Father’s Day Giveaway {Over $400 value}


Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Father’s Day is coming up and I have a fantastic giveaway that would rock any golfer’s world!

First, let me introduce you to an amazing set of products, Swingbyte 2 and Game Golf:


SwingByte is an innovative, easy-to-use, sensor and app-based technology designed to improve your golf swing faster. Connects to iOS, Android and Google Glass.


  • Instant, accurate swing feedback
  • Intuitive user interface with interactive 3D swing graphics
  • Auto-trim and Video sync to your Swingbyte data
  • Small – less than one ounce
  • Use on any club
  • Share swings with instructors and friends
  • 4-hour rechargeable battery
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Connects via Bluetooth


STEP 1:   Attach the lightweight Swingbyte 2 sensor to any golf club below the grip – driver thru putter

STEP 2:   Swing: Vibration of impact registers sends that data wirelessly to app for viewing

STEP 3:   Analyze: Review full 3-D rendering of your swing and swing data (like Club Head Speed, Club Face and Club Path angles) on you mobile device


GAME GOLF consists of a small wearable tracking devices that includes positioning technology combined with sensor fusion to capture accurate shot location and calculate club performance.


  • 18 tags for your clubs
  • GAME GOLF tracking device
  • USB cable
  • Protective pouch
  • iOS compatible
  • Captures golfer’s round using GPS and wearable tracking device
  • Provides a visual presentation of the round
  • Calculates a variety of statistics to give the golfer insights into their game
  • Golfers can share their round via social media, compare with others and compete with friends colleagues across the country or around the world


PLAY:   During each round, tap the tags you install into the grips of your clubs against a wearable device before each shot.

SEE:  Observe your entire golf game on our web and mobile interfaces, which display your game like never before using a map view of the golf course that shows your shot locations and

SHARE: Share your rounds, shots and statistics with the GAME GOLF community on Facebook and Twitter.

COMPARE: All statistical parts of your game are recorded, calculated and displayed as trends over time, so you can learn about and improve your game.


Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win them BOTH. A giveaway valued at over $400! Enter to win now via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck everyone!


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138 responses to “Father’s Day Giveaway {Over $400 value}”

  1. I make a photobook with pics from the last year to commemorate the year and to give as a gift!

  2. cookout

  3. With a back yard BBQ

  4. by having the family get together for a meal or going out for a meal

  5. Usually we all get together and have a potluck and pamper all the Dads and GrandDads!

  6. Celebrate with Pizza Dinner!

  7. we always go to my grandpas to have a big family barbeque but also my husband became a father for the first time last year so our new tradition is also to go out for a little family breakfast

  8. We are having a bbq at my dad’s place

  9. We go camping, it’s my hubby’s fav!

  10. Golf game and steak dinner

  11. BBQ and the local show and shine car show!

  12. We usually have a breakfast with the whole family and then my dad usually goes golfing , he is getting older now so it is more now a brunch and then he does 9 holes instead of the whole day

  13. barbecue meat!

  14. Very quietly.

  15. We’re having a small BBQ.

  16. Hiking with my kids and my husband

  17. Going to the pool and having a cookout!

  18. we celebrate father’s day by having a bbq

  19. We all get together for a BBQ

  20. We have a great family BBQ to celebrate the day!

  21. We have a nice family bbq

  22. going for a walk together

  23. We have a BBQ for my dad.

  24. bbq and pool part

  25. We have a family bbq

  26. We celebrate father’s day with a family BBQ.

  27. Food and Fishing

  28. Because my dad lives far away I plan on giving him a card and a phonecall on father’s day.

  29. A day of fishing!

  30. A day of golf!

  31. We are having a small bbq.

  32. I am taking my dad out to dinner.

  33. We have our parents to dinner.

  34. We have a family BBQ

  35. We just had a baby so we are celebrating our first Father’s day by going to lunch and then going over to my dad’s later with our son.

  36. For Father’s Dad, we will go on a family bike ride with my husband and daughter. Then we’ll stop for ice cream.

  37. I celebrate it by taking my Dad out for a nice relaxing dinner.

  38. Great gift for a golfing friend

  39. My husband does the Ride To Conquer Cancer bike ride on the Father’s Day weekend, so we celebrate by meeting him at the finish line and then having a BBQ after.

  40. With a picnic~

  41. We usually get together with my dad for fathers day brunch 🙂

  42. Usually by grilling out. My husband likes to play golf with his Dad for Father’s Day too, it’s something they enjoy doing together!

  43. My husband would be delighted if I won this!

  44. We don’t generally do all that much. I plan on making him a meal he likes and a coconut cream pie.

  45. We have a family BBQ

  46. We usually make breakfast in bed for dad and then we let him decide what we are gonna do for the day!

  47. I get my husband a cake and we go out to eat.

  48. We go for a hike if the day is gorgeous….. otherwise we make all pitch in and make an awesome brunch, hang out and listen to our boys play their music.

  49. spending family time together

  50. Brunch, and if I am lucky, brunch buffet.

  51. give a gift and make supper, whatever they want to eat

  52. A family BBQ.

  53. We are having a family gathering and a BBQ!

  54. For Father’s Day we typically go on a bike ride together or hiking or something outdoors related.

  55. Family BBQ (at Dads’s)

  56. my dad passed in 2006.we still celebrate fathers day.my son is a dad and ive known his father n law years and I know his wifes granddad.so sfter the dads get up and head out earlier for a game of golf we get together for bbq and backyard games.i love playing washers.good food ,good conversation and a happy day for all dads,grandads and great granddads

  57. usually by having a bbq

  58. We have a bbq.

  59. We will be fishing at the lake

  60. We go on a daytrip !

  61. We usually have a big BBQ

  62. Usually with a bbq


  64. brunch and the beach

  65. Celebrating Father’s Day with a brunch!

  66. I live 22 hrs away (driving time) from my dad so we can’t be together for father’s day. So I usually call and talk to him and spend a few hours talking to my dad on the phone.

  67. Going Golfing w/husband and 2 sons.

  68. A dinner out

  69. Would love to win this for my hubby, as this is his first Father’s Day. So no traditions or plans yet 😉

  70. with the whole family

  71. Brunch and sometimes hubby goes golfing, I’m not sure what we’re doing this year.

  72. We’re going out to the cabin to celebrate

  73. we are having pool party with bbq with family and friends.

  74. We celebrate at Nonna and Nonnos house with all of the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, and have a nice family dinner.

  75. My husband gets the day to do whatever he wants.

  76. We take my dad out to eat and get him a little gift of something every year.

  77. We cookout and have homemade ice-cream and cake! Yum!

  78. A cookout. SOS. Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. 🙁 Starving artist here desperately needs the uscan golf prize to play golf, to have fun, feel alive & inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest!

  79. We will be celebrating with a barbecue in the park.

  80. Cookout with the family!

  81. My son is two, so the last two fathers day’s we haven’t been able to celebrate due to hubby working (he’s working this sunday too! how sad) but normally we have a huge backyard bbq! Lots of steaks and hotdogs and hamburgers with the family

  82. Father’s Day is a family time, our kids and grandchildren usually come by for a big BBQ.

  83. We usually make supper for dad!

  84. We will be grilling going and doing some geocahing and have him a gift

  85. Throughout my life there one person has always been there.
    Who was there, in the front row, for every basketball game, orchestra concert and cross country meet? Who was there when I graduated high school, college and graduate school? Who was there when I had a tumor and when my boyfriend got cancer and lost his leg? Who was there when I bought my first home and my water heater broke and my roof needed replacing? Who paid for it all by working a factory for 40 years, standing on his feet, without lunch breaks? My dad has always been there. But why do I love my dad? Because he visited me when I broke my foot on Valentine’s Day, because he cleaned the lintstuff out of my hairdryer (when I didn’t even know that was possible!), because he wiped my nose when I was little, because he tolerated my friends even when they were annoying and ridiculous, because he didn’t laugh when I learned to play the violin and because he never missed a cross country or swimming meet, basketball game or recital, parent/teacher conference or any other important date. Why do I love my dad? Because he’s the best and he always finds a way to love more than I ever thought possible!

    This year hasn’t been any different for him. This year is like every other. My dad is still there. Every day. For anything. For everything. Thank you, Dad.
    Why ELSE should you select my dad?

    Because he has HEART: he demonstrates affection, kindness, compassion, and daily expressions of love in both words and deeds.

    Because he is empathetic: he identifies our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, and then our bond strengthens.

    Because he is flexible: during new or challenging circumstances, he will weather the storm with me.

    Because he is respectful: He treats everyone with high regard simply because they have inherent value as human beings.

    Because he is trustworthy: he is dependable–and he creates a safe environment.

    Because he shows appreciation: through positive praise, and expressed gratitude, he fulfills our most basic human needs.

    Because he is committed: He is dedicated to the well-being of each relationship and he is loyal and motivated to devote quality time to each family member, resulting in a firm family foundation.

    Because he can resolve conflicts: He sees disagreements, stress, or crisis as opportunities for learning and growing.

    That’s the kind of dad he is–he’s always thinking of other people! And I’d love to have someone think of him for awhile.

    I hope you select him.

  86. I take my dad out for dinner

  87. My husband usually golfs with his dad and brother. I go visit my dad and bring presents.

  88. My father lives really far away so I send him a present in the mail and call him and I usually take my husband out to his favorite steakhouse for dinner

  89. We get the family together and head to dad favorite restaurant where he wants to go to for every occasion.

  90. a nice family dinner out at dad’s favourite restaurant!

  91. we don`t really do anythng ,,we may go out for dinner 🙂

  92. We celebrate with a BBQ and we give dad his gifts. This year however, we’re adding a birthday cake because his birthday lands on the same day.

  93. usually we go together to my grandparents place to visit and we all spend time together

  94. eating out!

  95. i take my dad oout for breakfast

  96. Barbecue party for dad.

  97. We go out to dinner!!

  98. We usually have a BBQ, gifts and cake!

  99. My daughter has a swim meet so we’ll be there.

  100. With food! Lol. My husband basically gets to pick anything he wants and I’ll cook it for him, and I buy him candy and ice cream. We give cards to grandpas and FaceTime the ones we can’t see irl.

  101. cooking on the grill, everyone brings a dish and we all enjoy catching up and making new memories

  102. Letting him sleep in 🙂

  103. takingmy dad on a fathers day fishing weekend expedition

  104. Remembering my Dad and celebrating the dads in our life now.

  105. We have a family dinner!

  106. We have a nice home cooked meal and relax at home.

  107. We went to park, had awesome bbq and then relaxed

  108. Definitely dinner and some nice family time! Telling dad what we love about him!

  109. We get together and have a family bbq. 🙂

  110. giving hubby alone time

  111. dinner with the family

  112. We spent the day at my parents.We had lunch together and gave gifts to my dad and husband.

  113. I went with my dad and daughter to the beach.

  114. Fishing and pizza dinner with the whole family.

  115. Hike or bike ride!

  116. We usually go out to dinner.

  117. First year celebrating with hubby so it was quiet and we enjoy a nice dinner and breakfast together!

  118. Breakfast in bed and then lounge around and watch movies

  119. Celebrate with Pizza Dinner!

  120. We normally have a cook out for all of the fathers in our family to get together. We spend time together, play games, swim and give the dads gifts.


  121. Dinner out for dad.

  122. out to dinner and presents

  123. We usually go out to eat with the family.

  124. With a BBQ and family time 🙂

  125. We make it a family day. This year we went to the aviation museum and had a BBQ afterwards.

  126. We celebrate by going out to eat as a family at my husbands restaurant of choice!

  127. by letting him just have a day off

  128. We had Lunch Together and just hung out after for the day.

  129. We have a cookout.

  130. Take dinner to my dad along with his favorite snacks

  131. We do lunch with my father and dinner with my husbands

  132. bbq and spend quality time together

  133. I didnt do much, called my Dad I wasnt able to go see him this year.

  134. We go to my parents house for Steak & Lobster every year.

  135. I usually buy my husband something golf-related and take him out to dinner or brunch.

  136. by playing golf of course

  137. We are having a bbq 🙂

  138. Gardening

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