Fostering Kids’ Passion For Physical Activity


Today I am excited to introduce you to the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and one of their wonderful programs for Canadian youth across the country. The Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is the largest children’s rehabilitation hospital in Canada, providing treatment, research and education services in the area of kids disability.

Their exciting brand new program is the Igniting Fitness Possibilities Program (IFP), which is an inclusive program designed to mobilize kids with and without disabilities to engage with and foster a passion for physical activity. The project has been conceived as a pilot project that can be refined by community partners and it has been a success since it started.

Each of the sessions offered are supported by trained instructors and they feature non-competitive team-work based games to help develop the participant’s sport-based skills. You can find more information about the IFP project here.

Last year, National Bank committed $100,000 over five years to supporting the Igniting Fitness Possibilities Program. This generous monetary contribution greatly aligns with National Bank’s ongoing commitment to support communities across Canada and provide crucial support to organizations in the areas of health, education, arts and culture, and community wellbeing.

Thanks to the National Bank’s generous donation the IFP program will continue supporting young kids’ fitness for years to come!

National Bank is also involved with One for Youth, a program that invites non-profit organizations and schools across Canada to submit projects that help to develop the wellbeing of young adult. Selected recipients receive up to $15,000 in financial support and there have been over 279 organizations across Canada funded  so far. More info about One for Youth here.

I am also sharing a wonderful heart warming video that captures the IFP program in action below. You must watch it below.

I really appreciate programs like this one designed to help young children. Have you heard about the IFP program before this post?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions are 100% my own.


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18 responses to “Fostering Kids’ Passion For Physical Activity”

  1. I didn’t know about this program but it really is such a wonderful initiative!

  2. First time reading about this program. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great initiative!

  3. So great! Kids aren’t active enough these days. When I was young I spent all day running around outside!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Great project, kids should be active to be healthy!

  5. Sounds like an impressive programme to me. I would have loved to watch the video but it doesn’t work for me here either :-(. How wonderful that National Bank has got behind this project. It’s essential that kids don’t sit in front of one screen or another all the time. Getting out and playing/running around/playing sports is what they need to be doing, just like we did as kids. 🙂

  6. Kids definitely don’t get enough physical activity; they’re either stuck watching a screen, playing indoors (where they cannot run around), or their options are limited at school with programs being cut. Anything that will engage kids and their parents in getting active is a bonus.

  7. This sounds like such a neat program and something my son would enjoy!

  8. This is the second time I’ve heard about this program but the first I saw of this heartwarming video. I’m so happy to hear there is a program like this for kids to have fun and enjoy themselves despite physical challenges. Hope to hear lots of good things about them for years to come

  9. I had never heard about this program before but am glad to know about it now. How amazing there is a program like this out there for kids. Sounds like a lot of kids will benefit from this program 🙂

  10. This sounds like a great initiative!Thanks for sharing,

  11. This sounds like one wonderful program!

  12. This sounds like a great initiative and something that is so important. I am happy that I have 2 very active kiddos but not all kids are as lucky, nice that the bank is helping as well!

  13. Kids just aren’t active enough these days and its just not kids,we need more programs like this

  14. I have never heard of this program before reading this post. I think it is a marvelous use of money-anything that encourages our children to be more active is real progress-especially if it encourages children who have physical handicaps that makes it difficult for them to enjoy sports.
    Kudos to the National Bank for their generous donations to this cause. More people should hear about their participation.

  15. What a wonderful programme this is. I’m sure that the children involved are all thrilled to be able to participate despite their physical handicaps. Way to go 🙂

  16. It’s always nice to see kids enjoying programs to further develop their imagination and participate

  17. We always made a sport available for each boy to play. We felt the activity and learning to be a team player was a good thing.

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