CanvasFactory: Personalized Canvas Print Review {$150 Value Giveaway}



Canvas Factory is a great website that offers high quality canvas prints at an affordable price. Available in the US and Canada their easy to use interface allows you to upload and personalized your own photos to create stunning canvas prints.

I recently had the opportunity to order my own 16×20 canvas print. This time I decided to get a print for my husband’s office instead of something for our home. His office has some empty wall space and  this was the perfect chance to bring new life to one of his empty walls.

I uploaded the photo, selected the canvas size and all of the shipping details within a few minutes.

The final product was then shipped and delivered directly to my husband’s office within a week.


He received the package and was excited to put the new canvas up on the wall. He was also pretty pleased with the quality of the print, the vibrant colours and the impact it makes in his office.

I have ordered a few canvas prints from Canvas Factory and I love their costumer service, how fast I receive my orders and the quality of their products. If you are looking to print some of your personal photos to display them on your walls I highly recommend you visit Canvas Factory and take advantage of their amazing prices. They seem to always have a good sale going on.

Don’t want to use one of your photos? They also have a gallery of amazing photos to choose from. Be sure to check their site out!


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a  16” x 20” / 40x50cm size canvas print of your choice from Canvas Factory (worth $150). Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

136 responses to “CanvasFactory: Personalized Canvas Print Review {$150 Value Giveaway}”

  1. I would love to print a photo of my kids 🙂

  2. I would probably put words on my canvas

  3. I would love to get a photo of my girls.

  4. I’ve got a stunning photo of my kiddos in the snow that would be great on canvas!

  5. I would print one of our Route66 trip sign pics!

  6. i love Macro photography so would love one of them on canvas.

  7. I would print my son’s Kindergarten pictures!

  8. I would print a picture of my daughters from our recent trip.

  9. I would get a family picture to hang in our living room on it.

  10. I would print a picture of cherry blossoms from my trip to Japan

  11. I would get my daughter wedding photo on canvas

  12. I would have a pic of my Granddaughter Kali put on Canvas , thanks for the chance 🙂

  13. I would get a print of our three boys. We have some nice prints to choose from.

  14. A photo of my boys and our baby goats.

  15. We have some great flower pictures so I might get one of those done if I was lucky enough to win.

  16. I’d love to have a family photo done

  17. I would get a print done of my adorable niece!

  18. I would print a photo of my children.

  19. I would love to print a family picture or picture of the kids.

  20. We just finished renovating our kitchen and i have bare walls. So i would put some of my food photos on a canvas.

  21. I would print a family picture from our daughter’s upcoming wedding.

  22. It would be a family photo

  23. a photo of my kids

  24. I would have a family picture done.

  25. I would get some family photos collaged on the canvas for sure

  26. I would probably do a picture of my grandchildren.

  27. I would go with a pic of my daughter.

  28. I would get a print done of my family (hubby, my two girls and I) I know exactly what picture I would do too 🙂

  29. I would print a picture of my kids on vacation

    • I would get one of my beautiful grandaughter.

  30. I love printing our favourite vacation photo from each trip. Its so nice to have happy memories hung on the walls.

  31. I would get a picture of my family

  32. I would either do a picture of my grandkids or my son graduating this year.

  33. I would print one of my artworks.

  34. Photos of my children

  35. A family photo would be nice!

  36. I’d print one of my son’s newborn photos we just had taken.

  37. I have a great picture of my kids I would love to do.

  38. I would get one of our vacation pictures printed. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. I would put a pic of my cat on it!

  40. I have a neat photo that I took a couple of years ago while on vacation in Montreal of a historic hotel that I’d love to hang on the wall.

  41. I have some antique photos of my great-grandparents from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s that deserve to be displayed on canvas & cherished!

  42. I would use a wonderful picture taken during our upcoming river cruise in France

  43. I would love to get one of our family photos printed on a large canvas. That would be amazing. Thank you for the chance to win.

  44. I would get a picture of my dad and his grandson printed on a canvas

  45. We are doing ymy sons room a tractor themed and for his second bday we took some pics with Tractors. Would love to have one for his room

  46. I would get a family picture done on the canvas…of course that means getting in to get photos with my SIL when ds is down from work!

  47. I would print my daughter under the eiffel tower

  48. I like to take photos of nature as a hobby, and I would put one of my favorite nature shots on a canvas.

  49. I would print my Grandson and his little kitty Chase on canvas so adorable

  50. I would print a favorite family photo.

  51. I have a great vacation photo I’d love to print on canvas!

  52. I would get the photo of my kids on a bridge that our photographer took. It is the sweetest photo!

  53. I’m not sure. Either a picture of my kids or I would let them create some artwork.

  54. I would put a family photo taken at my brother’s wedding in my living room.

  55. Would put a family photo on it.

  56. i would print some digital artwork.

  57. I would probably print a really nice neutral, buddha decoration picture. My boyfriend has always wanted one for the house but they are hard to find!

  58. I would print a nature scene from one of my trips.

  59. I would have a family picture done on the canvas 🙂

  60. I would give it to my Daughter-in-law to print one of her photos.

  61. family photo!

  62. my dog BUDDY!

  63. I would get a picture of our family all together. It’s very rare that we get those and I’d love to have one on canvas for display.

  64. I would print a family portrait. That’s what’s missing on the walls in our new home. 🙂

  65. I would print cartoons

  66. I would like a picture of my daughter

  67. I would pick a picture of my favorite English Garden.

  68. I’d love to get something special for my boys room, maybe some custom super heroes

  69. i have always wanted to up-size our family photo in a canvas, this would be perfect <3 🙂 i am hoping to win, thank you for the chance 🙂

  70. a family photo

  71. I’d put pictures of my grandkids and their pets on my canvas.

  72. I would print a picture of my kids.

  73. I have a photo I’d love to have on canvas

  74. a family picture would be my choice

  75. I would create a collage of all the photos I have taken while on my travels. Thanks!

  76. I’d print a photo of my little granddaughter.

  77. I would like a print of the view of the lake from our window at home

  78. iwould print a family picture

  79. My kids

  80. I would get one of my favorite artists printed on there.

  81. a photo of my husband and kids coming out of canoe with Bon Echo rock behind them.

  82. I would like to have a picture of my loving family.

  83. I have a special photo I would really like to have made into a canvas print

  84. I have a great B&W family portrait that I would get printed!

  85. I would print a beach picture.

  86. I would get a picture from our last vacation!

  87. I would print a picture of my kids for sure!! They are my treasures.

  88. I would probably have as picture of my niece printed for my sister!

  89. I would print our DisneyWorld trip for sure

  90. I would print a photo from my last vacation as a way to remember our awesome trip.

  91. Maybe a pic of my newest nephew or my own two kids. Maybe the pets?? It’s a big decision.

  92. I would print a pic of my kids! I love hanging pics of them on my walls 🙂

  93. I think I would get a nice family picture done.

  94. I would use a family photo from one of our vacations.

  95. I would print my doggie.

  96. I would love to print a family portrait.

  97. A picture of our dog and Granddaughter together.

  98. We have a pic of our granddaughter playing it would be perfect for!

  99. not sure yet something my daughter like

  100. either a picture of the 4 of us on vacation or just the boys as there is always more to choose from

  101. I would print a world map. I’m slightly obsessed with geography.

  102. I would print a Mommy-daughter photo.

  103. I think I’d print a great Ocean vista for our living room!

  104. I would print an Easter photo of my kids.

  105. I would love to have one of our family pictures done.

  106. I have a print taken from Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island of centuries old trees and moss. I would love to put it on canvas.

  107. I would get a print of the grandchildren.

  108. I would probably put a family picture or a picture of all of my grandchildren
    on the canvas. That would be awesome!!

  109. I’d like to print a photo of all our friends from our last group camping trip.

  110. I would have one of my landscape photos printed on the canvass

  111. Either a picture of the family or a caricature that the hubby and I had done

  112. I would print a scenic photo I have taken that I really like.

  113. I might go with one of my photos from Guatemala that I have taken in the past.

  114. I would print a family photo

  115. I know it’s cliche but I would print my wedding photo

  116. My favorite classic movie stars!

  117. I would get the many faces of Kennedy (my granddaughter) on the canvas.

  118. I would print a photo of my kids at the beach – I’ve been wanting to put it on a canvas for a while now.

  119. I think I would get a print of a picture of my favourite photo of my daughter.

  120. Something earthy that would match with the living room.

  121. I would choose a picture of my daughters meeting for the first time!

  122. I would use a photo of my kids I took while we were camping!

  123. I would print a family portrait on canvas.

  124. I would get a canvas print of my dogs.

  125. We have some amazing photos from our African Safari that would look amazing as a canvas print.

  126. I would love something with water like a beach or ocean

  127. I’m thinking maybe Mickey Mouse.

  128. I think I would get my favorite quote printed to hang in my bedroom.

  129. I would print a family photo to hang in our living room

  130. I have a family photo and I would love to have it on canvas

  131. I would print my son’s artwork on the canvas.

  132. I have a beautiful picture of a castle I took in Europe, that is what I would put on the canvas

  133. My wife gave me a canvas print of a picture we took in Verona, Italy and it blew my mind. I’d love to return the gesture!

  134. a picture of my children i would love that

  135. I’ve never thought of trying this because most of my pictures are framed but I should look for some pictures that might benefit from this.

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