native shoes
By Contributor Tamara Goyette

This summer I have been seeing these shoes everywhere, on children and on adults! When the opportunity came to try a pair for my daughter I jumped at it because I wanted to know why these shoes were so popular and on the feet of so many. I have to tell you that I have found my go to shoe that is easy to slip on my daughter’s feet, and that is great for spring and summer weather. They are called Native Shoes.

Native Shoes are light weight, rubber shoes that are available in many colours. While they are similar to a certain other shoe out there, these ones are much more fashionable looking much more like a shoe. Natives are available in two different styles for kids The Miller, and The Jefferson. These shoes are waterproof, odour resistant, washable, and shock absorbent. All of this in one shoe? Yes! All these things are incredible to find in one shoe for a kid. You can easily wash them if they get dirty with a mild soap, and some warm water. Use a cloth or brush if you need to, but I found I could just use my fingers to rub the dirt off if they needed cleaning. I was most impressed when my daughter went out for a 45 minute walk in them. The fact that they are shock absorbent makes them very comfy to walk in.

These have become our go to play-time shoes. My daughter has worn them to the park, for walks around the block, out in the yard on the grass and in the dirt, and to the beach where she has played in the sand and water. I am so pleased with how they have performed in all of these environments. For example with the holes in the shoes they are great for a trip to the beach; you don’t have to worry about packing water shoes your kid can go right into the water with these on. If your child goes into the water with them on, the water can drain right out of the holes.

These are a must have shoe for the summer, so much so that I would like to get a pair of my own! I love them that much.

native shoes

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