End the Year With a Bang! {iPad Mini Giveaway}


The countdown is officially on…

As we approach the end of the year and the start of 2015 we are celebrating with a huge giveaway and ending the year with a bang!

One very lucky US/CAN OneSmileyMonkey reader will win a brand new iPad Mini (16GB – valued at $249).  Excited?

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? What’s your biggest New Year’s resolution? Share below and enter to WIN via Rafflecopter. Good Luck All and a very Happy New Year!!!

iPad Mini Features 

Wi‑Fi: 16GB $249

  • Height: 7.87 inches (200 mm)
  • Width: 5.3 inches (134.7 mm)
  • Depth: 0.28 inch (7.2 mm)
  • Weight: 0.68 pound (308 g)
  • 7.9‑inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology
  • 1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating


Disclosure: This give-away is sponsored by a PR agency, prize will be mailed to the winner directly by the sponsor. 

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417 responses to “End the Year With a Bang! {iPad Mini Giveaway}”

  1. I will be celebrating with my family eating yummy food and watching movies. My resolutions are to get more fit and pay off some debt.

  2. We will be hanging out with family for a bit and calling it a night early.

  3. I resolve to live a healthier lifestyle

  4. I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions – but I have signed up for a year of decluttering..where you do one thing each day…I am going to finally do it!!

  5. My new year’s resolution is to be a better me..more positive in my life and to eat healthier

  6. Exercise at least 3x week and we are having a low-key New year’s eve

  7. My resolution is to eat healthier and exercise more!

  8. I’m going to work my way up for a promotion at my job. Would do my family tons. ^_^

  9. Mine is to write every day. I let too many things distract me or get in the way!

  10. I resolve to keep better track of my paperwork

  11. For New Years eve this year I’m either gonna ring it in at the movie theatre with friends or head to Niagara falls to ring it in. Not sure yet. For my New Years resolution I want to live a healthier life style and eat healthier.

  12. to lose my baby weight and get back to my pre baby bod

  13. Exercise more, and stop eating all those potato chips!!! (but they’re oh so delicious…)

  14. To push myself to at least do 15 minutes of exercise a day especially since I have a desk job. I have been doing the healthy eating for months now and need to add the exercise.

  15. Its hard for me to make and keep resolutions. But I would like to get in shape and have a healthier lifestyle.

  16. To eat healthier

  17. I want to spend more time with people who matter, say what I’m thinking and feeling more and wording about stupid stuff less. 🙂

  18. to eat healthier and to exercise more 🙂

  19. to be healthier and to write more…

  20. Drink more water.

  21. To exercise more and eat healthier!

  22. To pass all my school courses!!

  23. I’ll be celebrating with my family – my resolution is to be kinder to myself and more patient with others

  24. I would like to loose some weight and spend quality time with my family.

  25. We will probably spend time with friends and have the kids start a 9 pm early countdown!

  26. Travel more.

  27. To shop less and save more.

  28. Taking my 93 yr. old Mom to bingo, hubby and I will have dinner at the casino while she is there. I resolve to get my sugars under control 🙂

  29. Stress less!

  30. My resolution is to eat less junk food.

  31. NYE is ways pretty uneventful – we stay home with the kiddos, play board games & eat yummy snack foods all evening.

    My 2015 resolution is to focus on the good in life & to stress less!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Run a 5K with my daughter and not to sweat the small stuff!

  33. I’ve kept a journal throughout 2014 and have realized that I over think things way too much and always somehow end up regretting my decisions. Therefore, my ultimate goal for the new year is to take more chances and to not regret.

  34. mine is to make sure that I eat properly and keep up exercising as well as the rest of my family so that now that we are back to being in good health we need to stay this way

  35. My biggest new year’s resolution is to clean out my garage. It is FULL of baby clothes, strollers, books, toys etc that all need to passed on. And then we will be able to build our pantry in the space instead!

  36. This year I want to travel more ! I would like to see something new ! I also want to be more organized ! I try but its hard ! 😀

  37. We are going to be celebrating with family! Love it! My resolutions this year are to tell my husband three things each day that I love/grateful for about him! I find with kids now I’ve kind of put him at the bottom!

  38. I’m going to try to get out to more activities with my eldest daughter.

  39. To set and accomplish certain goals for my new business venture 🙂

  40. My resolution is to get the most fit possible.

  41. Get fit, and finish school. 🙂

  42. To keeppositive,look after my health, read that pile of books i have!

  43. To live healthier lifestyle and focus more in school. Also be more organized and optimistic.

  44. I’m going to quit smoking FOR GOOD!! Never again will I believe that I can have ‘just one puff’ as I’ve finally discovered that I am weak and simply cannot be trusted around tobacco! 😛

  45. My biggest new year’s resolution is to stay on top of things and not procrastinate – a real biggie for me!

  46. My biggest New Years resolution is to be a better person.

  47. Spending it with family. Resolution is to lower my blood pressure.

  48. To take more time for me – make time to get myself healthier

  49. with family….

  50. I want to travel more in 2015

  51. my new years goal is to get more healthy ..eating better, dfrinking more water and exercise more

  52. To eat more natural and fresh vegetables and fruits

  53. eat Healthier and drink more water.

  54. Probably to relax more and spend more time with family this year

  55. My biggest resolution is to get fit.

  56. more veggies and exercise regularly

  57. I will e volunteering more

  58. To run a half marathon in 2015

  59. I’m going to be a lot more active and work on my diet too…

  60. My new year’s resolution is to be a better me, treat my body with the upmost respect good food/drink

  61. My resolution is to continue making our marriage a priority and to work on my fitness. We’re going to celebrate by taking the kids out for sushi 🙂

  62. We will be bringing our son to a kids new years party put on by our city the countdown is at 9 with fireworks! Then grandma is babysitting and my husband and I are going to a friend’s party.

  63. I want to sleep more, exercise more and eat less .

  64. Healthy eating and creating more peace

  65. God’s grace

  66. Love to lose 22 pounds

  67. Creating a healthier lifestyle..

  68. I never make resolutions, although I do have some goals. 🙂

  69. quit smoking

  70. Random acts of kindness every day!

  71. new years..quiet…family over for a big meal…share goals for 2015

  72. To grow the blog more – AND to take a walk at least 5 times a week!

  73. We are staying home for new years. Kids have to go to bed 🙂

  74. I am not a big “resolution” person, but I am going to make a great effort to be more active. I don’t want to put too many rules in place, because I know it’ll set me up for failure, but we have a dog now that needs walks otherwise he’s nuts, so at the very least getting him walked 2 times a day will get me moving more, and hopefully lead to more.

  75. My biggest resolution is to try and love myself and who God made me to be. So the outflow of that will lead to my other two resolutions. Be thankful and love more deeply to my children, husband and others.

  76. To make more home made meals

  77. the same one I made last year to quit smoking.

  78. My resolution is to focus more individual attention on my family. Instead of constantly multitasking and getting nothing completed, focus. My kids will get more quality mom time and so will my husband. The dishes and chores can wait just a little longer, right?

    Our family resolution is to bring less processed food into our home and get out and about more

  79. To finally get this weight off and stay fit!

  80. I don;t make resolutions.

  81. My biggest resolution is to better manage my time.

  82. My resolution is to find a way to be happier!
    I want to just be happy and content more often.
    I’m never going to be a size 2 again & we will always struggle to pay the bills.

  83. So cliche, but I’m trying to loose baby weight.

  84. I want to work out more and drink more water!

  85. My goal is to learn to cook a little better & rely less on frozen dinners 🙂

  86. to start saving money, we need a few repairs done in the house

  87. My resolution is to decrease the amount of sugar I eat and eat more fruits and veggies.

  88. I plan on staying home and watching the ball drop on TV. I’d like to go for walks at least 4 days a week in the new year for some exercise

  89. My New Years resolution is to keep a cleaner home.

  90. to do more cardio at the gym

  91. to exercise daily

  92. To move my body more. 🙂

  93. I’m not up to the hype of New Years, so it will be pretty low key hanging out with a couple friends!
    As for resolutions, I’m not typically one for making resolutions. However, I am already a fairly active person, and I have some fitness goals in mind. 🙂

  94. I want to continue with my daily vigorous excercise regime.

  95. New Year, new commitment to spending time with family and friends. I want to do more volunteering and helping myself and my family to give back to those less fortunate. Starting on Jan 17 on downtown east side. A group of friends, their kids, and my family, will provide hot soup and sandwiches for as many hungry folks as we can. Good way to start the year!

  96. On my granddaughters 3rd birthday which is in March is the day I will be quitting smoking, I have already started cutting down by over a half pack a day. March 30th is QUIT DAY Happy New Years!

  97. My resolution for the New Year is to tackle my list of home improvement projects. This is the ideal time of year for me to work on some of my indoor DIY since it is too chilly to be outside.

  98. I plan to simplify my life and finally get organized. I really hope I can maintain this one!

  99. Get out of Debt, save enough for a down payment on home

  100. I want to live a healthier lifestyle involving regular exercise and more attention to good nutrition.

  101. As usual keep going to gym.

  102. Wake up every day!! …..to live another one!!

  103. make and eat more home made foods

  104. I really need to start to eat better, and stick with it

  105. My biggest new years resolution is to renovate our new house in the next year, and have it done!

  106. to be more healthy

  107. Exercise 5 days/week

  108. I am going to try to walk 10,000 steps each day

  109. My biggest New Year’s resolution is to follow through with my doctor’s appointments.

  110. Healthier eating and saving for a rainy day.

  111. My biggest resolution for me this year is to be more confident in the roads I choose for myself.

  112. I’m a homebody; my biggest New Year’s resolution is to stay on top of the laundry.

  113. I would love to run a 5k for the first time!

  114. We are spending new years eve with family. My new years resolutions are to lose some weight, stress less, and have no surgeries in 2015!

  115. To be more comfortable on stage! 🙂

  116. My New Years resolution is to work on finishing fixing up my house.

  117. Try to make time for me.

  118. My biggest New YeArs resolution is to really, really lose weight!

  119. To find a more productive way to deal with the death of my father than being angry all the time.

  120. At my age I don’t make any, just live with love and happiness!

  121. Spending time with my sister and family, playing games and having an early countdown!

  122. Toeat healthier

  123. My resolution is to exercise more and cut out the junk food.

  124. My resolution is to spend more time with those I care about!

  125. I resolve not to make any!

  126. To do more activities and more socializing!

  127. I want to exercise more.

  128. I would like to worry and stress less. I plan on incorporating meditation into my daily routine!

  129. To continue losing the weight I need to lose and then maintain it.

  130. eat healthier,be more active,and enjoy life !

  131. My resolution is to spend less time in front of the computer.

  132. I am not going to eat any sugar

  133. My resolution is to continue to go to the gym 4 times a week and continue to tory to lose more weight.

  134. purge unused and/or unnecessary items, sort through and properly file various papers, and get organized overall – and stay that way! happy new year!

  135. I’ll be spending time at home with the family. My resolution is to eat healthier and be more active.

  136. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions but I would like to lose some weight 🙂


  138. This is the year I get my house, especially my office organized and spend less time on work and more time with my family.

  139. My resolution is to maintain the weight I recently lost

  140. To eat healthier!

  141. I need to get back to my swimming exercises!

  142. I want to get organized and healthier.

  143. To quit tobacco for god

    • For GOOD well maybe for god also 😉

  144. I resolve to eat more healthy foods.

  145. To pay off debt

  146. Mine is patience… deep breaths and stop being so dang anxious

  147. I haven’t quite formulated yet, but I think it includes getting a new job.

  148. My biggest New Years resolution is to eat better and exercise more to get healthy.

  149. My resolution is to get my home organized and get rid of dd’s baby stuff that we have been saving hoping and praying we’d have another one. It’s just taking up too much space and it’s been almost 6 years of trying so I think it’s time to get rid of it!

  150. less chemicals more good

  151. I want to spend time with family and friends.

  152. Making time to work out 3-5 times a week. Its tough to find time with 3 little ones.

  153. I haven’t made any resolutions in many years now. I guess, though, if I were to make one it would be to get on track to obtain my masters degree.

  154. My biggest NY resolution is to find more time for me – exercise and relaxation!

  155. Confidence is my big thing for the new year

  156. exercise more

  157. I don’t make New Years resolutions because I never keep them anyway.

  158. Volunteer more 🙂
    And spend more time on my passion of painting

  159. to find a new job

  160. Get outside more!

  161. travel more

  162. Get back to working out 3x a week

  163. My biggest New Years resolution will be to lose some belly fat in preparation for surgery later in 2015.

  164. We are going to get together with some Family
    and friends at our place.

    • and I am planning to shape up this Year
      get a little more fit, better for my old age.
      So I can see my grandkids grow up.

  165. My biggest resolution is to slow down and embrace each moment a little more

  166. I would like to become healthier and to loose some weiggt

  167. I need to get organized.

  168. To lose weight before my wedding.

  169. And we will be spending the night dancing and socializing with friends

  170. This year – really! – I resolve to get my ct together and do blog posts on a minimum of a weekly basis. Starting with a calendar of scheduled posts and events. Hopefully, this year, it sticks.

  171. My resolution is to not make any resolutions, too much pressure!

  172. be with family more often

  173. I want to be healthy this year.

  174. My resolution is to eat healthier 🙂

  175. do more activities with the kids

  176. I am going to quit smoking

  177. To continue my fitness journey and to eat better. January’s challenge is a 30 day squat challenge.


  179. to eat more fruit and veggies

  180. i just had a baby one month ago. i want to lose my baby weight this year.

  181. My biggest resolution would be to stop procrastinating.

  182. i will hit up the gym more consistently and gain as much muscle mass as possible in 2015.

  183. To continue our new healthier lifestyle and instill healthy eating habits in our children.

  184. My resolution is to loose a bit of weight, eat healthier and exercise 🙂

  185. my New Years resolution is to try to be more positive. I need to try to look for the positive things going on in my life rather than focusing on the negatives

  186. I have spent the last year with my depressed and suicidal daughter I swear I am going to help her so she is happy

  187. My biggest resolution is to find something to enjoy eery day.

  188. I would like to keep my house in order better this year.

  189. mine is to quit smoking so i decided to get a head start cause it can be very hard , but i did it cold turkey and its been 3 weeks already ! woo hoo #smokefree

  190. be healthier

  191. My biggest resolution is to eat healthier. Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. my big resolution for the new year is to be organized

  193. going for a walk three days a week

  194. For new years we are not doing anything. Just another day. I have several resolutions this year. To say “no” more often and start to budget better.

  195. I will be at home watching celebrations on TV then going to bed
    I don’t make resolutions anymore

  196. time for a career change. Need to stop spinning my wheels on an unproductive venture.

  197. I have to lose weight as my health is declining. Nothing like a new year to make a new beginning.

  198. To start eating healthier

  199. Be a better friend!

  200. My biggest resolution is to get more sleep. I am such a night owl that I have trouble turning off and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

  201. I plan to get off all my meds come 2015….

    happy new year!

  202. Cook healthy food and eat more fruits and vegetables

  203. Saving $$$ & Travel with out using Credit…..(2015)

  204. My biggest is to get this extra weight off .

  205. I want to take control of my weight issue in 2015

  206. To stop eating cake and buying cake and making cake. Also to stop thinking about cake. And buying cake cookbooks.

  207. to eat healthier

  208. Eat healthier.

  209. to exercise more

  210. Becoming a Vegetarian is my goal this year.

  211. have more date nights

  212. My resolution is to start (and stick with) weight training.

  213. To drink more water

  214. My biggest resolution is to get more organized this year.

  215. I know everyone says this but, I would like to quit smoking!

  216. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, at my age we just need to keep healthy and enjoy life 🙂

  217. To spend more time with my family.

  218. To eat healthy and exercise

  219. I’m planning to get my family together for weekly Sunday dinners this year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and now I’m making it a reality!

  220. My biggest new year’s resolution is to get a new job.

  221. to stop procrastinating!

  222. I want to make a career change

  223. To do more walking.

  224. To play outside with my children more.

  225. To spend more time outside, walking, camping, enjoying nature!

  226. My biggest New Years resolution for 2015 is to finish building my new wheelchair and find ways to become an independent woman again.

  227. My biggest resolution is not to make any resolutions!

  228. Habituellement je ne prend pas de résolution mais cette année, pour des raisons de santé, je mangerais mieux et ferais de l’ exercices régulièrement.

  229. My resolution is to get organized!

  230. Not to make any New Year resolutions!

  231. I resolve to ease up on my constant worrying about my two grown sons. Worrying doesn’t make things better; it makes your life more stressful.

  232. I want to travel the world with my sister, so I am going to start putting my coffee and junk food money in a separate bank account to save up for travel and eat healthier food instead.

  233. Stay out of trouble!

  234. To be more patient with my toddler.

  235. I would like to do more jogging.

  236. To eat healthier

  237. get more organized

  238. My new years resolution is to never ever make any resolutions again!

  239. My biggest New Year’s Resolution is to travel more with my four boys

  240. My biggest new Years resoluton is to sit less and move more which means less tweeting and facebooking !

  241. to stop eating so much fast food!

  242. I definitely need to sleep more

  243. My biggest news year resolution is to exercise more, I got a treadmill for xmas so I need to start using it!

  244. I resolve to finish my unfinished projects around the house.

  245. My resolution is to get outside and walk more.

  246. To start taking better care of myself and by that I mean quit smoking!

  247. Stop drinking considerably!

  248. To be more active and to learn how to snowboard!

  249. I plan to finish the basement – the walls are roughed in…next step is to prep for painting.

  250. We don’t make new years resolutions.

  251. NYR is to do everything slower

  252. To eat healthier

  253. I want to keep my house more organized.

  254. Mine is too eat more vegetables. I really was slacking on that last year.

  255. Be nice!

  256. Exercise more and spend more quality time with family.

  257. drink lots of water.

  258. Well, have to say I could stand to lose a few pounds and get back into exercise routine, as well as be more mindful of what I eat

  259. To turn on the music and have more living room dance parties with my family. Fun times together and a bit of exercise while showing off our best (and worst) moves

  260. My NY resolution is to get better work/life balance and a healthier, more active lifestyle.

  261. My New Years Resolution is to eat healthier.

  262. My resolutions are to build our savings back up & to start a separate savings account for a future Disney Trip!

  263. To workout twice a week.

  264. As cliche as it is, my New Years resolution is to get health, get fit and hopefully get my old body back!

  265. My biggest new years resolution is to work hard and finish my masters degree by the end of the year

  266. I would like to find more healthy recipes to incorporate into the dinners I make for my family.

  267. To get back in shape…to eat healthier and exercise again.

  268. I dont want to be so hard on myself. Thank you

  269. I plan to spend more vacation time with my family!!

  270. my New Year’s Resolution is to ride a horse.

  271. I resolve to gain better work/ life balance.

  272. with family

  273. to be more healthier for my children

  274. My resolution is to be the healthiest me I can be!

  275. Im going to eat healthier in 2015!

  276. To start college soon 🙂

  277. to not shop as much

  278. To eat healthier and to exercise at least 3 work days a week

  279. To start planning meals better and eating healthy

  280. I would love to take some much needed time to myself and relax on a beach somewhere warm !

  281. My biggest new years resolution is to eat healthy and exercise almost every day.

  282. To spend more time being active with my kids.

  283. Don’t do resolutions but my biggest lifelong goal is to eat healthier. Lessening the Carb and Sugar intake.

  284. My resolution is to spend more time and energy pursuing my dreams and do things I am passionate about.

  285. To lose 20 lbs & get in shape.

  286. To walk at least twice a week and take my kids to WDW,

  287. To lose the last 20 pounds so I can make my health my #1 priority!

  288. I’m due with baby #3 in March! My resolution is to have set a healthy eating example to my children, and get back in shape this year!

  289. To be more organized in every way so that I have more time to relax with my family.

  290. to work out and lose weight.

  291. This year I’m hoping to craft more and bake more – looking forward to both 🙂

  292. Too eat more REAL food. cutting the processed crap from our cupboards!

  293. I want to eat healthier.

  294. My resolution is to be kinder to myself and curb negative self talk.

  295. I am going to shame more young people for not knowing who Paul McCartney is on Twitter.

  296. To get more organized

  297. to lose weight and eat healthy.

  298. My biggest New year’s resolution it to make it out to Colorado this year to see my brother. My husband has never been on a plane and i am hoping that we are able to finally do this.

  299. My resolution is to try new things and have fun

  300. I want to continue to work out and run to stay in shape this year!

  301. To get fit and toned after losing so much weight in 2014

  302. Ours is moving to a larger house!

  303. I want to spend more time outdoors getting exercise and playing with my kids.

  304. dont procrastinate.

  305. I want to spend more quality time with my children.

  306. to eat healthier

  307. to loose weight to start a garden and i mean a big one to get a shed built to plant fruit trees that is it for now illmake more along the year but so far those are it

  308. My resolution is to spend more time with my family and live each day to the fullest. To be positive and happy and not waste energy on things that don’t matter.

  309. I’m going to read more, watch tv less!

  310. My biggest new years resolution is to get out of debt.

  311. To try to lose weight and take care of myself better

  312. To save money.

  313. I resolve to declutter my closets.

  314. I make no resolutions as it’s crushing to fail at them but I’d like to be a bit more active. I’d also like to grow a backbone as I have no ability to say no.


  315. To read my Bible daily! And to lose some weight.

  316. Exercise more

  317. Mine is to drink a lot less soda and a lot more water. Thanks.

  318. My resolution is to exercise more often this year.

  319. My New Years resolution would be staying healthy for my me and my family.

  320. Be positive …. surround myself with positive people

  321. Mine is to sort through all of my kids old clothes and toys and donate what I can.

  322. My biggest resolution is to get back into shape!

  323. To drink less pop. I know it is a step in the right direction to loose weight.

  324. don’t have resolutions – have goals instead. thanks

  325. My new years resolution is to be less selfish with what I want to do and to submit to what God wants me to do. Which ultimately means less TV and more Bible.

  326. To get over my fear of driving and get my license

  327. Exercise more!

  328. : OMG, I luv to eat healthy & more & get well soon. Wow, prizeipad mini is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the ipad mini to work and eat again.

  329. I’m going to run a marathon this year.

  330. I want to get toned for my wedding.

  331. My biggest resolution this year is to try to enjoy life more. I have 2 special needs kids and one requires 24/7 care. I am always putting things off, avoiding invites etc. It’s time for me to let loose a little bit and enjoy life and let others help me when offered. After all, what good am I when I am feeling down in the dumps, or having a bad day, when I can be happy and on top of the world. And all that takes is a little bit of fun! 🙂

  332. I would like to save more money.

  333. to exercise more and eat better.

  334. Mine is to focus on productivity, and then to be the best mom I can be! We are due this year for our first little one and I want to get those things off the to-do list so I can try and be as mentally stress free as possible for the arrival.

  335. To save more money.

  336. To take care of myself

  337. Trying to look more on the bright side as we leave the old year in the past 🙂

  338. I try to remind myself to try to smile more and laugh everyday.

  339. TO spend more time on my hobbies.

  340. I have to quit smoking and would love to eat healthier.

  341. I want to remember to be grateful for all of my blessings and to be as positive as I can.

  342. Drink more water!

  343. I’m going to quit smoking

  344. To go to the gym more often; at least twice a week.

  345. To exercise more often

  346. mine is to lose weight and regain my confidence

  347. I am determined to get moving and get,healthy and lose weight

  348. This year it is to do more random acts of kindness. One can always fit one or two extra into a day right!

  349. More fun less stress

  350. 50 pounds to lose and I will NOT give up!!

  351. This would be a wonderful win to be our oldest child’s birthday present. 😀 Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  352. I’d love to pay off my student loans!

  353. My biggest New Years resolution is to declutter and organize my home!

  354. To do yoga and be a positive thinker.

  355. My new years resolution is to drink more water and reduce the amount of soda I drink, thank you!

  356. While I try not to make resolutions, my resolution this year is to post more photography publicly!

  357. My biggest resolution is to stop being afraid to go after things I really want.

  358. Eat healthier and exercise

  359. I am hoping to spend more time actively engaged with my kids.

  360. I want to try to eliminate white sugar and basically eat healthier.

  361. Mine is to be present for my children and set everything else aside. They are only little for so long!

  362. To drink an extra glass of water a day. It will help produce milk production while nursing, nice skin aka hydration, and wt loss

  363. My resolution is to organize and declutter the whole house. My little one is taking over the house so we need more room. This will take me the whole year to do.

  364. I didn’t make any resolutions this year – I am just trying to be as healthy and happy as possible 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  365. My resolution is to get involved in more activities in my church and neighborhood. I would also love to join a club or group.

  366. My biggest resolution which is to finally start my own business! So excited!

  367. My biggest 2015 resolution is make my some more payments towards my home.

  368. To be able to exercise 3 times a week and lose 15 lbs this year

  369. My biggest resolution is to finish a writing project

  370. same as every year. get organized

  371. Thanks for the chance!!! I need one for my son.

  372. My resolution is to get back in shape.

  373. I had gall bladder surgery on New Years Eve, so I have resolved to eat healthier.

  374. To spend more time with my precious grandchildren!!

  375. My biggest New Years Resolution is to travel to Europe this year.

  376. To cut out sugar and cook at least 5 meals at home weekly

  377. to have a healthier lifestyle

  378. I don’t make resolutions. I just live each day to it’s fullest.

  379. My biggest resolution is to eat healthier.

  380. I want to be more patient.

  381. Spend more time enjoying life instead of always stressing out over what needs to be done.

  382. To get more stamps in my passport , say YES to more things and workout at least 3 times a week

  383. My biggest resolution is saving money.

  384. My biggest resolution this year is to quit smoking.

  385. My biggest New Years resolution is I am attempting to do an entire house overhaul of organizing things!

  386. My only resolution is to get my basement finished this year, so we can start using it! We’ve already started!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  387. I’m cutting back on my diet cola habit!

  388. To have more fun in 2015

  389. My goal in 2015 is not to pay off my remaining debt and not to add any more to the pile!

  390. Snacking healthier was my big one.

  391. Quitting Smoking. I hate the habit! I’m even ashamed to write that it’s a habit, but the thought of ringing in 2016 with clear lungs makes me happy 🙂

  392. to get serious about exercising

  393. To eat right and exercise daily

  394. My biggest New Years resolution is ti eat better.

  395. My biggest new years resolution is to not buy gasoline. So far so good.

  396. I made a resolution to change jobs.

  397. I’d like to work on getting a promotion at work. Thank you!

  398. walk more

  399. My biggest resolution was to set goals instead of resolutions with an action plan to achieve them.

  400. I don’t make New Year resolutions.

  401. to try and quit smoking this year

  402. getting back in shape

  403. I want to travel more.

  404. This would be a great win! I want to be healthier in 2015

  405. I’m continuing my previous one, which is to finish my degree. Good news is if I survive this semester all that will be left is the internship.

  406. Love Apple products, thanks for the chance

  407. Less clutter in the family room. We’ve already removed a computer we never used and cleaned re-purposed that desk for arts & crafts.

  408. I am not certain I got the url for thee facebook comment in correctly today 1/29 and the new rafflecopter doesnt let us correct it. Just in case here is the URL . Thanks for the contest, it was fun!


  409. My new years resolution is to finish building the kitchen table and chairs that I started in the summer. 😀

  410. To spend more time with my kids and less on the computer!

  411. I gave up playing silly, time-consuming games on Facebook.

  412. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, the iPad is so comfortable and easy to use anywhere:)

  413. My resolution is to try to sleep earlier… and get more than 6hrs!

  414. My New Years resolution is much like others, to get more fit and lose some weight.

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