Are you going on a road trip with the kids soon? Looking for snack ideas? Keep reading…

I personally love family road trips and we have lots of fun when we travel together, but a very important rule we follow is to pack lots and lots of snacks for the kids. Both of our boys are often asking for snacks right after we leave the house and we could not have a successful trip without a good selection of nutritious snacks for everyone.

Road Trips With Kids {The Best Snack to Pack}

Road Trips With Kids {The Best Snack to Pack}

Road Trips With Kids {The Best Snack to Pack}

Below is a list of our top snacks for on the go. These snacks are great for road trips or long trips in the car:

Fruits and Vegetables: We usually pack sliced apples, mandarin oranges and grapes. Easy to eat, delicious and the boys love fruits! We also pack celery and cucumber slices in little containers.

muffinsCheese: String cheese is a good snack for car rides or cubed cheese in a small container.

Mini Muffins: I love baking mini muffins for the boys and I often have some in the fridge ready to pack and take with us. For our easy to make recipe of butter-free banana chocolate chip muffins click HERE.

iogoCereal: Super easy to munch on and pack. Our boys love whole grain breakfast cereal, specially our toddler.

Yogurt: Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. We love iögo Nano and its resealable, spill-proof cap is great for on-the-go. The kids can enjoy a nutritious snack that way without making a mess in the car. iögo Nano is also made from natural ingredients (real fruit purée), contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

Trail Mix: We usually mix some almonds, peanuts and raisins together and pack them in small containers for the boys and us. Easy to snack on and healthy for everyone.

Mini Sandwiches: Finger sandwiches are super easy to make and they make great snacks. We usually make them with peanut butter or hummus or just cheese.

Road trips are fun but it is important to remember to pack healthy food for the family. If you are all going to be sitting in the car for hours you need healthy snacks that are ready and easy to eat. Fast food and convenience store candy should be your last resort!

What are your favourite snacks to pack for road trips? Share them below!

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