Beco Gemini: Organic Baby/Toddler Carrier Review {Giveaway}

Beco Gemini

If you are looking for a safe, easy to use and comfortable Baby/Toddler Carrier then you need to check out the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier. The Beco Gemini is now one of our favorite carriers and I am glad that I had a chance to try it out.

I received the Robots-Black print and I just love the design. The inner fabric has white and turquoise robots on a grey background and the outer fabric is black with turquoise piping. The Gemini Carrier is also made with 100% organic cotton in the USA.

The carrier comes with a foldable head rest, an adjustable base for growing baby and a colorful instructional booklet filled with pictures.   I really like having all the photos when learning how to use a new carrier.

You can use the Beco Gemini with little ones from the newborn stage until the toddler years (7-35 lbs/3.5 – 16 kg). Right now our son is about 25 lbs and I usually carry him in the front or the back.

The Gemini has 4 positions that you can use when carrying your child. Front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry.  I have never carried my son facing out or in a hip carry position so I got a chance to try those out for the first time.

The front carry (facing in) position is what I usually do when carrying my son and I found it was easy to get him in the carrier and get the straps buckled  This was my first time using a tri-lock safety buckle system and I love that those prevent accidental opening better than regular buckles.

beco buckles

Something I noticed right away is that the carrier has a bit more padding in the front than other carriers I have used (where baby’s back & bum are), same with the padded shoulder straps.  It just felt more comfortable in general and totally cozy for my son.

The wide padded waist belt allows for proper lumbar support and it is very comfortable around my waist (even though my little one is pretty heavy I never have any issues while carrying him in the front or back).

I am not a fan of the front carry (facing out) position because I don’t get to see my son’s face and his little hands are usually grabbing anything and everything in front of me. Generally younger children can get very overwhelmed and overstimulated from all of the action when facing out so Beco recommends avoiding prolonged used of this position and trying out other positions as well.  One thing worth noting is that the Gemini uses a narrow base for facing out and that makes it  more comfortable for you and baby.

Beco Gemini Baby

Something I love about the Beco is how easy it is to get my little one in the back carry position.  I am used to other carriers and different ways to get him on my back but I must say the Gemini makes it extremely easy to set up and do it all on my own. Perfect when moms are just learning to back carry.

Back carrying is recommended with older/heavier children as well. I alternate both back and front with my son right now.

The hip carry position was interesting to try but I didn’t like it as much as front/back. Perhaps once his legs are a bit longer I will try it again.  I found it was a bit complicated to set up for it at first but after trying a few times I got him comfortably on my hip, I think hip carrying would work wonderfully for any expecting moms that are carrying an older child.

Finally, the Gemini doesn’t have any pockets and I wish it did, maybe something they would be able to add to future lines. No big deal.

In general I really like the Beco Gemini, it is a great high quality carrier and allows for multiple positions and a wide or narrow base adjustment. It is definitively stylish and carries toddlers up to 35lbs comfortably.  Each Beco Gemini carrier is handmade by a skilled seamstress in facilities which apply high social and economical standards and they sell for $130 each.

Beco Gemini Measurements 

body 13″ wide x 18.5″ tall with head rest up, 14″ tall with headrest folded
shoulder straps 23″ (can be adjusted up to 22″ LONGER for a total of 45″)
waist belt 28″(size 0) can be adjusted up to 57″
weight capacity of the carrier: 7-35 lbs (3.5-16kg)
weight of the carrier: 1.5 lbs

Beco Gemini Baby

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win a Beco Gemini Carrier (print of their choice). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

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  1. this is a great tool, light weight and something my husband wouldn’t feel like a tool wearing. He lives in fear of the character covered ones. I alos love how versatile it is.

  2. Love this giveaway!!!

    We like sierra espresso


  3. robots black is fantstic <3

  4. Black robots is cute! I love BECO! I have 2 Butterfly 2’s

  5. I really like the Jewel print!

  6. I love the Black Robots or the Cars one is great too.

  7. i like the foxie black

  8. Pony denim!

  9. i love the amy

  10. I would love any kind…but really like the gemini

  11. I love the Robots Black!

  12. love the Gemini – Robots and Gemini – Cars

  13. I love the Piper Black!

  14. I love
    Gemini – Amy

  15. I love the robots one!

  16. sierra espresso!

  17. Espresso – nice and simple 🙂

  18. Piper Black!! Our nursery is done in owls 🙂

  19. I love the Paige print


  20. We are a geeky family, so we would have to go with Robots!

  21. I can’t pick just one, I love so many of them!! Sierra espresso, nova black, robots black, owl express espresso….

  22. ginger is adorable!

  23. I like the Sierra Espresso

  24. I like the Nova Black

  25. I love the Paige!

  26. Owl happy

  27. travis black and amy are my favorites

  28. Gemini – Espresso

  29. Love the Robots design

  30. The Piper print is cute 🙂

  31. I love the Gemini Travis pattern…very cute.

  32. I like the paige print

  33. My favourite style is Paige

  34. My favorite is Piper! I LOVE owls 😀

  35. I like the ginger print!

  36. I like both the Paige and the Travis Black.

  37. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Sierra/Espresso Gemini 🙂

  38. I love the Piper print! Not only is it super pretty, but my daughter’s name is Piper.

  39. Call me boring, but I really like the espresso colour! 🙂

  40. The happy owls espresso is adorable!! Gosh, how doin pick just one

  41. Robots or Amy or Cars – there’s lots of cute ones. 🙂

  42. Love the Owl Happy! So cute!

  43. paige is my favorite!

  44. Love the Sierra Expresso!

  45. I like the Butterfly 2 Foxie.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  46. robots!

  47. I would love the Gemini – Sierra

  48. Love this! And I love the robot pattern

  49. I would love the piper/black

  50. I love Black Robots

  51. I love the Robots Eco Thigh Socks – very cute.

  52. i like ginger

  53. Foxie Black is soooo nice!

  54. I like foxie black

  55. They are all nice but the cute owl one and the Ginger are really lovely patterns. The web site displays each item well too.

  56. I love the Sierra Expresso

  57. Cars! On our registry, but would LOVE to win it instead!

  58. I’m a big fan of the robots for our little boy! For our (future) girl, I would choose the Jewel print.

  59. Paige.

  60. Love Sierra Espresso!

  61. I LOVE the Amy print! So pretty! but i’m not sure if that’s part of the organic line, I also like Sierra Espresso!

  62. I love the Ginger and the Jewel.

  63. My fav is “Amy”

  64. I love “Owl Happy” and “Foxie”!

  65. I really like the
    Gemini – Piper

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  67. I love the cars print!

  68. I really like the Jewel but I also love the Piper. I don’t know if my husband would rock the Jewel.

  69. Robots, Black

  70. I love the Jewel

  71. I like Sierra Espresso a lot and the foxie black

  72. Gemini – Robots

  73. Love the foxie black 🙂

  74. Owl happy

  75. I like “Paige” the best, not too dark, not too busy looking.

  76. I rather like the Robots print!

  77. i like the owl happy espresso.

  78. I love Sierra Espresso!

  79. I have the ginger, but would love the piper black. I picked the ginger because it was the only one the store I was at had gotten in with the nice thick straps and buckles for the headsupport rather than the older skinny flimsy straps. I do love this carrier!

  80. I like Amy – and it’s only in part because I’m partial to the name!

  81. I like the Foxie Black 🙂

  82. Travis and Piper are my favs

  83. My favorite is Gemini – Piper.

  84. I love the Robots Black

  85. Love Jewel and Ginger!!!

  86. May 31–I like the Expresso Brown print.-el03ro

  87. May 31–I like the Expresso Brown print. Actually I like most of them but this would be my favourite. -el03ro

  88. Luv Paige!!!

  89. Piper is my favourite. 🙂

  90. I LOVE Piper and Amy, my favorites

  91. I would like the happy owl!

  92. I think my little guy would like Robots!!! (^_−)−☆

  93. Cars….or Robots

  94. I like Paige, it would work with my little boy and in the future if we had a girl.

  95. Foxie

  96. Foxie Black

  97. I love the piper owl print! (The robots are pretty awesome, too!)

  98. Amy is super gorgeous!

  99. I love the Amy print

  100. loving the Robots black

  101. Love the Travis Black!

  102. I like the Paige!

  103. I love the Gemini Paige

  104. I really like Piper black.

  105. I love the owl happy expresso!

  106. I love the Nova Black!


  108. I really like the jewel but doubt my husband would be willing to wear it so I would go with piper

  109. I like the Metro Black – it’ll go with just about everything and perfect to hand off to the hubby!

  110. Def the jewel! Lovely product.

  111. Love the Piper print!

  112. I like foxy black

  113. I love the Jewel pattern! 🙂

  114. I like the Paige!

  115. I like the Piper Black print!

  116. Foxie Black

  117. I like the metro black and the espresso owl, so fun! Would love to win. Out Bjorn carrier is not cutting it and your review was so favorable.

  118. piper or paige

  119. Love the Robots print!!!!

  120. Piper Black

  121. Love the espresso owls!!!

  122. I like the Gemini – Blue Pony!

  123. my favorite is the gemini- amy love that print

  124. I like Gemini – Paige

  125. I love the Jewel pattern.

  126. I’d LOVE the black robots ones!!

  127. Gemini print

  128. I like the SIERRA print/design.

  129. It is a toss up between foxie and nova.

  130. A baby carrier is one of the top things on my babywish list! I can’t wait to tote my little one around (outside of my tummy)in just a few months!

    I love love love Foxie black! Super cute!

  131. Amy!

  132. I like the robots black

  133. I like the Gemini – Nova or Espresso

  134. Travis Black is my favorite.

  135. I like the Jewel!

  136. I LOVE the Robots print. We have a little girl, but would like more children. I hesitate to buy larger things in super girlie colours!

  137. I like the espresso!

  138. I like the owl happy espresso or the espresso!

  139. My favorite is Amy, followd by Sierra Espresso.

  140. I love the Ginger Print

  141. Black Travis
    Owl Happy
    Love both

  142. The PAige is really cute

  143. I like Gemini – Travis

  144. My favorite is the Nova Black.

  145. I like the Jewel print best!

  146. Travis black or the Robots… although I do wish they had lighter color options available for the base! It gets hot here in FL! 🙂

  147. Like
    Gemini – Robots


  148. Oh, that’s hard. So many of the prints are super nice. I like Gemini – Piper

  149. I the jewel print is my favorite! They are all so pretty!

  150. Thanks for the review, would love to win one to carry my 6 month old daughter! All the prints are pretty nifty but if I had to choose one, I’d probably go with Paige. Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. I love the Owl Happy Espresso

  152. Cars Espresso

  153. I Love theJewel pattern from organic 2012 BECO GEMINI line

  154. I really like the Piper pattern.

  155. I like ginger and foxie black

  156. I like Gemini – Sierra

  157. Piper

  158. Cars Espresso

  159. I like the Paige print 🙂

  160. Jewel!

  161. I love the Jewel print.

  162. ROBOTS would be my choice.

  163. Travis Black.

  164. Travis Black

  165. I like the Travis Black.

  166. Love the Owl Happy Espresso!!

  167. I love the owl print…so cute and fun for both sexes

  168. I absolutely love the foxie black… I think that i would be wonderful to win this for my daughter 😀

  169. Espresso

  170. Gemini – Amy

  171. I like the Piper pattern.

  172. Gemini Jewel

  173. I like the Sierra print

  174. I like the gemini piper black print

  175. I love the jewel pattern.

  176. Would really love to win this prize for my Neice who is expecting her second child.

  177. I like the Foxie print, but my hubs thinks the robots are the coolest.

  178. First baby due in 3 weeks would love to win this!!

  179. I love Paige!

  180. I’m so plain – I like the metro black.

  181. love their gemini robots print

  182. Hard choice given all the great prints. But I do love the owl happy espresso. It reminds me most of my son.

  183. I like several of the prints. Especially the Jewel and the Foxie. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  184. I love the Ginger print – beautiful!

  185. I really like their Gemini – Sierra print.

  186. My favorite is the Sierra print

  187. Favourite print is Ginger

  188. Foxie Black is super cute!

  189. Ginger. =)

  190. I love the Paige print. I think it would work for boy or girl.

  191. Gemini – Piper

  192. i love the Gemini – Foxie

  193. I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting this giveaway on the Moody Sisters Organic Skincare blog! I will be posting contests/giveaways on Saturday’s that deal with organic. 🙂

  194. Hi I really like the jewel print!

  195. I love the Robots Black!

  196. Owl Happy Espresso!

  197. I like Sierra Espresso, and the Owl Happy Espresso.

  198. I like the Owl Happy Espresso, but I bet my husband would like the Robots.

  199. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Jewel pattern 🙂

  200. oh, the foxie makes my heart skip a beat! Super cute!

  201. I like the robot blacks one.

  202. So many Great prints to choose from! I love the piper print or metro black. My daughter would love being in this 🙂

  203. Love the product. Love the product model on the last picture. NICE!

  204. I love the Gemini Robots.

  205. I like Jewel & Robots!

  206. love the gemini piper

  207. Robots/black. We’re a robots and dinosaurs kind of house 🙂

  208. The Sierra.

  209. i like foxie black

  210. Honestly, I want one so bad it doen’ matter the colour!

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  212. Love the Gemini Sierra!

  213. I LOVE the Amy print!

  214. The robots/black is my favorite! it’s so cute!!

  215. These are adorable! A good friend of mine is due soon and this would be a great item to put in with her baby gift!

  216. Foxie

  217. The Piper Print!

  218. I like the travis black

  219. I like the Foxie black one

  220. foxie black!

  221. The robots are so cute. I’d want to be “fun” and do that but I so often just go with black. I’ll have to think on it some more should I win. Thanks for doing this!!

  222. I love the Nova 🙂

  223. I like the jewel the best! What a fun pattern!

  224. I love the foxie

  225. I like the cars espresso print

  226. I LOVE the Gemini Robots design!

  227. Love the Amy print!

  228. If I only had to choose one, Paige is my fave. It subtly catches the eye with a pretty pattern without distracting from baby or you. 🙂 But, with that said, I also love Tiger, Piper and Sierra!

  229. I love the piper black carrier

  230. Sierra Espresso is soooo gorgeous!!! LOVE it!!

  231. Gemini – Jewel

  232. I like the Owl Happy Espresso

  233. I like the Travis print! Very cool! 🙂

  234. foxie !

  235. I love the Foxie one

  236. I love LOVE Jewell!

  237. Love the owl Happy Espresso print 🙂

  238. Can I just say that I love them all?!? Because that would be the truth! If I was picking one for my hubby to feel manly wearing, I would pick the Robots Black. I love the Paige one for me and also the Ginger is so much fun!

  239. Gemini – Piper is my favorite!

  240. I like the owl happy espresso

  241. My favorite print style is the metro black.

  242. love the travis!

  243. love the Gemini – Piper

  244. I like the jewel or owl happy espresso

  245. Amy is absolutely stunning! Wow! Love!

  246. I love love love the paige print! Thanks for the chance to win!

  247. I love the owl and robot prints!

  248. Love the Gemini Sierra!

  249. Great giveaway! Love beco!

  250. Ginger!

  251. foxie

  252. Ginger!

  253. Owl Happy!

  254. I like the amy and the jewel

  255. I like Sierra Espresso

  256. I LOVE the Jewel pattern!

  257. I like Travis

  258. Its a tossup between Owl Happy and Piper.

  259. I love the Ginger Print

  260. I like the Travis Black!

  261. I like the foxie in black.

  262. Wow, they get prettier every year. I like the Amy print!

  263. Would love to win a Gemini Piper for my baby wearing group’s library!

  264. I love the Paige print.

  265. Foxie

  266. I like the Ginger

  267. Love the new all overs, the jewel is my favorite.

  268. I like the Foxie – Black print.

  269. Piper is my favorite!

  270. Love the new “Amy” pattern!

  271. I like the foxy black

  272. I absolutely adore the Foxy Black!

  273. Paige, or Jewel overall prints!!

  274. I like the Foxie style. Thank you

  275. I love love love the Jewel fabric!

  276. I like Espresso best

  277. i love the ginger print!

  278. I like the Foxie Black print carrier.

  279. It looks so comfy!

  280. Oh and I love the owl print. 🙂

  281. Love Travis, Piper, foxy black and Paige!!

  282. I would so choose Amy print! It just “speaks” to me 😀

  283. sierra is my favorite

  284. Owl happy or black Travis.

  285. Love the Owl one, but they’re all so cute! 🙂

  286. I like the Owl Happy!

  287. LOVE Amy!!

  288. I love the Paige. It looks so “starry” and “cool.” Like a liitle baby would be snuggled in there asleep in the cosmos. While a toddler would look so up to date and retro.

  289. This sounds so nice! Honestly, I’d take any print, but if I had to pick I like the Amy print!

  290. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Amy print! It’s gorgeous! I love damask prints.

  291. I love the robots. Wee have a boy on the way and it would be perfect

  292. I like the Gemini Espresso

  293. I like both Jewel and Paige

  294. I love the Amy & Ginger prints (I can’t choose between the two!!)

  295. foxy

  296. I love the Foxy Black!

  297. My favorite would have to be the Travis Black!!!

  298. i like the espresso & the travis print.

  299. The Espresso one is my fave!

  300. I like the Foxie print!

  301. they are all nice

  302. I like Ginger

  303. I like the Piper Black one!!

  304. I like the cars expresso one

  305. They are all very nice 🙂

  306. I LOVE jewel!

  307. i love the jewel print!

  308. Piper Black is my favorite!

  309. I like Ginger & Paige

  310. I like cars espresso! 🙂

  311. Piper black is my favorite

  312. i love Gemini – Travis

  313. I like Piper Black!

  314. I love Owl Happy!

  315. Love them all!

  316. I love the Pony Denim! Baby would look so cute with a cowboy hat on too!

  317. i would choose piper black!!

  318. I love Piper Black!

  319. I really like the Foxie Black print

  320. my favorite is the amy

  321. like the cars expresso print

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  322. OOHH i love the piper black… this would come in handy seeing we have a baby due in oct….

  323. Robots!

  324. Nova black is very pretty

  325. I absolutely love the Owl Happy pattern 🙂

  326. Although jewel is prettiest, I’d get cars espresso for coordinatng colors. 🙂

  327. There are so many great prints to choose from–my favorite today is Sierra Espresso. Would love to win this for my 1st little one who is due in October.

  328. i like the ginger print! i would really love to win this!! 🙂

  329. It’s wonderful that you are getting ideas from this post as well
    as from our discussion made at this time.


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