Gazillion Bubbles Giant Giveaway

The sun is shining friends, yes, it is finally sunny and warm in Vancouver, and today we received a fun shipment that fit perfectly with the weather. The new Gazillion Bubbles Giant Line is a fresh and exciting way to get kids engaged with family and friends outdoors. The eco-friendly, non-toxic solution and expertly designed bubble toys create bigger bubbles than ever before.

We have been outdoors all day and we can now play in the backyard and enjoy the nice spring weather. We put together a little video where you can see the new products in action below, so much fun for the boys!

The new line of Gazillion Bubbles Giant products is available in Canada at your local Toys “R” Us and Walmart Canada or Amazon (US)

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Giveaway

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Giveaway

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Gazillion Bubbles Power Wand and 2L Solution, perfect for the rest of the spring and summer. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck friends!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Gazillion Bubbles. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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95 responses to “Gazillion Bubbles Giant Giveaway”

  1. We love to jump on the trampoline

  2. Our favourite is to head to the park and play on the swings!

  3. we love the trampoline and sand. there is sand everywhere

  4. We love playing at the beach!

  5. We love just getting outside and playing in the yard.

  6. We love playing outside and love playing with bubbles, so this would be awesome to win!

  7. We love just getting outside and playing

  8. My favourite is blowing bubbles for my grandkids to rush around trying to pop them, this prize would be extremely helpful in this pursuit. 🙂

  9. We love to go to the beach.

  10. We love to go to the park across the street – my kids love the swing, and we bring a soccer ball to kick around and a volleyball to pass. We try to go every day in the summer.

  11. We love going to the beach or the theme parks near by

  12. biking in the park

  13. We like to go to the water park

  14. Going to the beach is our favorite but bubbles are stiil fun!

  15. Take the kids to the beach.

  16. I love taking the kids to the water park and get wet wet wet!

  17. Our favourite activities are bike riding and playing frisbee.

  18. We like hiking and swimming

  19. we love going for walks, going to our daughters favorite parks, playing in the backyard and going in the kiddy pool

  20. I love taking my girls to the beach during the summer!

  21. I love going for walks and hikes with the grandchildren. Bubbles are always added fun.

  22. I like to visit our grandson and play with him with his toys. He loves saying bye, bye and laughs when he comes back from going around his living tho the kitchen and back again. He is only two to be soon. Wow, loved your video and your sweet son. Like your palm tree. We have one in our front yard.

  23. swimming

  24. We like to go swimming.


  26. swimming in our backyard pool

  27. Our favourite activities are swimming and hiking

  28. My favourite activity is to go camping

  29. Going to the park

  30. Our favourite activity is to take a walk around a nearby lake.

  31. Going swimming is the best

  32. My favorite thing to do outside with my granddaughters in the summer and sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

  33. Hmm, it’s tough to choose but the kids would say they love the water park & ice cream the best! Thanks for the chance to win, bubbles are SOOOOOO much fun!

  34. I love to go to the beach and throw pebbles in the water, with my little grandson.

  35. We love bike riding

  36. We head to the beach

  37. We love camping.

  38. my guy loves swimming and doing anything outdoors

  39. swimming

  40. Favourite outdoor summer activity would have to be swimming!

  41. Picnic, trail walking and exploring the beach.

    Soccer, and gardening too

  42. We love going to the beach and building sand castles and looking for cool rocks.

  43. MY favourite thing to do with my kids in the summer is to go swimming

  44. My favourite thing to do outdoors with my grandson is going to the parks for picnics, the splash pad, playground, the beach, playing soccer, baseball, bike riding, and fun with bubbles.

  45. WE tend to either go fishing in our spare time, go camping or I get my daughter to help me with my flowers in my yard (She waters while i’m at work)

  46. We like going to the water park

  47. Go to the neighbourhood park

  48. I love to play outside in the backyard with my grandson, running through the sprinkler together, blowing bubbles and digging in the dirt with our construction vehicles. He loves being outside so much and really enjoys chasing bubbles. This would be an awesome gift for Nana’s sweetheart.

  49. We like to go to the park and play in the splash pad.

  50. We like to ride our bikes along the beach, then go for a swim and have a picnic.

  51. Summer time is a great time to go swimming o playing in the sand. Thanks for the chance.

  52. My grandson loves to play on the swings at the park.

  53. Our Favorite outdoor activity is playing with sand toys at the beach. It’s always a good day when you have sand in your toes 🙂 Thank you for this Fun Giveaway !!

  54. We like taking walks to the park or going to the beach.

  55. We love to go hiking and mountain biking during the summer; the Rocky Mountains are only an hour away from our home, so we spend countless days there.

  56. Bubble and photo taking is allways one of our favourite activities outside

  57. We have a beautiful park nearby that has a great play structure and some swings

    there so we go there a lot and we also go swimming in our above ground pool.

  58. taking the kids swimming

  59. Going to the park 🙂

  60. Definately swimming!!

  61. bubbles are one and walks with the dog

  62. My favourite outdoor activity to do with the kids in the summer is jumping on the trampoline together. So much fun!

  63. We enjoy going to the parks and playing at the splash pads.

  64. Our favorite activity is to take a picnic lunch and go to the beach in the summer!

  65. we just love being outdoors doing whatever!

  66. Our kids made forts in the trees behind the house had a ton of fun.

  67. Going to the beach & on picnics at the Island!

  68. We love going to the community water park.

  69. We love going for hikes in the summer. There are a lot of trails near by and lots of animals to see on the trails.

  70. our favorite outdoor activity is playing soccer with our dogs

  71. Love to camp!

  72. We like to take our grandchildren swimming

  73. This is Awesome!

  74. I love playing out in the backyard with the kids and dog.

  75. We love swimming

  76. I enjoy taking the kids to the local pool or just going outside to play in the sandbox.

  77. We love swimming and jumping on the trampoline!

  78. I would definitely say going to our local park. They have a splash pad there.

  79. love using sidewalk chalk

  80. Besides blowing bubbles and drawing on the driveway with chalk, we love to go swimming! Just need some warmer weather!

  81. I love taking my kids to the sprinkler parks!

  82. We love doing scavenger hunts. We have fun, get exercise, and clean up the environment because I put things like bottles and paper cups on the list. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  83. We love to play Bocce Ball!

  84. Jump ropes, using our imagination.

  85. Our favorite activity is riding the bikes to the park and blow bubbles/throw fisbee

  86. we bring them fishing

  87. egads delete my entries sorry..

  88. We love to go to the beach!

  89. My kids love swimming at the beach.

  90. My favorite outdoor activities with my kids is going on a mini nature hike. We look and talk about animals, and collect leaves/materials for crafts.

  91. We enjoy going to the park, swimming and playing with bubbles!

  92. Our family loves swimming and camping

  93. we visit beaches, go on hikes, bike riding, parks, and bubble are like a summer staple here! lol

  94. We like to blow bubbles outside and draw on the driveway with chalk.

  95. we love to play basketball and bat the ball

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