Four Cow Farm: 100% Natural Tea Tree Remedy Balm {Giveaway}

tea tree

I was introduced to the Four Cow Farm line of natural skin care products when my son was a newborn. I wrote a review of the products back in January and I have been using them since.

One of my favourite items from their line is their Tea Tree Remedy. It is AMAZING! I have already re-ordered it three times and I use it all the time. My second son has very sensitive skin, he suffers from dry skin, eczema and his skin gets irritated easily when he has a wet or soiled diaper. I use cloth diapers, change him constantly and ensure he is always in a dry/clean diaper and he still gets super red with minimum exposure/contact. Enter this fabulous balm,  it is the best barrier cream I have used and it offers natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties plus it is a natural anti-inflammatory as well.  So effective and soothing!

tea tree

In honour of my favourite item from their line, Four Cow Farm is giving 3 lucky readers the chance to WIN one Tea Tree Remedy balm 50g.

More about the Tea Tree Remedy Balm below:

A wonderful 100% natural protective balm made from Natural Beeswax and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Castor and Macadamia Oils, with the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil. Castor Oil is chosen for its anti-inflammatory actions and Macadamia Oil for its rich, moisturising properties. Perfect for soothing inflamed or itchy skin.

Purpose & Directions

Excellent as an effective and gentle all-natural salve for soothing and protecting problem skin, such as skin affected by nappy rash, mosquito bites, scrapes, cuts and bruises. A fantastic everyday emergency balm. Apply a thin layer to clean skin and reapply regularly for sustained relief.


Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, natural beeswax, certified organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) pure essential oil, rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract.

All oils used by Four Cow Farm are premium extra-virgin cold-pressed quality.

Discount code: They also now ship to Canada and they are offering Canadian readers a promo code to get $10 off of orders $20 and above and good for the whole month of August. Enter code: “canada2014” at check out!


Win it: 3 Lucky US/CAN readers will win a 100% natural Tea Tree Remedy Balm (50g). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. I try to use as many natural products as I possibly can. We, in our family, have very sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to chemicals and or preservatives!

  2. I try to as much as possible.

  3. Yes whenever I can. My dry hands need good products to keep from chapping.

  4. I do, because my oldest daughter has very sensitive skin so we had to start buying them for her and now we just all use them. It’s so much better!

  5. Yes, I’ve been trying to. Coconut oil is starting to replace a lot of my skin care products too, it is great.

  6. I do have a couple natural skin care items. i have sensitive skin so hard to find something that works for me!

  7. I try my best. The earth gives us everything we need.

  8. Natural as much as possible because my girls and I have very sensitive skin

  9. I use natural skin care products if I win them otherwise I use a product that I know I do not have a bad reaction – also my local pharmacy is very small with a limited range of products available

  10. We use natural skin care products nowadays. Using anything else just isn’t the same anymore. A lot of companies (which I won’t point fingers) tend to deceive. Once ya find a good natural product, stick to it. I tried a non natural lotion a short while ago, and it felt like a layer of plastic on my skin….

  11. Try too

  12. I use natural skin products because I prefer all natural ingredients being put on or in my body as well as I have an allergy to certain preservatives.

  13. I do use some natural skin products.

  14. usually, but I have some ‘bad’ stuff that was given to me as a gift

  15. I do my best to use all-natural products because what you put on your skin goes IN! Who wants toxic chemicals in their system?

  16. Yes whenever I can don’t like using chemicals on my skin.

  17. I ONLY use natural skincare! So many terrifyingly dangerous chemicals out there! I don’t need to be making myself more susceptible to cancer than I already am.

  18. I occasionally use natural skin care products when they work better.

  19. I do try to use Natural Skin care products because I have sensitive skin plus I believe that natural products are better for you.

  20. Yes I use organic products because they are much better for my skin!

  21. Yes, I always use natural products. I would rather not lather myself with toxic chemicals 😉

  22. I try to because I think they are better for my skin.

  23. I am just starting to change my old beauty products to organic. I have been eating organic for a few months now and feel wonderful, I now realize how important it is to remove all toxins from our products.

  24. I try to use as many as I can because I feel comfortable knowing that they are natural and Im not scared to share them with my family!

  25. Yes, i’ve made the switch to natural products over the last year. After having children I really look into what’s in all our skin products making sure they’re free of harsh chemicals!

  26. yes easier on my system!!

  27. Yes, we try to stay away from the chemicals

  28. I try to always use natural skin products. My family and I have very sensitive skin and many allergies so I feel this is best for us. I do not like chemicals.

  29. I try to, yeah. I learned recently that whatever you put on your skin, it actually consumes… really gross, when thinking of chemicals.

  30. yes i do, because they don’t irritate my sensitive skin

  31. I try to use natural skin care products but ‘cos of the cost & short shelf life, it’s hard to adhere to the practice

  32. I have very sensitive skin so I definitely use natural skin care products

  33. I don’t specifically use natural products because I usually go for whatever is on sale or cheapest when it comes to moisturizer..

  34. i find myself using natural prodcuts more and more

  35. I do use natural products. I feel better knowing that the products I use on my skin are not harmful.

  36. Yes, I do use natural products – mostly homemade – because I have many chemical sensitivities and allergens and I need to know exactly what ingredients are used in each mix.

  37. I am currently using Burts Bee’s, but I would love to try something even more natural.

  38. I only use natural products because I find artificial scents irritating and I like to support companies that care about the environment.

  39. Yes I prefer to use all natural products; they are better for my skin

  40. Yes we do. Dd has dermatitis and eczema and needed the chical free products so I just made the switch for everyone (well except dh – haven’t found any that he likes!)

  41. We use natural products whenever possible because we don’t want to use unnecessary chemicals on our bodies.

  42. I am trying to find more natural products, but I am a work in progress

  43. Yes. I always use organic and natural products on my skin.

  44. yup, we always use organic and natural products on our skin.

  45. We have gone nonGMO in our foods so now I am transiting to natural products too

  46. I try to, but they can be hard to find.

  47. I do use natural products because I am very sensitive skin as do my four kids.

  48. i do use natural products because i often have allergic reactions to chemical products

  49. Yes, I love using natural products because they’re good for my skin!

  50. I like natural skin products and try to use these only.

  51. I have switched most of my beauty products to more natural products.

  52. Yes i do, exclusively

  53. I love using natural products, especially in skin care. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it.

  54. I feel better using them on my little one!

  55. Never have really never thought about it until your contest. thankyou, ken

  56. Yes, always natural products for my daughter, and most of the time for me!

  57. We use some natural products but would like to use more.

  58. No products from drugstore however I do use coconut oil for my skin.

    • Opps i meant no i dont use natural products… Just ones from store

  59. I have some natural products; I much prefer them for their lack of chemicals.

  60. I certainly try to you as they are the best for the family…

  61. I do, also shampoos, and often the smell is much better as long as the effect

  62. When I can if they actually work.

  63. yes… everything that touches your skin goes into your body.

  64. I use them, especially for my kids

  65. I definitely try to! The fewer chemicals the better.

  66. I use natural coconut oil on my skin. This product looks like a good general skin balm. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. I try to use as many natural skin products as possible because I have sensitive skin and most of the chemical ones make my skin rashy.

  68. Yes, I have sensitive skin so I read labels very carefully.

  69. i like to use aloe for my face

  70. some are natural and some not, wish to use more natural in the future

  71. I try to use as many natural beauty products as possible.

  72. We use only natural skin care products in our home due to sensitive skin and to help prevent exposure to more chemicals than necessary. I make a lot of our skin care products myself.

  73. I try to use natural skin products but tend to be allergic to most.

  74. I use some natural products but not all. Sometimes availibilty and price factor in to making a decision on what to purchase.

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