The Children’s Place Baby Sale {$150 Gift Card Giveaway}

$150 gift card giveaway

Friends, I am super excited to share this savings event and to give away a gift card to one of my Canadian readers.

From today through 9/13 (Sunday), the The Children’s Place is offering 30-50% off the latest new looks from newborn to 5T. Be sure to stop by their stores to take advantage of the sale and make The Children’s Place your one-stop-shop for stylish AND functional baby apparel and accessories!

Check out some of the adorable baby/toddler styles available, there are so many great pieces! We shop at The Children’s Place for the boys and love what they have to offer.

$150 giveaway

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will WIN a $150 gift card from The Children’s Place. Perfect for back to school clothing shopping or anytime shopping, children are constantly growing and they need new clothes/sizes all the time!

Good Luck everyone!! You can enter the giveaway below via Rafflecopter.

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211 responses to “The Children’s Place Baby Sale {$150 Gift Card Giveaway}”

  1. I probably shop for kids clothing once per season.

  2. Once every couple of months!

  3. my 10 year old skiped 3 sizes. he was small but jumoed to a size 12 and now its tight yikes. at this right im thinking im going to be living in the store.

  4. probably once every 6 months seriously… but I may pick up a few cute things in between now and then 🙂

  5. Usually every season we need to get some new clothes

  6. I buy a few items every few months….but my girl just had another growth spurt, and we kinda need pants/leggings for the cooler weather.

  7. Seldom but my daughter and daughter-in-law love this place. If I’m lucky enough to win I’ll be shopping there more often too 🙂

  8. I go monthly to buy my son clothes.

  9. I go shopping for children’s clothing every 2 months.

  10. I shop randomly whenever I have time or when there’s a good sale.

  11. At least once a month, but lately they’re growing overnight by inches, so it’s a little more often.

  12. I shop for my grandchildren at least once a month!

  13. I really don’t have a specific time of year to shop, I am generally buying my son things here and there over the course of the entire year.

  14. I go shopping about 6 times a year.

  15. About once every six months but I do keep tabs on things they need for furniture so I can pick it up if there’s a good sale etc.

  16. It feels like too often, that’s for sure, but is probably only every other month or so. I tend to buy a few pieces at a time, not a huge shop.

  17. I usually go shopping for my kids once a season.

  18. I look for deals all the time but I do the most of my shopping during the season changes!

  19. Well usually I do children’s clothes shopping about every three months but with the birth of a new grand baby I am loving shopping even more.

  20. I’m constantly shopping for my little girl 🙂 I would rather buy something cute for her than for me.

  21. I shop sales and as needed.

  22. Once every couple of months

  23. I would say I have to pick up a couple of replacements every couple of months due to growth spurts. I can’t wait until it slows down a bit but until then, Children’s Place and I are best friends

  24. Once every 3 months about! 🙂

  25. I’m expecting my first child in 7 weeks, so it’s been fun shopping so far. I’m sure after she arrives I will come up with more of a system.

  26. It’s usually seasonally based.

  27. I must shop for children’s clothes once a week. My boy grows so quickly!

  28. Every 3-4 months

  29. I shop for children several times a year as I have 8 great-nieces and great-nephews.

  30. probably every 3 months

  31. About every 5 months or so.

  32. I shop for the grandchildren for 4 or 5 times a year.

  33. every couple of months or if i see something on sale , they grow so fast

  34. Couple times a year when I pick up some clothing for nieces/nephews for birthdays/Christmas etc.

  35. I shop for the kids about 3 times a year. Once in the fall, once in the spring, and anytime they have a growth spurt and need some new pants or shoes.

  36. I shop at my local thrift store about once a month for kids clothes and I pick up clothes that are mega on sale whenever I see them, either online or at whatever store I’m by but I pretty well never go on shopping sprees for their clothes.

  37. I don’t shop too often, usually at the beginning of each season and usually discount racks! I just scored a bunch of summer clothes for my daughter for next year at Children’s Place for less than $50! Thanks for the chance to win, TCP is my fave place to shop for my kids!

  38. about once every 6 months

  39. we go shopping when a growth spurt hits, two boys two and under means shopping is a work out

  40. I go at the end of every season so I can stock up cheaply for the next year. also if I get a good coupon code i’ll go on the site and see whats there

  41. Im always on the look out for sales but generally shop for new items every few months.

  42. I usually shop once a season.

  43. usually every season

  44. about twice a year

  45. love the quality. can pass down the clothing several times

  46. I buy clothes for my kids whenever I find a good sale.

  47. I shop for children’s clothes about 2-3 times per year.

  48. I usually go shopping for kids clothes every few months!

  49. A few times a year

  50. Like, constantly… I check zulily for kids clothes every single day. I have a problem.

  51. We go shopping every season

  52. a few times a year for big shopping

  53. With three kids. .. it feels like I am doing some sort of clothes shopping all the time.

  54. It depends on when she needs clothes, but about every two or three months.

  55. We go a few times a year or more. During the different seasons seeing if they need clothes.

  56. I have six great grandchildren so I start early on my Christmas Shopping and usually shop at least six times a year.

  57. I only shop for family members. So for birthdays and holidays.

  58. I shop constantly. I have an 8 year old daughter and four boys ages 6, 4, 2 and 3 months old. They are growing like weeds.

  59. usually every 3-4 months

  60. about twice ayear

  61. Every two or three months or whenever he outgrows his things.

  62. I go shopping once a season.

  63. I try to buy atleast 1 article of kids clothes every time I shop so it doesn’t overwhelm me all at once, I usually go about every 3 weeks.

  64. I shop for my grandsons every month.

  65. I shop for clothes as my kids need them or if their is an awesome sale.

  66. all year round

  67. I go shopping all year long looking for the best deals.

  68. Only when one of my nieces or nephews has a new baby

  69. At least 1-2 times per season.

  70. I usually shop every season

  71. I buy children’s clothing several times a month.

  72. Just starting!

  73. I shop almost every season

  74. Usually I shop seasonally, every 3 to 4 months.

  75. I go shopping every few months


  76. I’m out shopping every other month

  77. every three months, sometimes more

  78. monthly and special occasions

  79. I shop at least every two months and TCP is my go to store

  80. I go shopping every season to add to what I already have

  81. I shop for clothes for my two kids (boy age 13, girl age 4) whenever I see Children’s Place is having a sale – which is often!

  82. Once every 3 months.

  83. About 3 times a year. Not very often.

  84. we shop 4 times a year..spring/summer/fall/winter

  85. Shop a few times a year, mainly for gifts

  86. I go at least once a month

  87. Every 3 or 4 months.

  88. I shop there several times a year

  89. 3-4 times per year

  90. Every time my kids grow. Also I love to always look. Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. I usual am picking something up at least monthly for one of my 3 kids.

  92. Often because they grow so fast

  93. I don’t go often now as there is not one close to me. When there was it was a great place to go.

  94. I usually shop every 2-3 months.

  95. I shop a few times a year for my son around season changes.

  96. usually pick up something once a month for my grandchildren. Good quality clothes.

  97. I shop all the time for kids clothes-always on the look out for a good deal-I buy maybe 8 times a year

  98. I have three boys that are hard on their clothes so I’m buying new pants and shorts every few months.

  99. I usually get whatever they all need about once a month.

  100. Seasonally – we have been able so far to just update our LOs clothes as we move from summer to winter and back.

  101. when the sales are on. thanks

  102. Not often… My girl gets a lot of hand-me-downs, but I occassionally need a seasonal-specific item and don’t have one that fits.

  103. I buy a few times a year 🙂

  104. I shop for special occasions for my nieces, always find what I am looking for at this store

  105. I go shopping every couple of months, Usually when the seasons change. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  106. maybe once a month

  107. I shop for her way more than I should! So hard to resist. Usually about once a month

  108. I probably buy something for my granddaughter every month.

  109. I’m always on the look out for sales so I’ll buy when I see something I like that is on sale.

  110. Monthly

  111. not that often! every few months

  112. I shop as they grow. I’d say every 3 months.

  113. I got about once every few months

  114. I usually shop every month for clothes for my son! He grows SO much! Thank you for the opportunity!! 🙂

  115. I dont really go at any specific time to buy clothes for my son, i just pick things up whenever i find something on sale. So im constantly on the lookout! Plus my son is growing super fast and needs new ones pretty often.

  116. Every couple of months as they grow out of things.

  117. Every few months, since baby grows so fast

  118. Every few months for my son ! Hes growing like crazy !

  119. Constantly. I am a bargain hunter for my little toddler fashionista.

  120. I go shopping for my little guy about two times a month! We are also having a baby boom at our church so I’m shopping for new babies, too!

  121. I do a big shop at the change of every season, but buy a few things here and there when there are good sales!

  122. usually every few months

  123. I shop for kids clothes at least twice a year!

  124. A few times a year.

  125. Seasonally &/or around christmas & birthdays or if I see something super cute.

  126. Once in a while.

  127. I generally go about once a month. I have two young boys who outgrow clothing fast or wear it out quickly. I also like to make sure they have plenty of items for each season to keep at home, daycare, and preschool.

  128. I shop once a month! We love the Children’s Place. They have such adorable clothes and the prices can’t be beat.

  129. We have to get some every couple of months

  130. I shop for kids clothing at least once a month and this would be of great help to us.

  131. I go shopping for kids clothes pretty much every time I’m in a mall which is a few times a month I love buying my little girl new clothes and love children’s place. This is an awesome giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  132. I generally go clothes shopping every other month.

  133. We go once every 6 months now. Before it was almost every month.

  134. I don’t really “go shopping” specifically for children’s clothing – I just look for kid’s clothes every time I shop!! I love buying cute clothing for my kids, and I order online from Children’s Place about once a month. Overall I do an online shop day about once a month for my kids, and an in-store shop every few weeks.

  135. I shop whenever I find a good sale!

  136. As an aunt, I don’t shop for kids clothes too often, just for holidays/birthday and anytime I happen upon something I can’t pass up.

  137. I shop for kids clothes bi-weekly. My son is constantly getting holes in his pant knees and sock heels. My daughter gets her clothes to last a little longer but it’s fun buying girl clothes.

  138. About once a month

  139. Usually seasonal, summer and winter.

  140. About 3-4 times a year.

  141. It seems to be never ending! I get everything sorted for the next size and then it’s already outgrown and it starts all over.

  142. At least once a month.

  143. I don’t have children so I rarely go.

  144. About once a month

  145. every couple of months

  146. I just pick things up when I see them at a good price

  147. I am usaully out buying childrens clothes every 3 months.

  148. About once every 2-3 months.

  149. once a month

  150. I go once or twice a month to look for deals

  151. I shop for my daughter about once a month.

  152. I’m always shopping for kids clothing. I don’t always buy but I’m always on the look out for a great deal.

  153. We go in every time a friend announces the arrival of a newborn! 🙂

  154. Several times a year.. I have 3 very boyish nephews that are hard on clothes!

  155. I go a few times a year. Yet do the garage sale thing weekly making store shopping less necessary so often.

  156. I go shopping for children’s clothing once per month

  157. We go shopping for childrens clothes seasonally.

  158. I look often, especially if sales are happening. But, generally,only every few months to buy things.

  159. I go at least 4 times a year before the seasons change or if my kids have had a growth spurt.

  160. I go there almost every month.

  161. My son is growing so fast- I need to buy him something new every month or so.

  162. I shop when needed.

  163. Every now and then, but I’m expecting now so I guess I’ll be doing a lot more shopping soon!

  164. usually 3 times a year and then something at Christmas

  165. I shop for my kids every 3 or 4 months.

  166. We go shopping at least once a month.

  167. a few times a year

  168. I shop weekly for kids clothes, I don’t always buy though. I’m looking for bargains!

  169. A few times a month.

  170. Between birthdays and babies being born in our family and friends’ circle I always look forward to The Children’s Place’s sales to find adorable outfits. I probably shop there every month or two.

  171. Twice a year.

  172. I am constantly watching for sales and clearance! My 8 year old especially loves clothes!

  173. Once or twice a month I shop for children’s clothing

  174. I’m always shopping for kids clothing looking for deals. I buy seasons ahead of time if the prices are right.

  175. I would maybe shop for new kids clothes twice a year. I thrift store shop probably once a month.

  176. Im constantly looking for a good deal!

  177. I don’t have small children so I go shopping for birthdays and Christmas.

  178. With two grand daughter’s, I have become a very regular shopper at Children’s Place! 🙂

  179. OMG this is an amazing giveaway!! I always shop at Childrens place for my baby girl. She fits in these clothes so well and their material is GREAT! Thank you!


  181. A couple times a month with the occasional spontaneous buys

  182. About once a month, my grandchildren grow so fast

  183. I keep an eye at for a great sale at The Children’s Place and stock up for my gang of four!

  184. I shop for children’s clothing a couple times a year usually at the end of a season to get the deals for next year.

  185. I shop for kids clothing at least once every couple of months.

  186. I go shopping for kids clothes every 2-3 months

  187. A few times a year for my nieces

  188. I go shopping regularly for my children’s clothing, since I mostly buy quality second hand clothing and I have to find the right pieces.

  189. Fairly often. I enjoy checking out thrift stores and getting a deal on new or like new clothes!

  190. Every couple weeks! I have a six year old and a 6 months old, and they are growing like weeds!

  191. I shop for my nieces a few times a year. My sister-in-law just had a baby girl, so now has three girls under 4. So I’d definitely give this to her if I won.

  192. I’m always looking for things for my niece and all my little cousins!

  193. Seasonally usually

  194. I would say most of the time, as I take a quick glance to see if there are any screaming deals when I am in the stores.

  195. I shop at least once a month for my little granddaughter.

  196. A couple times per year. I don’t have kids but I buy stuff for my nephews and niece.

  197. Not very often as we received a lot of hand-me-downs that were in great condition, plus the grandmas love buying new clothes!

  198. I feel like I am constantly shopping for kids clothes!

  199. My grandchildren age 2 (boy) and 4 (girl) need winter clothes. Their mother shops every season.

  200. I’m due on November 22 of this year with my first, so recently I feel like I’m shopping all the time lol

  201. we buy children’s clothes every other month. They grow out of things so fast and lose things even faster!

  202. i have 2 sons and have to do a big shop once a season. i was just at TCP this weekend – definitely one of our favs!

  203. Seasonally

  204. Too often it seems like

  205. I buy for grandkids and nieces so usually as gifts. About 3 times a year.

  206. We usually shop for children’s clothing 3-4 times a year, but I’m always watching for good sales online!

  207. We got about once a month or every two months. definitely every season though.

  208. a few times a year or whenever there is extra money to spare

  209. I shop weekly for kids clothes! It’s an obsession!

  210. I go shopping every few months. My son is under a year old and is growing so fast!

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