Easter Gift Ideas {Prize Pack Giveaway}

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Looking for great Easter gift ideas?

Consider the NEW Play-Doh Double Desserts Playset from Hasbro. This fun new playset comes with everything your little one needs for some non-stop creative fun!

My son is a fan of anything Play-Doh and he was excited to get this colourful set. The set includes a playset base, oven, oven top, 3 oven molds, 2-piece extruder, server, scoop, roller, 2 plates, instructions, 2 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound and 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound.

The Double Desserts Playset encourages creative and imaginative play and I like watching my son “baking” and “serving” his sweet creations. He loves to serve ice-cream and bake some cakes with sugary frosting.  Thankfully all the sugar is just pretend sugar.


He  also loves that the oven has an oven alarm that rings when his creations are done. Adding to the fun.

Play-Doh is non-toxic and lots of fun. I highly recommend this set to little ones 3+. You can find it at your local Target for $14.99.

hasbro mashers

Habro also offers fun 6″ Marvel Super Hero Mashers Figures that have removable parts that can be swapped bewteen Super Hero Masher figures.

I love that you can customize your own superhero and get creative. My son loves playing with these and gearing up his superhero adventures with the different figures.

These are all available at Target for $7.19 each.

Captain America

If you are looking for some more fun Easter gift ideas then be sure to visit Target. From now through to April 24, 2014 all Hasbro Games are 30% off at Target.


hasbro gaming

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a gift basket including the following:


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255 responses to “Easter Gift Ideas {Prize Pack Giveaway}”

  1. Monopoly is the best!

  2. I think I’d have to say Monopoly for board games, but I love Yatzee!

  3. My fav game would have to be the game of Life

  4. My favorite board game would be…well actually there are two. Monopoly being the first and Trivia Pursuit being the second

  5. monopoly

  6. I love Scrabble!

  7. My favourite board game has to be Trivial Pursuit!

  8. My favorite board game is Life.

  9. Monopoly!

  10. Right now here with the boys is Elefun

  11. My favourite boardgame used to be Catan but it seriously caused too many fights! So I would have to say Things in a Box.

  12. My favorite game is the snake and ladders and lotto

  13. My favorite board game is Clue

  14. Settlers of Catan 🙂

  15. Life

  16. Clue

  17. We love monopoly in our family

  18. Loved playing monopoly since I was a kid or Sorry

    • Oops, delete please

  19. I have always liked Full house

  20. Love Trivial Pursuit

  21. Monopoly was always my favorite! I remember getting it as a Christmas gift when I was a kid!

  22. Hungry Hippos and when their current commercial for it comes on my son just cracks up laughing.

  23. I quite enjoy Scrabble.

  24. I love Monopoly and Risk!

  25. I really like Balderdash!

  26. My favourites are Life and Scrabble 🙂

  27. My favorite game is Monopoly

  28. My three year old would LOVE Hungry Hungry Hippos! My favourite is Life

  29. It’s an older game but my favorite is still Stop Thief!

  30. My kid’s would love all these games….heck i would also enjoy them

  31. I like Monopoly best.

  32. love monolopy!

  33. Sorry! is my favorite board game

  34. scrabble

  35. My favorite is monopoly.

  36. Game of life!

  37. trivial pursuit!

  38. My favorite board game is Clue & Guess Who

  39. Jenga!

  40. I like monopoly.

  41. monopoly…or Clue

  42. My favorite board game is monopoly

  43. Monopoly is a lot of fun.

  44. My favorite board game is definitely Monopoly!

  45. candyland!

  46. I love to play Monopoly.

  47. There are so many good ones to choose from but I still love monopoly the best

  48. Ive always loved monopoly, mad gab is great as well )

  49. I love the game of Life!

  50. Connect 4

  51. Mousetrap would be great for my son’s birthday coming up in a few weeks.

  52. We love Apples to Apples Disney

  53. 7 Wonders and Pandemic

  54. i enjoy scrabble and monopoly : D

  55. I have always been a big big fan of Monopoly.

  56. My favorite board game is Monopoly.

  57. Have to say Sorry for something fun and fast and Monopoly for a day of dealing and stealing

  58. Monopoly

  59. My fave board game is scrabble!

  60. Scrabble is my favorite board game.

  61. My favourite is the Game of Life.

  62. I like hungry hungry hippo;)

  63. Monopoly for sure i love that game

  64. monopoly

  65. clue!

  66. I love risk

  67. Mine would be Settlers of Catan, but I like most board games.

  68. jenga!! 🙂

  69. Connect 4!! I love playing that game

  70. SORRY! Always loved that game 🙂

  71. I love Monopoly

  72. I like Monopoly

  73. My favourite board game of all time is the game of life

  74. twister always loved that one

  75. Monopoly!

  76. I like the game Sorry!

  77. I love Monopoly!

  78. Monopoly is my favourite

  79. Scrabble is my favorite board game.

  80. My favorite board game is Risk!

  81. I love the game Scrabble.

  82. I really like the game of life 🙂

  83. I’ve always loved Life!

  84. My fave is scrabble. Hands down. 🙂

  85. My favourite board game is Trivial Pursuit, without a doubt. Specifically the Doctor Who version. I win that one every time.

  86. Scrabble

  87. Trivial pursuit

  88. We love Monopoly, Scrabble, and Cranium. But really, I could play board games for days and I wouldn’t be bored. 🙂

  89. Disney Monopoly

  90. Scrabble!

  91. My favorite game is taboo but my favorite hasbro game is monopoly.

  92. Monopoly is a family fav!!!

  93. My favourite board game is Go. Thank you!

  94. My favourite is Chinese Checkers.

  95. My favorite board game is Sorry.

  96. Monopoly for sure!

  97. Sorry!

  98. love monopoly

  99. My favorite board game is Sorry, the whole family, young to old can play and loves it!

  100. Really like Monopoly for board games…

  101. My favourite game is monopoly.

  102. Hi, my favorite board game is Scrabble. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  103. Scrabble is my favourite. Thanks

  104. I enjoy clue!

  105. Scrabble!

  106. Cranium is my favourite board game.

  107. My favourite board game growing up was Frustration (I think it is called Trouble in Canada)

  108. Connect

  109. I love the game of life

  110. clue

  111. monopoly

  112. It always been Monopoly!

  113. My favourite board games are Scattergories, Cranium, and the Game of Life! Thanks for the great giveaway – we LOVE games!

  114. Sorry! is my favourite!

  115. My favourite board game is Sorry

  116. I have always loved The Game of Life. Played it as a kid and then played it with my kids and now my grandkids

  117. Scrabble

  118. the game of life

  119. Still Monopoly

  120. I like Trivial Pursuit.

  121. Life


  123. My favorite board game is PayDay!

  124. Monopoly is my favourite board game.

  125. I love Jenga – it gets my heart racing and my hands shaking

  126. It’s always been Monopoly, we have the Disney edition.

  127. I loved playing Scrabble Junior and Trouble as a kid.

  128. scrabble

  129. I love monopoly, we have made it a habit that everytime the power goes out, or we celebrate earth hour, we pull out the candles and play board games. My kids love it and get excited when there are thunderstorms instead of being scared, because we have so much fun that they actually wish the power would go out lol.

  130. Connect four

  131. Monopoly

  132. I love Monopoly!

  133. The Game of Life has always been my favourite. And Monopoly.

  134. Monopoly.

  135. I love Monopoly best

  136. Monopoly jr

  137. My favourite is Monopoly.

  138. Monopoly!


  140. Scrabble and Connect 4

  141. My favourite board game is monopoly …

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  142. monopoly is our family favorite

  143. We love to play Mouse Trap.

  144. Monopoly was always my favorite.

  145. Snakes and Ladders

  146. My favourites game is Life

  147. Taboo

  148. My favourite board game is Clue!

  149. Always will be Scrabble I think!

  150. Scrabble’s always a favourite, but lately I’ve taken to Ticket to Ride. So much fun!

  151. My favourite is Trivial Pursuit!

  152. Yahtzee

  153. Trivial pursuit

  154. Trivial pursuit!

  155. I love to play Monoply !

  156. I love the game of life

  157. My favourite board game is Aggravation!

  158. Snakes and Ladders : )

  159. Chutes and Ladders…or is it Snakes and Ladders? Oh, generation changes : )

  160. I enjoy playing Life.

  161. My favorite is Settlers of Catan!

  162. General Manager (like monoply but an NHL themed game)

  163. We as a family love Jenga!

  164. Monopoly

  165. monopoly!

  166. My favorite board game is The Game of Life I have great memories playing this game with my grandparents as a kid

  167. scrabble

  168. “Sorry” is my fav! I could never get enough of it!

  169. My favorite board game is Monopoly. Played as a child, played with
    my kids and now play with my grandkids.

  170. My favourite board game is Scrabble!

  171. Boggle

  172. My favorite is Scrabble.

  173. My favorite board game is Monopoly

  174. I love Trivial Pursuit but I like to play Monopoly with the kids.

  175. I always have and always will love Monopoly!

  176. I always liked scrabble.

  177. Monopoly is my fav board game.

  178. My favorite board game is called Moolah! Very hard to find but sooo much fun!

  179. I love the game Monopoly and Jenga, my 2 favorites.

  180. I love Pictionary!

  181. I like the game of Monopoly!

  182. I love Monopoly

  183. My favorite game is connect 4

  184. Candy Land…I love playing it with my son.

  185. Monopoly

  186. Monopoly is my favorite board game

  187. scrabble

  188. Monopoly..fun times!

  189. Scrabble and Yahtzee

  190. I have always loved monopoly! My husband and I play the card version, lately tho

  191. scrabble

  192. My favorite board game is Scrabble.

  193. I always loved playing Sorry!

  194. snakes & ladders

  195. Monopoly for sure!

  196. Clue

  197. Clue

  198. Monopoly is our family favourite 😀

  199. Monoply 🙂

  200. trivial pursuit

  201. I loved Sorry!!

  202. monopoly is our all time favourite game we play it all the time

  203. Monopoly!

  204. The Game of Life!

  205. my favourite game was always Sorry when I was little, and then Yahtzee when I was a teenager.

  206. I loved mouse trap!!!

  207. I like scrabble and risk

  208. my favourite board game is scrabble

  209. Monopoly!

  210. Game of Life

  211. Monopoly

  212. Yatzee

  213. Kids monopoly rocks

  214. Monopoly

  215. trivial pursuit

  216. i love monopoly and trivial pursuit

  217. Monopoly!

  218. RISK. Bring on world domination….

  219. hungry hippo

  220. Definitely Life, played that so many times.

  221. Monopoly is my favorite

  222. Gotta say I’m still a Monopoly fan after all these years!

  223. Scrabble!

  224. The Boardgame “Clue”.

  225. connect four. my grandkids love playing this with me

  226. My favorite board game is Trouble.

  227. My favourite is Monopoly

  228. Trivial Pursuit!

  229. mine was Sorry!

  230. monopoly

  231. Jenga is the fav game here – we really love it. Did you see the movie clip of the giant jenga?!?!?! My son wants to play that desperately.


  232. Has to be Monopoly

  233. monopoly

  234. Scrabble!

  235. Cranium!

  236. my all-time fave board game is monopoly

  237. with adults, Scrabble, with DD, Sorry (she beats me too much in Chutes and Ladders).

  238. I always liked the game of Sorry

  239. Electronic monopoly is my family fav to play.

  240. As a family we love the game of operation!

  241. Scrabble

  242. My favourite board game is Clue.

  243. Clue is my absolute favorite!

  244. Monopoly !

  245. My fave board game is Chutes and Ladders!

  246. Monopoly

  247. Monopoly!

  248. My favorite board game is Monopoly.

  249. Monopoly for me.

  250. My favourite game is Clue.

  251. Wow ! all great games 🙂 winning them will be great ! 😀

  252. I’ve always liked Othello.

  253. My favourite board game is Scrabble.

  254. Risk is my favorite! Love it!

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