Doodle Roll: Portable Non-Toxic Arts & Crafts for Kids {Giveaway}


Our son enjoys drawing/coloring and he loves using crayons. I find that taking some paper and crayons with us when we go places is usually great to keep him entertained.

We recently received a couple of Doodle Rolls to try out and we love them and how compact they are. We got both available sizes to try, the 4″ and 6″ rolls and we are very happy to have learned about their products.

If we are waiting at an airport or even during a flight he usually spends some of the time drawing using the Doodle Rolls.

The Doodle Rolls kits contain a roll of paper and non-toxic crayons all encased inside of a plastic case. The kits are easy to transport and take almost no space inside of a bag.


I like that the packaging has a safe ez tear edge that allows you to cut the paper and save their art work while getting creative with crafts. I found it is fantastic when wanting to create banners like birthday/welcome banners or even growth charts or other creative crafts.  I think Doodle Rolls would be really useful for little ones working on school projects as well.

I also really  appreciate that Doodle Rolls kits have been tested for harmful toxic chemicals including lead, phthalates, BPA and other heavy metals and all of their products are non-toxic.

Drawing Baby

I definitively recommend Doodle Rolls and think it’s a fantastic art & crafts product for any child who enjoys drawing and coloring. I am also adding it to my gift ideas list because a Doodle Roll kit would make a wonderful present for other little ones.

Buy it:  Purchase a Doodle Roll Value pack of 2 x 6″Doodle Rolls for $17.00 and get 2 replacement rolls!

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Doodle Roll activity kit. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.  Good Luck!

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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84 responses to “Doodle Roll: Portable Non-Toxic Arts & Crafts for Kids {Giveaway}”

  1. This is Interesting. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  2. Yes! It allows them to be more creative and doesn’t bombard their little brains with flashing images. It’s good for working on their fine motor skills and learning how to hold pens, etc. properly.

  3. Oh yes… coloring is so much better for little ones than watching tv!! I always have crayons and paper out for my little guy!!

  4. I do believe creative play like this helps with fine motor control and helps to stimulate their imaginations.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  5. My daughter loves drawing and colouring…I believe in creative play, it is good for their fine motor control and my daughter has a wonderful imagination…this may have something to do with it.

  6. I think coloring is great for little ones. But I’m not against a video every once in awhile 🙂

  7. With watching Tv they are not developing fine motor skills, imagination or creative play.Drawing has endless possibilities for them.We draw a lot here, even mommy!

  8. Yes, absolutely. Personally, I’m not a big fan of TV for young children. I think allowing a young mind (or even an older mind for that matter) a blank slate is an amazing thing. A piece of paper is a wonderful thing. It allows you to express your self like nothing else.

  9. yes! i hate video games! we dont even have cable tv!!
    my kuds love to read and colour because of it 🙂

  10. being creative is always better for a growing brain for stumulation.

  11. Definitely better to do creative work with hands than be a tv zombie! It’s also good to develop their fine motor skill as well as beginning writing skills.

  12. Absolutely! It allows them to be creative. We don’t have cable anyways…

  13. Drawing and colouring helps kids to use their hand eye coordination, concentration and imagination. I think that video games takes away from basic quiet play.

  14. Drawing and coloring is so important to foster creativity and I love it for the QUIET!

  15. Coloring and drawing takes so much more creativity and imagination than video games do!

  16. I absolutely think it is better for you. It creates creativity of the mind. Self expression

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  17. I believe it is so much better to engage their imagination and creativity with coloring and painting instead of tv and video games.

  18. This product sounds great!
    Thank you!

  19. I think that one thing is as good as the other. All things that you do with your child encourages creativity! And anything that you can do together is a bonus

  20. While some video games may be able to inspire imaginations (drawing games etc), the average video game doesn’t. My girls rarely play video games even though they have access to a DSXL, Vtech, E-reader, etc…they almost always choose crayons/markers/paints & paper! So many possibilities – the latest is colouring the paper dolls we cut out of the cereal boxes. Something my Mom did for me when I was little. 🙂

  21. being creative is better for a growing brain

  22. No doubt in my mind! It involves imagination, and creativity that helps there brain to grow!

  23. I believe that drawing and coloring is better for my child than watching or playing video games because it allows them to play freely and use their own imagination.

  24. June 18–I truly believe drawing and painting encourage creativity and sense of colour in children. I believe such acativities are superior to watching TV or playing Video games. The latter may develop finger dexterity but does not do much for developing imagination and skill in drawing. -el03ro

  25. June 18–I truly believe drawing and painting encourage creativity and sense of colour in children. I believe such activities are superior to watching TV or playing Video games. The latter may develop finger dexterity but does not do much for developing imagination and skill in drawing. -el03ro

  26. June 18-Please remove second entry-error in entering.-el03ro

  27. although playing video games can give good eye hand cordination, I feel that drawing brings out more creative juices

  28. Drawing and coloring is way better.

  29. I do, however some video games are actually quite educational when you think about it. Some of them use a lot of reasoning skills, and fine motor control skills. Still, there is nothing better than good old paper and ink/crayons 😀

  30. Yes! They use their own imagination

  31. My budding artist would just love this he is always drawing and creating. Such a great product.

  32. yes, it’s much more creative

  33. I think video games are great – in moderation, of course! Colouring – especially on blank paper is definitely great for creativity. This would be perfect to bring along to restaurants.

  34. There is a specific way to play the videogames and expects everyone to solve the same way. Whereas, drawing can help them develop according to their age and express their creativity & emotions. Colouring is an added advantage.

  35. Hands down that coloring and drawing is better than TV. When my kids were younger they never bothered with the TV – they wanted to color.

  36. Being Creative & using your imagination is very valuable at EVERY age 🙂
    Way better then a video game!!!

  37. This would be great ,encourage creativity Much better than TV

  38. they can be more creativity and use their imagination and dream up new fun thing to draw

  39. Colouring is absolutely better than video games. It fosters imaginative thinking and is a great creative outlet.

  40. I love letting my son colour his heart out! Way better than TV, lets him explore his imagination and have some fun

  41. This seems cool to try out!

  42. No doubt in my mind feeding childrens creativity is key! My son still likes his baby einstein dvds too though 🙂

  43. it’s definitely important – kids need to try a million different things so they know where their heart lies

  44. Do you believe drawing and coloring is better for your child than watching or playing video games? Why?
    I think drawing and colouring is better for kids because it encourages their own imagination and a chance to make their own creations.

  45. There is no doubt about it that paper, crayons, doodling is much better for kids. It’s a complicated world where kids need to more than ever use their imaginations and also find a way to show their feelings in a healthy way.


  47. Love non-toxic products for kids!

  48. Occasional videogames are fine but not very creative…

  49. I think coloring and crafts are better for kids because it increases creativity.

  50. My answer is definitely yes. they can be creative for them giving them hours of fun.

  51. Of course! Using her imagination and creativity is preferable to TV.

  52. I do think colouring and drawing is better than the other. Basics are better.

  53. Absolutely! I think that children need tv free time everyday. I love to turn on some music and let my son be creative

  54. This is a great idea and it’s always been important to me that my kids have creativity in their everyday lifes!

  55. Yes, it sparks their creativity! Makes them use their imaginations, instead of sitting like zombies staring at the TV screen

  56. Of course it is! They are using their imaginations to create things!

  57. Art is great for their motor skills and exercises their brains!

  58. yes i think coloring/drawing is better for my child then video games because they are able to express themselves when drawing/coloring so it gets their mind/imagination moving and i think that’s a great thing!

  59. video games offer a certain element of learning but I definitely feel that drawing and colouring are better for the young minds.

  60. I think drawing and colouring are much better than tv and videos games. I feel like drawing and colouring makes the brain work harder and helps boost imagination.

  61. Drawing and coloring are much better for children,it encourages them to use their imagination.

  62. Coloring is wat better then TV or video games. Lucky I have it that my 3 kids LOVE arts & crafts.

  63. Drawing or any type of art is better every time!

  64. Art activities are definitely better for children than watching tv since it sparks their imagination, get’s their brain working in different ways and is a more enriching activity.

  65. I do believe drawing is better because it allows the child to be creative, use his/her imagination, and engage with the world.

  66. Absolutely!!! Children need the opportunity to create, explore, and discover. Fast moving images on the television can provide too much stimulation, I’d rather have my child draw and color than sit in front of the tube!

  67. drawing and coloring is better for kids because it allows more creativity

  68. Letting your kids spend time “creating” is an absolute must.

  69. YES! My son loves to draw and I love to see what he comes up with – whether it’s just scribbles or loops or dots. I think a childs minds grows a lot when he/she gets to use their imagination!

  70. Art is better than tv or video games every time… it is more interactive, encourages creative thinking and can mean a lifetime of joy in creating!

  71. Crafts and art is for sure better for kids. It allows them to use their creativity instead of just starring at a screen.

  72. drawing is way better then electronic gaming. It exercising their minds and imaginations.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  73. Coloring and drawing allows them to be creative.

  74. oh course drawing and coloring is better because they get to explore their mind

  75. I think it’s better because it breeds creativity instead of just being presented with entertainment

  76. Drawing helps kids make connections between the real world and their imagination…it’s much better than video games!

  77. I think drawing and colouring is better for kids than tv because it allows them to use their own creativity, however, I do not think there is anything wrong with a little tv watching either.

  78. absolutely…kids can draw & use their imagination

  79. I believe that coloring is WAY better than tv. Lets them explore their imagination, and its hands on for learning colours!

  80. Yes, because it let’s them explore all on their own.

  81. I like that drawing & coloring require my kids to concentrate & use their imagination

  82. Kids need a creative hands on outlet. This is awesome!!


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