Curiosity Packs: Teaching Kids Through Inquiry {Review & Giveaway}


Since my son is starting kindergarten this fall we have been spending some time this summer working on some basic preparatory reading and writing skills. This includes identification of letters, sounding out phonemes and some basic writing practice like his name and simple words.

A few weeks ago we received the All About Letters and Personalized Learning Pack from Curiosity Packs and both packs have been great help with our preparation. Curiosity Packs are boxes of age-appropriate activities for children ages 3-10 that help them learn about letters, numbers, friendship, science, art, love, and every other intriguing subject you can imagine. They help inspire a love of learning by bringing families together to explore.


The All About Letters Curiosity Pack helps teach little ones about the alphabet through fun activities. This pack contains an activity book that is great for teaching kids about the alphabet through inquiry,  an alphabet card game to engage little ones in matching letters to letter sounds, a cute poster featuring the Curiosity Pack monster alphabet, and a laminated hide-and-seek alphabet picture and marker that kids can use to find and circle hidden letters then wipe off the picture for repeated use.

personalized pack

The Personalized Learning Pack we also received was prepared and designed by Curiosity Pack founder Lily Jones. She is an experienced educator and mom and she creates the personalized materials after discussing your child’s strengths, challenges and interests to put together a pack.

We were super excited to receive and open the personalized pack and I found the selection of items included fit my son’s personality perfectly. A learning plan was also included discussing the activities we could do with the items we received.

reading blocks
 photo 3_zpsypmdz9q8.jpg

We love the letter blocks and word cards and they have been a marvellous tool to start teaching my son how to build words and learn the difference between vowels and consonants. So much fun!

 photo 1_zpsbnpo8lq9.jpg

We have also been enjoying the wordless book she sent and the new experience of him reading the book aloud to me. Such a fun way to bond and see the world through his eyes! We rarely do this as I always read to him so it was something very exciting for both of us.

We also received a package of adorable firefighter stickers that I am using as an incentive to reinforce his hard work when we are done learning/playing.

We have been using both packs daily and my son has been excited about learning letters and working on the fun activities. I love that all materials you need are included in the kits and that they can be used multiple times.

Curiosity Packs believes in given all children access to fun engaging educative resources and they donate one Curiosity Pack to kids in need for every 10 packs purchased. I support companies that want to make a difference and I highly recommend you visit their website to familiarize with their Curiosity Packs and what they offer.


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win the All About Letters Curiosity Pack ($40 value). Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Where the Wild things Are is always a great read!

  2. What I like most is the letter blocks and word cards.

  3. I’m digging those letter blocks with the word cards, my daughter would really enjoy that hands on way of working on her reading and sight words!

  4. I love this kind of learning tool, that combines learning with fun and it certainly seems to do that from the big happy smile on your son’s face. 🙂

  5. Love these! Thanks so much for posting. a great tool!

  6. Can help kids learn about letters, numbers, friendship, science, art, love,…

  7. like the letter blocks

  8. I love that it sparks your childrens imagination this would be great

  9. I love the fact that the packs are personalized! Amazing!

  10. I like that there are so many activities all tied together in one pack.

  11. I like that they have more than one component. Definitely something to capture a child’s interest.

  12. I like the sight words.

  13. i like that it combines essential skills like reading letter recognition

  14. I love that all the materials are included and that they don’t involved “Screen time”. I think kids are looking at screens (tv, tablets, phones) way too much, so I love when I see learning games that don’t involve a screen.

  15. I love the bright alphabet This looks like a great set

  16. The variety of colours and that the pieces are easy for a young child to manipulate.

    My daughter is pre-reading and this would be perfect for her.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  17. I love that curiousity packs are fun & educational!

  18. such a great interactive way to play and learn

  19. I like that they strive to make learning fun rather than rote.

  20. They are a really cool way to learn and play

  21. I love that they make learning fun!!!!

  22. Love them because i know my son would have fun while learning his letters!

  23. I love how it encourages the imagination!

  24. I like the letter blocks and word cards. I love that its educational and they can continue to learn while playing at home.

  25. I love the letter blocks, and the book.

  26. I love the letters on the unified cubes. It’s such a great learning tool for building words!

  27. What I love most is that there are age-appropriate activities for children ages 3-10 – I like the wide age range available, as a lot of learning packages are only geared to younger children.

  28. I like that they make learning fun!

  29. I like the little blocks to form words with the cards. It’s like playing bingo!

  30. I homeschooled my kids and always sought out this kind of tactile interactive aid.

  31. I letter blocks and word cards. I remember doing that when I was a kid.

  32. I like the little blocks for building words.

  33. I love that they are fun, but are teaching my daughter at the same time.

  34. i love the letters

  35. I love that each pack teaches the concept through a variety of ways ensuring that there is one way that is sure to be a hit with each child.

  36. I like the letter blocks, it makes the flash cards way more interactive!

  37. I love that the packs can be personalized.

  38. I like the variety

  39. This seems like such a great resource for helping to take the stress out of preparing the little ones for school.

  40. I love that it’s fun and the kids are learning without really know they are learning.

  41. I love that this encourages kids’ creativity and that there is a book included.

  42. unified cubes… because the cubes are a great way to build words.

  43. wow, I love the Minion (like) quality shopping bag

  44. The unique assortment of products!

  45. I love the learning tools that can be used while your children have fun playing with this!

  46. I love that you can keep reusing the kits. They look like they are easy for little hands to handle easily which is great.

  47. I like how thorough they are. They’re fun and educational.

  48. I love the unexpected and the unknown fun and the imagination building .

  49. I love that the letter blocks are different colours for vowels!

  50. I love how colorful it is and that it is tactile as well. Great combination for learning, these would be great for my nephew!

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