I have always being a very organized person and I love having big clear notes for daily appointments and my monthly planning where I can see them.  When I became a mother somehow I forgot all about my calendars and notes and with the number of mommy meetings, doctor checkups and daily activities I deal with during the week I absolutely needed something to help keep me organized.

I received a Women’s Day Planner from Chaos Simplified and I am so grateful I got one!  This is not like any of my old regular calendars as it has both a  ‘week at a glance’ and ‘month at a glance’ section. Because of how the pages are formatted (half pages) I always get a glance of my monthly calendar while adding my daily tasks and I love that!

Some of my favorite sections in the planner are also the Financial Page and the Social Page. With the Financial page I can track all of my fixed and variable expenses and organize my budget and with the Social Page I can take some time to write my goals, family notes, what’s going on that specific month and record any important upcoming dates/meetings. All in the convenience of one planner.

At home I am in charge of budgeting and paying all of the bills on time every month and having the planner has made it a lot easier. I can now store any unpaid bills in the pocket dividers to be paid and they are all in one place ready to be paid. I love it!

At the back of the planner there are some other useful sections that I love!  It makes so much sense to keep everything in one book instead of having paper everywhere or multiple calendars, planners and notebooks!

There is space to add the latest purchased appliances with their serial numbers, warranty, models and date so I always know where to go if something breaks after a while.  There is a Contacts section where I can add all of my important contacts and there is even a Christmas planning section with super useful checklists that I hope will make it a lot easier to plan my holidays.

Something else that is very important to me and worth noting is that the paper used to make the planner is Forrest Stewardship Council Certified, which means that it measures up to the highest standards  of the industry (dealing with harvesting, processing and delivery in an environmetally resposible manner). The toner used is also made from metal filings instead of silicone/wax based making it safe when recycled or composted.

In general I recommend this planner to any busy mommies out there. I know how hard it is to keep schedules and meetings and everything in one place but I am now able to do it thanks to Chaos Simplified. Be sure to check their online storeto get your hands on one.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.