Exploring the Roads with PlayTape {Giveaway}

If you have a child is anything like my son, you are tripping over cars all day long. Small ones, big ones, ones that make sounds, and the list goes on and on. While we can have cars, we don’t really have any roads for them to drive on. Enter InRoad Toys PlayTape.

This stuff is rather cool.

It is residue free, similar to painters tape, but thinner. It is easy to remove and able to be repositioned. But just because it is easy to remove doesn’t mean it’s not going to stick. As a test I laid a roll out on our dining room floor. It’s still there days later even with all the foot traffic and the vacuum going over it.

It has made the sudden turn in weather bearable; instead of stuck in the house boredom because of the rain, my kids were racing around the dining room with cars and trucks having a blast. I also may have had a bit of fun laying out the road for them too. It tears easily, for the moments when you want your road to curve or end.

PlayTape comes in a few different colors: purple, black, red, orange, and blue. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also get train tracks and mud roads! To make sure that the fun isn’t all straight lines they have curves to get you going. You can get rolls ranging from 25ft to 60ft, and it also comes in 2” or 4” wide. Set your kids (and your own) imagination free and see where it can take you.

It’s not only for your younger kids! My seven year old had a blast with it too. Its great to have something that all three (7, 4, and 2) can play with together.

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Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a package of 2” & 4” black PlayTape and curves from InRoad Toys. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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56 responses to “Exploring the Roads with PlayTape {Giveaway}”

  1. Wow that’s awesome. Can’t imagine what my nephew would say. He absolutely loves! roads and things that goes with it.

  2. I would have loved this tape when I was younger. I look forward to seeing the young one I know trying this out. Making roads for a little town.

  3. I like that it can stay in place for a while. I would love to have it for my son who is just getting to the age where he would like to have roads for his cars. Thanks!

  4. i absolutely love this idea! this would be wonderful for a bedroom or playroom obviously, but also great for classrooms, birthday parties, daycares, etc! it is such a great idea for an immediate surface for fun!

  5. Would love this for my guys! Great way to entertain them.

  6. This is soo awesome. It’s great so they can create their own track and never get board. They can have a different road each time

  7. What a great idea! I love that it is repositionable so you can make a perfect racetrack!

  8. Great way to entertain the kids

  9. I think this looks so fun. You could put it anywhere!

  10. What an awesome product…the possibilities are endless!

  11. I would actually like to try this with my kindergarten students. they could design their own roads.

  12. Will stimulate play.

  13. I love the reuse factor and that the “cling” type material saves the surface where the product is placed and preserves the product for easy reuse.

    • forgot to mention that my grandsons would have a wonderful time playing with this 🙂

  14. I can see hour and gours of play with this baby from floors to walls,i love that it can be reused

  15. we love that it is a simple idea with lots of uses.

  16. It promotes creativity! Love it!

  17. My grandson would absolutely love his and would have roads all over the house!

  18. This would keep my nephew very busy, looks like fun

  19. I like to try it because it saves space, you can use it everywhere and it is pretty easy to use.

  20. This is a unique idea and my grandson love to play with the tape

  21. It looks like lots of fun. We could turn the whole living room into roads.

  22. love that it is reusable and has curves not just straight. My little stepgrandsons would absolutely love it! I am also interested in the train tracks and mud roads ones!

  23. I love that it’s simple and versatile 🙂 I am a preschool teacher and would LOVE to make these into Letters for the kids 🙂 I will likely buy these for my program in the near future!! my daughter would also love these 🙂

  24. my son would love this. he’s always driving his cars all over the house.

  25. Love how interactive it is!

  26. I love this Play Tape, you could use it in so many ways and I love that it is repositionable.

  27. I like that they can make their own road way in any shape they wish.

  28. I love the fact that it is creative. Kids can make their own roads. More fun!

  29. Both my son and I would be placing this from bedroom to bedroom making winding streets so that we can play cars throughout the bedrooms……this would be so awesome.

  30. oh my this would be amazing to keep little nephews busy and probably my hubby too.

  31. I like that it is easy to set up and can be changed or cleaned up easily.

  32. i like that it turns any floor into a play mat! i have a little guy and two nephews who would love this!

  33. looks like fun to play with, perfect for many ages, and stimulates imagination!

  34. My son would love this so much, he’s obsessed with everything roads,cars and trucks. I really hope I win this for him.

  35. I love that it is a tape therefore it’s removable. I would love to try this in my son’s room.

  36. This tape is awesome. I already know that the kids, and my husband, would lay down race tracks and make cities.

  37. I like how easy it is to apply to the floor and that there’s no chance of stepping on a sharp toy or anyone getting hurt!

  38. I would like to win this for my nephew he would spend hours Playing

  39. I love that it allows for imaginative play and allows kids to plan and create from their own imagination.

  40. This is such a good idea -probably a mom came up with it – thanks for the recommendation!

  41. I love this tape! I always keep a roll of painters tape and toy cars in my bag when we travel. This would be so much better! I can already imagine the tracks my son would create!

  42. easy to remove

  43. I like the fact that it comes in a few different colours. I would love to try it – easy and cheap entertainment for the kids.

  44. I would use play tape on a piece of cardboard because of I would not like tape on my hardwood floors.

  45. the kids owuld love this! now there would be a track to drive on!

  46. We have a few long road trips coming up this year, and this is the perfect toy to bring along with a few cars! Endless fun!

  47. I love that it doesn’t damage floors, will stay in place for awhile and my kid can use his imagination! Awesome product!

  48. My boys would love this! They could create roads all over!!

  49. I love how this is perfect for a rainy day . My toddler already makes roads on the floor so having this tape would level up his play. I love these and my toddler would have hours of fun .

  50. great way to keep the kiddos entertained

  51. I would love this tape because my nephews little guy would enjoy running his cars all over; nothing better than your own super highway.

  52. This is the coolest thing. I like that the tape has roadways on it. Would be fun for kids to play with, instead of just using regular masking tape. This stuff is cool. And could be used for decorating as well.

  53. I love this. I love that it can be moved anywhere. My boys play with their cars all over the house.

  54. it looks useful

  55. This looks like so much fun. This would be great for the kids while I am making dinner. They race their cars up and down the kitchen floor and this might keep them contained to one area instead.

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