Brobo Trex: The Huggable Robot Night-Light

Brobo Trex night-light cuddly

Do you have a little one who is afraid of the dark? Make night time fun and help them overcome their fear with the cuddliest little robots that are the perfect night-light. Brobos are huggable robots that have a heart or “shine force” that lights up the dark.

We received a Brobo Trex to check out and my 3-year-old loves it. The super soft 13-inch orange dinosaur has a big head that’s great for hugging and his heart lights up and vibrates when you swipe his hand over it. My son is luckily not afraid of the dark but he loves turning his room’s light on when he is supposed to be sleeping.  Most days I have to go in his room after he falls asleep to remove books and toys from his bed and to turn his light off.

Brobo Trex night-light cuddly

I was excited to try the Trex and so far it has been wonderful for helping him fall asleep faster. He uses it like a little flashlight and if he falls asleep while its light is on I don’t have to worry about it because the light turns off automatically after 5 minutes!

The Brobo Trex is recommended for ages 18 months and up and it has been tested and approved for little one’s safety. I love that it is super soft and cuddly and it keeps my son happy at night, plus it has won many prestigious toy awards, including Creative Child magazines “2013 Toy of the Year” and it was on Parenting Magazines “Parenting Toys of the Year 2012 Playlist.

You can purchase Brobo toys online or at selected retail locations, be sure to check out the other cute characters available as well.  One of these adorable Brobo toys would make the perfect gift this holiday season!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Brobo Robot (character of their choice). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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154 responses to “Brobo Trex: The Huggable Robot Night-Light”

  1. I like the Brodo: Shine Force.

  2. My daughter just looked and said the dog one

  3. I like Trex the best 🙂

  4. My favorite is the MuMu: Shine Force

  5. love the dog and the robot..tough choice 😉


  7. My kids would love this nice prize

  8. Dog

  9. I love Trex! So cute

  10. not sure which one my grandchild would love

  11. How do you choose? I love Dog and Mumu!! I think my son would like Dog best though!

  12. My son likes the Trex Shine Force!

  13. My little guy would love the Brobo: Shine Force!

  14. Mumu is adorable!

  15. I like the Dog.

  16. this toy looks super cool!

  17. My daughter would love the dog 🙂

  18. TREX Aand the puppy dog very cute!

  19. My son would love the dog and TRex!

  20. Mumu is adorable

  21. Mumu is my favorite

  22. Mumu

  23. dog shine force

  24. brobo shine force

  25. We like Brobo: Shine Force.

  26. November 25-I like Pep-the light-up doll.

  27. TREX

  28. The dog Thx for the chance to win

  29. I love Dog: Shine Force, my son loves anything blue and dogs so it’s perfect!

  30. We have our hearts set on Mumu!

  31. Trex: Shine Force would be my favorite for my 3 and half year old son and 1 year old son to share.

  32. The dog for sure. 🙂

  33. i would love to give to my sisters grand daughters.

  34. we have four legged family members in our family i would say the dog one.

  35. I love the dog one.

  36. The Brobo 🙂

  37. I would love to win the Trex for my 3 year old!

  38. Dog: Shine Force

  39. I love the dog for sure!

  40. I like Pep Shine Force

  41. the dog is my favorite..

  42. Pep: Shine Force

  43. Dog: Shine Force

  44. Dog: Shine Force is really cute!

  45. Dog: Shine Force is my fav

  46. I like Pep the best.

  47. T-rex or the dog are my favorite

  48. The dog is my favourite.

  49. Pep is my favourite.

  50. I like Dog Shine Force the best

  51. Trex is my fav. My son would love it!

  52. Pep is my favorite! Shes so cute:

  53. Mumu is my favorite

  54. I like Pep: Shine Force the most:)

  55. Mumu: Shine Force is my favourite

  56. TREX

  57. My favorite is Dog: Shine Force.

  58. My favorite is MUMU:Shine Force

  59. I love the Dog…both are very cute though:)

  60. love Pep: Shine Force

  61. Brobo: Shine Force- super cool!

  62. I love Pep!

  63. Pep: Shine Force

  64. I like Dog Shine Force.

  65. Mumu is my favourite

  66. I love them alll!!!!! what an awesome product. Maybe rex is my favorite, but i am not sure lol

  67. Mumu is my favourite!

  68. Trex Shine Force my son would love this!

  69. love the dog!

  70. Mumu is my favourite.

  71. I love Dog: Shine Force, but my son likes Brobo: Shine Force the best.

  72. Dog Shine Force is my favourite, though I do like the others too. The idea in itself is fantastic and I’m sure most children would love to have one of these.

  73. Brobo shine force

  74. Pep Shine Force is cute, but I think Dog would be loved by all kids!

  75. my son would like trex best because he’s orange 🙂

  76. Trex is the cuties

  77. I really like the Mumu!

  78. Trex is cute

  79. I like the Dog: Shine Force

  80. Shine Force

  81. Definitely, the Dog: Shine Force.

  82. I like the Brobo: Shine Force the best.

  83. My favourite is Dog: Shine Force.

  84. I like the dog the best

  85. I like the Dog-Shine Force.

  86. Mumu is adorable! Well, they all are, really. 🙂

  87. They are so cute! I choose Pep: Shine Force

  88. I like the Pep: Shine Force the best.

  89. My sons would adore Trex! He is really cute and they love dinosaurs!

  90. Trex and Dog!

  91. all so cute i thinkmy lil man like the dog the best!

  92. Pep is super cute.

  93. My grandson loves Trex

  94. We like Trex the best.

  95. my son would love Trex

  96. Brobo Trex

  97. trex!

  98. I would Love to win a Brobo for my two year old son i have been having a very hard time finding him the perfect gift and I think this might just be it

  99. Trex is my favourite

  100. I love Mumu

  101. like the dog

  102. The Dog is my favorite, and I KNOW would be my sons fave also!

  103. I like Pep

  104. I love Dog: Shine Force, this one would be perfect for my grand kids when they have the weekend sleep overs!

  105. I think my son would like Mumu: Shine Force

  106. Mumu: Shine Force

  107. my favorite is MUMU

  108. Mumu is my fave!

  109. Dog is cute

  110. i like the dog

  111. We like Mumu the best.

  112. Brobo shine force is uber cute! Would love to win for my son! 🙂

  113. Pep: Shine Force

  114. My 3 year old granddaughter would love, just love Pep: Shine Force.

  115. Brobo Shine Force for my grandson.

  116. I really like the dog the best . Thanks

  117. I think that Mumu: Shine Force is pretty cool.

  118. Mumu: Shine Force

  119. Dog

  120. I like Mumu!

  121. Dog shine force is my favorite.

  122. I like MUMU best

  123. I like trex

  124. the dog is my favorite.

  125. Dog: Shine Force.

  126. I like Pep the best.

  127. I really like Dog: Shine Force, he is so cute!

  128. Mumu: Shine Force

  129. mumu! these are soooo cool!

  130. Love the Mumu: Shine Force It would go great with my daughters room she loves scary guys

  131. Pep. I’d get her for my niece, who’s a girlie girl.

  132. I like Dog Shine Force

  133. The Dog is my favorite!

  134. Trex!

  135. dog. thanks.

  136. I like dog shine force

  137. These are super cute! Mumu!

  138. I love Trex: Shine Force

  139. Trex is the best.

  140. I love the TRex my grandson would think this is fabulous!

  141. My daughter loves the brobo Dog, Shineforce. super cute. thanks for the opportunity to win one 🙂

  142. Love Mumu!!

  143. I like the dog the best! Plan to get one for my daughter for Christmas…hope I can win one instead!! 🙂

  144. My favorite is Dog: Shine Force.

  145. I like the Brobo

  146. My fave is the Pep: Shine Force

  147. I like the Pep shine force so cute my daughter would love her

  148. my son loves Trex

  149. Brobo: Shine Force

  150. mumu!

  151. Dog shine force is so cute!

  152. I’d love to have the cute Pep: Shine Force

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