes.
Cloth diapers are nothing like they use to be. They come with snaps, velcro and various inserts that can be flushed down the toilet or stuffed in a pocket. There are tons of different options out there and most involve the same amount of work as changing a disposable.

5. Disposable diapers aren’t that bad for the environment.
Do you know what the number one thing taking up space in our landfills is? Yup, that’d be disposable diapers. They take hundreds of years to decompose and release toxins into the environment. You know those warnings that come in Tampons boxes about toxic shock syndrome? Those same chemicals are being used in the diapers we put against our babies skin. How scary is that?

So there you have it folks. I hope I have laid some of the cloth diapering myths to rest for you. My best advice is to really do your research. Evaluate exactly how much you are spending on disposable diapers a month and look into cloth diapering brands and systems. I know it can be overwhelming, but if you know someone who cloth diapers, ask them questions! We are usually more than happy to share our thoughts.

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23 responses to “5 Common Cloth Diapering Myths”

  1. I have never understood why people would use disposable diapers when they could save possibly $1500 a year by using cloth and buy some big ticiet items instead, I am happy you dispelled these myths. thank you,

  2. naturally cloth diapers

  3. Thanks for debunking the myths around cloth diapering. I feel confident that those who read your article will think twice when it comes to diapering their child. I’d be changing my ways, if I was still at that stage in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, this changes my WHOLE outlook on cloth diapering. I can’t believe I actually believed all those myths! I love how much money you save and that you don’t have to do much more laundry. I already do lots with 2 little ones, so it wouldn’t even make a difference! Thanks for the insight!!

  5. The 5 Myths of using cloth diapers is informative and read worthy

  6. This article was certainly an eye opener. The same toxic chemicals used in tampons are used in disposable diapers, time for a change.

  7. I used disposal for my kids, my daughter and daughter in laws use cloth

  8. Loved reading this. The first point about touching poop is probably the one thing that most people think when they learn we use cloth here. When I mentioned CD’s to a friend, she said “gross”.

  9. I agree with all of these – we have loved cloth diapering. We did spend more than necessary but it’s because I only wanted to buy diapers made in Canada, which can be pricier. My favourites are AMP pocket, EllaBellaBum pocket for larger babes but I did like the applecheeks size ones for when she was a wee babe.

  10. I cloth diapered when they were not as nice as the ones today. Cloth diapering rocks.

  11. Yes. It’s all true. My hubby is now a convert too. He was very much against it and now it’s actually easier than disposables since I don’t need diaper cream because my little guy doesn’t have rashes. I didn’t start until he was 9 months but wished I did it sooner! Would have saved me lots of time and money in the early months! And yes cloth diaper families are always willing to give tips!

  12. I love this list of myths. It’s so true! I get the strangest looks when I say we use cloth diapers. However I started cloth diapering our 4 month old about three weeks ago and I would never go back. I LOVE cloth diapers! Our daughter would get horrible rashes with her disposables even with diaper cream and they would last for a good week before they’d go away. Now she’s never irritated, never red unless she’s had to be in a disposable (such as at daycare…but we’re going to try having our daycare provider use cloth with her now.) I’ve yet to have a blowout with cloth, and I’ve only had a couple pee leaks from them. With the disposables she has several blowouts a week and leaks pee at least once a day. Cloth diapers FTW!

    The only downside is that they’re so stinkin’ cute that I’m having trouble resisting the urge to buy a TON of them. lol

  13. Cute picture, cloth diapers have come a long way since my children were babies

  14. This article will definitely help push parents towards cloth diapers if they were on the fence about it. We are cloth diaper users too and I don’t regret it. I was a bit nervous about it at the beginning, but now it’s one of the best decision we made!

  15. The 5 Myths of using cloth diapers are interesting thanks

  16. about 40 yrs ago very few people used cloth diapers, I was one of the few as disposables were ‘in’. I knew I was going to have more children and it was the mere thought of ‘wasting’ all that money on disposables that put me off them. It was obvious to me that buying cloth diapers (no where near as beautiful nor as easy as today’s lovely creations) was an investment but if I had only 2 children it would have paid off – I had 7 and I never needed to buy more cloth diapers

  17. Thanks for this article. Do people think we should throw away our cloths after each use? Then why do we throw away diapers?

  18. This is a great list! When my family or friends look at us like we’ve crazy for cloth diapering, I know I have solid reasons, and its really easier than it sounds.

  19. When I cloth diapered my kids years ago they were not as nice as the ones today,I love the photo

  20. Perfect photo of brotherly love

  21. Cloth diapers are the way to do,much nicer on babys bottom

  22. Wow looking at the photo above….they have grown so much!

  23. Shared with my friend whos deciding on cloth vs pampers

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