Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library {Giveaway}

Looking to add a few new books to your kid’s home library. This month we are sharing 5 NEW Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library from DK Books that have been a hit with our boys (ages 4 + 7).

5 NEW Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library

5 NEW Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library

Follow the Trail: Farm: This is a wonderful pick for preschoolers and younger children.  Tiny readers can trace bumpy, shiny, glittery trails in this board book perfect for little hands, with activities that teach them about shapes, matching, and sorting, and help develop hand-eye coordination and pre-writing motor skills.As they follow the trails, whether straight, wavy, or loopy, toddlers will lead the animals to their homes and the tractor back to

As they follow the trails, whether straight, wavy, or loopy, toddlers will lead the animals to their homes and the tractor back to barn. Peepholes on each spread show which animal will need help next, and a mix-and-match game at the end of the book with four glittery trails puts all the learned skills together, prompting toddlers to match each animal to its correct destination.

Follow the Trail: Farm is perfect for hands-on learning and sensory play, and teaches preschoolers fine motor skills as they explore the cuddly and wonderful world of the farm.

To Buy: Canada, USA


Me and My Body: If you are looking to talk about the human body with young children (ages 3 to 5) this is the book for you. It doesn’t contain anything graphic or scary for younger little ones and it has lots of great information. A wonderful learning resource.

Learn amazing facts like how germs can make you sick, why you have a belly button, and how your senses work. Then create wonderful crafts, like a beautiful family tree, a homemade stethoscope, and gingerbread skeletons, combining reading skills, STEAM concepts, and hands-on family fun.

Discover what a family tree is, then create one yourself. Explore your amazing fingerprints, then decorate a beautiful picture frame with them. Make a paper skeleton or play a game about digestion. This is a perfect package for a little learner who wants to know all about what’s going on inside their body!

To Buy: Canada, USA

A First Book of Fairy Tales and Myths: If you are looking for some bedtime stories these two books are a must buy.  The set comes with two beautifully illustrated books about myths and fairy tales combined in one slipcase to make the perfect gift for young children. Features 28 stories in all.This lovely two-volume set is a collection of 14 well-known myths and legends and 14 classic fairy tales from around the world.

This lovely two-volume set is a collection of 14 well-known myths and legends and 14 classic fairy tales from around the world. A First Book of Myths includes classics such as the Fall of Icarus, Andromeda, How Butterflies Began, and the Crocodile and the Baby. Perfect for reading aloud, Mary Hoffman’s lively narratives and the delightful illustrations capture the amazing worlds full of gods and monsters.In

In A First Book of Fairy Tales, Mary retells 14 classic children’s fairy tales, including favorites such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Little Mermaid. The charming illustrations throughout bring the best-loved fairy tale characters and events to life.

To Buy: Canada, USA

LEGO CITY Busy Word Book: For LEGO lovers of all ages, especially early readers. LEGO City© is the perfect place for early readers to encounter lots of exciting words for the first time. There’s always something happening, whether it’s police officers catching crooks, firefighters training at the fire station, or hotdog vendors cooking up tasty snacks! Interactive activities such as spotting recurring characters and finding hidden objects keep children engaged and encourage repeat reading. Returning time and again to each page, children learn useful and fun words that they can use in daily life.

A great present idea for a little LEGO lover in your life.

To Buy: Canada, USA

How Science Works: The Facts Visually Explained: I would recommend this books for older children who can read and are interested in science. My 7-year-old loves sitting down to read some of the facts and I love how much he has been learning so far. I am sure this book will also get more use as both the boys get older.

How Science Works uses clear, easy-to-understand graphics to answer common questions and explain difficult concepts–not only the core science topics that eluded us at school, but also the cutting-edge science reported in the news.

Have you ever wondered how airplanes stay in the air, how holograms are made, or how ants lift things many times their size? You’ll find answers to these enigmas as well as learn about more complex developments, including the discovery of the Higgs boson, gravitational waves, and the mysteries of dark matter. Topic spreads include Q&A features, short-story sections, and simple graphics to answer all your questions about scientific principles, from familiar conundrums to mysteries that evade even the brightest minds.

To Buy:  Canada, USA

5 NEW Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library {Giveaway}

5 NEW Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library {Giveaway}


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a copy of the LEGO CITY Busy Word Book. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Friends!

5 NEW Book Recommendations For Your Kid's Home Library {Giveaway}

Disclosure: This has been a partnered post with DK books and contains affiliate links. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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52 responses to “Book Recommendations For Your Kid’s Home Library {Giveaway}”

  1. My kids are all adults so now they have to buy their own.

  2. I usually borrow books from the library and if my son really love the book – I buy it.

  3. we usually order every scholastics flyer

  4. Every scholastic book order and we get books from the library all the time. Also every holiday he gets books!

  5. The whole family loves Legos

  6. My grandson loves legos and is learning to read. Perfect book for him.

  7. I buy books ???? every month!

  8. They are constantly wanting new books! School program and when we go shopping.

  9. I buy books for my granddaughters on their Birthday and Christmas. They love books.

  10. I purchase books for the grandsons now as all the children are adults

  11. We use to purchase books on a regular basis for the kids before, but now we usually borrow novels from the library and buy ‘info’ type books.

  12. Purchase books monthly. Farm book will be next!

  13. I am always buying books for my boys. They gobble them up. My oldest is an avid reader and then my autistic son mimics him and actually ends up loving a lot of the books the older one likes. It’s a win win situation

  14. I buy books every couple of months for my kids.

  15. I purchase books monthly usually but sometimes more often if there is a sale. My daughter loves to read!

  16. as an educator and mom, I always am keeping my eye out for new books, probably purchase a couple of times a month.

  17. I purchase books occasionally for grandchildren.

  18. Usually at special occasions (birthdays, Christmas etc) for my nieces & nephews, usually try to include at least one book in their gift.

  19. I like to borrow books because they are so expensive

  20. When our kids were young I was always buying books for them. Now that I have a Granddaughter I will be buying books for her.

  21. I buy books for every gift for my son and nephews but we mostly go to the library. My son and I make sure we get to the library every week to find new books. That is often how we choose which to buy as well!

  22. I do like giving books as gifts if I can find good sales.

  23. we don’t often purchase books. we do receive them as gifts often and make use of the kids free library box set up down the street from our home. when we buy books they are usually for other kids. i prefer to buy a book then a greeting card since they almost cost the same amount!

  24. I buy books often for my grandkids

  25. giving books to my friend’s kids for gifts is my go to!

  26. I get a new book for my son once a month.

  27. My daughter gets new books almost monthly

  28. I can’t help but to buy kids books! they are sooo awesome

  29. My son is always using his own $ to buy books at school. I buy him lots at Christmas and on his birthday.

  30. I get books once in awhile, if they are on sale or I find a good deal

  31. I purchase books for my Grandkids birthday and also for Xmas

  32. Everytime I look at the scholastic flyer I see a cute book my kids would like or learn from. Thanks for the chance!!

  33. Birthdays and Christmas are a must for a new book.

  34. all the occasions

  35. I enjoy purchasing books for my granddaughter every month or so.

  36. I probably buy books a few times a year. But we get books from the library regularly!!!

  37. As often as possible…we love adding to our home library! Thanks.:)

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    found this website as a most excellent site for hottest updates.

  39. I am always buying books for children. For years, part of my grandchildrens’ gift was a book. Now, I am buying (or trying to win them) for my great grands. I have always loved books and try to encourage my family to love reading as much as I do.

  40. Our kids love books so they’re always trying to get us to buy books. Usually about once a month we buy a book they really want.

  41. We get them every couple of months.

  42. I buy books for the kids on Christmas and their birthdays for sure. Sometimes I’ll pick up a few throughout the year with their order forms too.

  43. I usually get books for my kids quarterly since nowadays, some books are very expensive so I tend for buy some that they really like and borrow from library for the rest of the time

  44. If I see a nice book on sale for the kids I buy it, if I win some paypal money I order from indigo for myself

  45. I buy books quite often for my kids. I always check out the book selection at my local value village. I found some great ones that the kids love.

  46. Once a month, at least.

  47. I buy books for my children a couple of times a month.

  48. I have a collection now from my older child but we still by quite a few through the year. Lots at Christmas and few times on book orders.

  49. Would love to win this. We don’t necessarily buy a lot of books for our kids but they do use the local library and the library at school to borrow books quite often. My daughter just read three novels since the beginning of March Break.
    I put the wrong subscription email in the giveaway rafflecopter above…please use the one associated with this comment. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

  50. I usually purchase books for my kids on a monthly basis.

  51. I buy several every few months. Also a library fan!

  52. I buy them for birthdays and Christmas.

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