Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Hallmark {Giveaway}

Happy Pillow – $34.95

Ready for Valentine’s Day? The season of love is quickly approaching and we’ve put together a gift guide with some lovely gift ideas from Hallmark to help you celebrate with your friends and family.  We also have a fun giveaway to share the love with you all. Be sure to enter!


valentine's day

1. Marjolein Bastin Flat Note Pad Set – $7.95

2. Oversized Mugs – $12.95

3. Wrapped in Love Scarfs – $9.95

4. Assorted Bar Soap Gift Set – $24.95

5. Count on Me Bear Techno Plush – $32.95 (Special offer: $17.95 with each purchase of three Hallmark cards)

valentine'sTHE GIVEAWAY

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will receive a Valentine’s Prize pack  (approx $98 value) with the following items:

  • Hallmark Soap Dish $12.95
  • 3 x Assorted Bar Soaps in gift Set $24.95
  • “Love is in the Air” Skunk $9.95


Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I am part of the Love, Hallmark Blogger Panel, all views and opinions on this post are 100% my own.

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154 responses to “Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Hallmark {Giveaway}”

  1. Having the family together.

  2. My wishlist is a card and chocolates.

  3. I wish for a cozy and relaxing Valentines day with my family.

  4. Just to have a nice relaxing day with my family, maybe play some board games.

  5. To spend time with my husband and daughter!

  6. some quiet time alone with my husband would be great

  7. simple a nice meal and time with my husband alone

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day – I’d be happy with anything sweet

  9. Chocolate! High quality dark chocolate is always at the top of my list. I think I’m making bacon roses and hearts for my husband for Valentine’s.

  10. I would like to have dinner out with my husband and best friends

  11. My husband and I are seniors and all I want for Valentine’s Day is that he stay well and, maybe, a few roses.

  12. Flowers and just lots of love :D)

  13. I want some chocolate.

  14. I want a nice big warm scarf

  15. I would like to order Chinese takeout

    • can I come? always loved going out for chinese

  16. Have a date with hubby

  17. I would like a nice dinner.

  18. I don’t have a list, in fact I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all – when I was growing up it was always celebrated by mystery admirers sending cards to someone they liked and a couple buying gifts for each other but nothing else.

  19. My wish list includes going swimming with my hubby and kids!

  20. To find the love of my life.

  21. To be able to spend a nice and special day with my husband.

  22. Having a quiet meal with my wife. Flowers, candy and romance.

  23. A date with my husband would be amazing.

  24. a nice dinner date is great

  25. I’d love mint chocolate and perfume

  26. I wish for a night out!

  27. I’d love a lovely day spent with my family.

  28. I would love for my hubby and I to be able to go out for a nice dinner together.

  29. A dinner out

  30. I want chocolate. …

  31. Dinner & time well spent

  32. I’d love to go to dinner and a movie

  33. I wish for love, coffee, and chocolate <3

  34. A full day at the spa would be sooo lovely!

  35. chocolate please!

  36. Dinner with my family

  37. Dinner with my hubby and my son

  38. Oh I think it has to be a chocolate fest for my valentines.

  39. Chocolates, flowers and a nice dinner out.

  40. Chocolate and wine of coarse!

  41. Just a quiet night in with a movie and homemade pasta.

  42. A simple happy day

  43. A night out, just the two of us is all I really want!

  44. A nice dinner out at Red Lobster is what I really want.

  45. i valentines wish is to sleep in and have a quiet lazy day

  46. I wish for a nice dinner at home with my husband, maybe some flowers and fruit, and I like to exchange cards, too.

  47. share some time with our grandaughter!

  48. a pretty scarf

  49. I wish good health,prosperity and lots of happiness to all those I love!

  50. My Valentine’s Day wish is to have a sunny day and my hubby and I can take our dog for a long nature walk. Come home and make a delicious meal together. Some chocolate would be Sweet too 🙂 Thank you for the great giveaway and Happy Valentine’s Day !!

  51. I wish for a return to better health

  52. Going out for a nice dinner with my husband

  53. Peace and quiet and a nice lunch.

  54. Valentines Day this year 2016, will be the one month anniversary of my being able to donate a kidney to my husband. What a treat it would be to celebrate by feeling well and now looking forward to many more Valentine’s Days.

  55. I would like to receive a Valentine without having to hint about it.

  56. To have my house cleaned by someone else ! And of course chocolate cake

  57. Flowers, and a meal at a favorite restaurant

  58. I would love a box of delicious chocolates!

  59. I’d love to have a great evening with friends.

  60. I just hope to spend some time with my hubby for Valentines day . As long as we have some time together I am happy

  61. My Valentine’s wish list is flowers and a card from my husband.

  62. My valentines wish is for a nice quiet night in, just my boyfriend and I.

  63. Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne!

  64. a nice dinner out.

  65. I would like some delicious candies.

  66. Anything chocolate

  67. Mmmm, just some chocolates from Purdy’s.

  68. My wishlist consists of lots of delicious chocolate!!

  69. A nice dinner and a movie.

  70. A day at home with my family.

  71. A nice meal out would be great!

  72. I want to get my family together for a nice dinner.

  73. I would love some delicious chocolate, a lovely bottle of wine and a lovely dinner with my dear husband.

  74. For my husband truck to be fixed. It is not running right now.

  75. I wish for a quiet evening with my husband.

  76. relaxing togetehr

  77. I always love chocolate and flowers!

  78. It is my birthday so spending the day with my new granddaughter.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  79. Watch, new phone, chocolates.

  80. I would like a couple of hours alone with my other half

  81. My anniversary is also Feb. 14th, so we like to go out for a really special meal and a romantic night at home.

  82. I would love a bottle of Perfume

  83. nice day with lovely partner

  84. Just a simple vday high tea!

  85. I would love to go out to an Italian restaurant with my hubby. And some chocolates would be nice!

  86. I’d love dinner out with a movie and some chocolates– totally traditional but I like it:)

  87. I would love a whole night away from our toddler together. We’ve had 2 of those since she was born 2 years ago

  88. My wish list is simple. Going out for dinner so I do not have to cook.

  89. Very simple, spending time with my husband

  90. My husband passed unexpectedly in December and my wish is an impossible one – that he be with us for Valentine’s Day. That being said, my wish is that the rest of my family celebrate together.

  91. I would love to get flowers and chocolate!

  92. I’d like to feel well and enjoy the day with my husband and dogs…Flowers never hurt!

  93. A date! It’s been far too long.

  94. I would just like a date night out with hubby for Valentine’s Day

  95. I would love to hear from both of my kids on Valentine’s Day.

  96. would love to bake cookies with my 3 young daughter or eat chocolate

  97. MY Valentine wish is to get a fruit arrangement dip in chocolate!

  98. My valentine wish is for some chocolates and just spending time with my family.

  99. A nice dinner together.

  100. I would like to have a nice family Valentines.

  101. My valentine wish is just spending time with my family

  102. Having a family fun day and then having a date night with my husband.

  103. My valentines wish is chocolate!!

  104. I am looking forward to a nice box of chocolates!

  105. I’m thinking a nice homemade dinner.

  106. Hopefully a nice bottle of wine and some takeout!

  107. Now that my daughter is getting older, I would love a homemade card.

  108. some flowers and a nice dinner

  109. Gift cards for clothes or make up.

  110. I want high-quality chocolates for Valentine’s.

  111. a quiet dinner out with my husband

  112. Just being together on Valentine’s Day

  113. A romantic Valentine’s movie and chocolate to share:D

  114. My wish is to have a nice family dinner at home, and watch movies in the evening.

  115. A special meal and a cozy evening.

  116. Baking with my son for Valintine’s Day is the best fun for us.

  117. edible arrangements and some flowers, though will have to be me buying my own thing , and some wine

  118. Chocolate!

  119. This is the most incredible thing done for valentines day 😀
    I would gladly enjoy any of these items how thoughtful of you 🙂

  120. I would love a Hallmark card,a white rose and my favorite scent SHALIMAR by Guerlain

  121. I want a cat from the Humane Society.

  122. A quiet evening at home with a steak and a bottle of wine.

  123. Just a happy day with my husband and my boys 🙂

  124. On my wishlist is a nice dinner and a Valentine’s cake for our birthday boy.

  125. A Valentine’s Day card.

  126. I’m going to be working on Valentine’s day so I am hoping to have a nice meal out with my husband the weekend after.

  127. Candles, Chocolates in an heart shaped box, Lingerie and bubble bath.

  128. Spending time with family and lots of chocolate.

  129. My Valentine’s wish is to spend time with my sweetie

  130. i would like to have something for my garden.

  131. May be some treats and wine.

  132. My Valentines wish is that all my loved ones are loved every day

  133. I’m a stage 4 survivor, so I make sure every day is like Valentine’s Day — full of love, kindness and building of great memories. What a gift each day is!

  134. My valentines day wish is spending it with my significant other and both of us getting the day off.

  135. Dinner!

  136. My Valentines wish is a quiet night with the kids baking goodies

  137. All I want is chocolate and I’ll be happy!

  138. My Valentine’s wish list is health, wealth and happiness.

  139. A quiet nice with the family.

  140. I would be so happy to receive flowers

  141. Some quality chocolate

  142. Eating chocolate with the family. 🙂

  143. A nice dinner and movie with my hubby without the children lol

  144. I just want take out Chinese food.

  145. my wish is to all the married couples to enjoy VALENTINE’S DAY

  146. My wish is to spend time with my family and to eat chocolate!

  147. My wish is for dinner and a movie with my husband. A new laptop would be great too.

  148. My Valentine’s wish is for everyone to remember how much love they have and how much love they can give!

  149. My Valentine’s wish is to cherish every moment with your loved ones.

  150. My Valentine’s wish is for me and my wife to be healthy and happy!

  151. My Valentine’s wish is to have my family safe and be happy.

  152. I wish my daughter was here but she went on Vacation. As long as my family as safe, that is my wish for Valentine’s Day and every day. Happy Valentine’s !

  153. I would just like to go out for a nice meal.

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