Every parent dreams of it at one point or another – that their kids would go to sleep at the push of a button. And for them to stay in their beds. And for them to sleep to decent time of the morning, not that crack of dawn.

Cloud B has made your wishes come true… are you ready?

The Sleep Solution You’ve Been Dreaming Of:

Stay Asleep Buddies are interactive, plush pals who teach children when to sleep and when to wake! Using gentle melodies and glowing lights, children learn to distinguish between sleep time and awake time.

Plus, the Stay Asleep Buddies are easily programmable for a full night’s rest or a much-needed nap.

  • Nightlight eases fear of the dark with calming amber glow
  • Sound soother plays dreamy lullaby
  • 45 minute auto shut-off timer for complete darkness & quiet
  • Programmable nap and sleep timer
  • Plays happy wake-up tune in the morning or after nap time
  • Bright green glow lets kids know when it’s okay to get up

While my little guy isn’t sleeping peacefully through the night yet, its not for Sleep Buddy’s lack of trying; he is a big dreamer who does a lot of talking (and screaming at his sisters) in his sleep. But now he isn’t as eager to jump out of bed either anymore, this is progress – anything other than a 5 am wake up is progress, he’ll lay in bed a little longer quietly with his hedgehog.

You don’t have to worry about them taking the light/timer out the sleep buddy – it’s in there good and snug. Even curious little minds and fingers are going to have a hard time getting it out.

Soon, your child will be sleeping better, you’ll be sleeping better, and your whole family will be healthier and happier!

The Cloud B Stay Asleep Buddies would make a wonderful holiday gift for any little ones on your gift giving list!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.