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We all try hard to raise kind and empathetic children; however, it’s easier said than done. October was National Bullying Prevention Month, and there are lots of signs you can look for if you suspect the worst: your child is a bully.

1. Your Child Displays Behavioral Issues at Home: If your child is acting out at home then imagine how they might be acting when you’re not around and they’re put in a different environment – like school. If your child is picking on a sibling and or acting with a hot temper towards you that could be a sign they’re picking on others and acting that way at school, too. I suggest you take action immediately, delivering the appropriate consequences and discussing alternate ways in which they can handle their anger and frustration.

2. Your Child Gets In Trouble at School: One of the telltale signs your child is a bully is if they get in trouble for picking on others at school. If you get a phone call from the school letting you know your child acted out and hurt another child physically or emotionally you need to take that call very seriously. If you handle it appropriately right away you might be able to steer your child back onto the right track and avoid a continued path of bullying and or later expulsion.

3. Your Child Is Friends with a Bully: If you notice one of your child’s friends being mean and aggressive you might need to step in, so your child doesn’t learn to accept that behavior as normal or okay. Teach your child ways in which they can help their friend be kinder to others and talk about how it would feel if their friend treated them in a mean or aggressive manner.

4. Your Child Is Witness to Violence at Home: If there is violence and constant anger in your own home your child will learn that behavior and act that way when not at home, too. Remember, children are always watching and learning from their parents, so try hard to set a good example, be positive, be kind and be empathetic.

Learning your child is a bully is not fun for any parent. Don’t give up though; should you find yourself in such a situation your child will need your love and guidance now more than ever!


Daddy Nickell

Robert Nickell (known as Daddy Nickell), owner of DaddyScrubs, provides valuable and unique advice for parents, and especially dads, on how to give your child the self-confidence, skills and power to stand up (and proudly walk away) from bullying. A father of three, Daddy Nickell developed DaddyScrubs to provide products and support to dads throughout all stages of fatherhood, including strong, empowering advice that helps dads all over the world develops capable, self-confident and successful kids. For more information on DaddyScrubs and Daddy Nickell, please visit


Bullying is a very important topic to discuss and as parents we have to learn to look for the signs and ensure our children are not bullying each others at school. I believe that with our love and guidance we can really make a difference.  Angela



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