Fjallraven’s Kanken Backpacks For Back-to-School {Giveaway – $80 Value}


Founded in 1960, Fjällräven is one of the most iconic Scandinavian brands. The Swedish outdoor brand is known for clean, functional and high-quality backpacks, including the Kånken backpack. Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become a beloved icon for kids and adults around the world.  Featuring durable Vinylon F material that repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric and a variety of colourful choices the Kånken will have you heading back to class in style. 

We received a Kånken backpack for our son and he is now ready to go back to school. I was debating wether to get a Kånken mini (7L) or the classic Kånken (16L) for him and in the end I am glad we went with the classic Kånken. The classic fits everything he wants to take with him when going to school, including his snack bag and it is super comfortable. He will start Kindergarden next year and I am sure it will be the perfect fit for him then too. The great thing about a high quality backpack is that it will last a long time!



The classic Kånken backpack features one zipper that opens the entire main compartment, a removable seat cover at the back and simple shoulder straps and handle on the top. The logo in the front of the bag also doubles as a reflector.

Little ones shouldn’t be wearing shoulder bags because they can create back problems so using a backpack is important. Kånken backpacks are not only great for school, they are also an excellent choice for outings, biking to work/school and more. Be sure to check out their website and their selection of styles for both children and adults. They have so many colourful choices! 

The Kånken classic backpack is available for $79.99 CDN. Click HERE for more details and to purchase.


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win a Kånken classic backpack – ($79.99 value – Colour of their choice, exciting!). Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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79 responses to “Fjallraven’s Kanken Backpacks For Back-to-School {Giveaway – $80 Value}”

  1. These look amazing, would love a red one.

  2. Red one for me! 🙂

  3. This looks really cool – my grandson would love it!

  4. mud for me please

  5. I would choose warm yellow

  6. I would choose Forest Green

  7. so many colours! think I’d choose putty

  8. Blue would be awesome!

  9. I like the PURPLE Kanken Laptop bag

  10. I like the Graphite and UN Blue mix. So many colours to choose from!!

  11. I would choose the Graphite-UN Blue. I love the colour of the UN Blue, but I like that this bag has the Graphite on the trim and pocket, unlike the plain UN Blue one – I think that would help hide the dirt that is bound to get on those touch-points of the bag. And the 2 colours together look great!

  12. I would choose the Graphite-UN Blue!

  13. I would pick ice blue

  14. I love deep red > thanks for the chance 🙂

  15. I would pick Estate blue

  16. I like Brick or Fog!

  17. I would pick the forest green.

  18. Definitely Purple for us!

  19. I would pick the Royal Blue!

  20. I would pick purple!

  21. I would choose the Graphite-UN Blue one

  22. UN blue – navy would be perfect for my son!

  23. I like the Dark Olive

  24. I like the UN Blue-Navy

  25. Visited and I would pick their Navy/Warm-Yellow colour combination for their Kånken classic backpack. They are Swedish after all. Thanks

  26. Royal Blue and Ox Red

  27. love the red one

  28. since it’s going to get dirty anyway, I would pick the colour mud…

  29. I would choose the graphite UN blue for my son who will be started kindergarten in the fall of 2015. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  30. A bright yellow one!

  31. I love the Graphite UN-Blue color!

  32. i would pick the Graphite-UN Blue.

  33. the purple for sure

  34. I’d select the Graphite-UN Blue

  35. I would choose the color ‘mauve.’

  36. i would choose the purple one

  37. I would choose deep red

  38. Uncle Blue

  39. I would choose Estate Blue.

  40. I would pick the Violet

  41. warm yellow

  42. Putty, Ochre, Salvia Green, Frost Green….OH I LOVE EM ALL, Great colors!!!

  43. I would choose the Graphite-UN Blue!

  44. I like the ochre

  45. I would choose the navy—matches everything.

  46. UN blue navy

  47. The red one!

  48. This would be nice for my son! He loves orange!! Maybe the brick?

  49. Violet would be really nice.

  50. Blue…looks great

  51. I would pick red

  52. I would pick the estate blue one

  53. I like the Patty color

  54. I would pick Navy.

  55. I love the purple laptop bag a favorite colour of mine..

  56. Wow! What a color selection! I would choose the Graphite/UN Blue one though

  57. UN Blue would be my choice.

  58. I like the PURPLE…

  59. would love the red one, its my favorite color

  60. I’d pick Graphite-UN Blue. Nice combo!

  61. I would choose Peach Pink.

    LOVE PINK!! Doesn’t every girl?

  62. Graphite and UN Blue mix is my top pick!

  63. UN Blue-Navy. My son would love this!

  64. I think I’d choose estate blue.

  65. I love peach pink and light blue, but I’d proabbly choose a navy

  66. I love the Kånken backpacks! I’d choose Deep Red.

  67. The post I commented on today was on : Ten Fun Fall activies-no.1-Go on a Scavenger hunt.

  68. I would select the black UN blue

  69. I would choose the Royal Blue/Ox Red One.

  70. Red one would be awesome.

  71. I like blue

  72. Purple please 🙂

  73. Graphite-UN Blue

  74. Red

  75. I would choose royal blue/ox blood

  76. I would pick the ox red

  77. I love the orange

  78. We would pick Moss. Boy it was so hard to choose lol.

  79. I would choose the bright lemon

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