Get back-to-school with Command Clear {Gift Basket Giveaway – 3 Winners!}

command clear hooks

It is hard to believe but back-to-school season is just around the corner! This September be prepared to better handle the morning chaos and after-school clutter with Command Clear from 3M. Command Clear features a variety of clear hooks and clips in multiple sizes that are invisible and can be used in many rooms around the house.

Command Clear hooks are great for hanging anything from baseballs caps, necklaces, scarves, to backpacks and much more.  And if your children are too young/old for school you can still use Command Clear hooks for hanging things like jewelry, small tools, utensils, artwork and more. So practical!

command clear hooks

I received a set of Command Clear hooks and clips and one of the packs I opened right away was the Command Clear Cord Clips. My husband had lots of computer wires under his desk and I was able to organize them better to keep them away from his feet.

Product application was very easy and I love that you can’t see them, they truly blend seamlessly with any décor. Like all other Command Clear products the Cord Clips are easy to remove as well and allow for damage free-hanging.

All Command Clear products can be found in stores across Canada, including Staples, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Home Hardware and Target for CDN MSRP $5.15 to $12.49.

For more product information visit

Back to School Giveaway! 3M

Win it: Three lucky CAN readers will a gift basket each filled with Command Clear products. The value of each prize basket is approximately $50. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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205 responses to “Get back-to-school with Command Clear {Gift Basket Giveaway – 3 Winners!}”

  1. I would use it to hang jackets and accessories by the front door.

  2. Towels and bags in the kitchen.

  3. I’d put some in the mud room for dog leashes,

  4. I would use them to hang school bag, jackets, hand bags, reusable grocery bags, etc…

  5. Hmm . . . so many uses — hang pictures, bulletin board, in the closet for purses and I like your idea above to hang jewellery!!

  6. I would use them for hanging towels, hats and backpacks.

  7. I would use it to hang up jackets, jewelry, pictures, etc.

  8. purses and bags!

  9. my jackets

  10. I’d use them to hang and organize cables from my TV and computer.

  11. Front closet – school bags, soccer bag, hats, jackets. Think it would be cute to use for dress up clothes too.

  12. i would put them in my daughters room for her jewelery 🙂
    and also on the front door for their school stufff!

  13. I love these thingees, they are awesome and keep my walls clean!

  14. in the porch for bags and coats

  15. I would use it to hang jackets 🙂

  16. I love these products. I use them for basically anything I can put on my walls! They hold up satellite speakers, canvas art, picture frames, etc. It’s great.

    If I won this package I would definitely use them to hold up some canvas art that I buy

  17. Pictures

  18. I would use them in the office. I need organization

  19. I would use it to hang leashes from. We have dogs and the leashes always end up in a knot on the floor!

  20. backpacks, and sweaters.

  21. I would hang picture frames and jewelery.

  22. To hang decorative plates!

  23. I am moving to a new apt, so I could really use these for everything. Jewelery, pictures, purse?, bathroom. So useful!

  24. I would use it to hand my long necklaces.

  25. use them for my purses

  26. All my plugs and cables!

  27. I would use them to hang up things in my boys’ rooms to get them better organized.

  28. I ave many pictures from my retrophiliac works are awesome for my art collection—hanging them up!

  29. Great Giveaway!

  30. cords, backpacks, dog leashes, ect. lol

    so many choices

  31. I would use these to organize my kids’ rooms!

  32. my handbags

  33. my necklaces

  34. I would use them to organize our coat closet 🙂

  35. belts

  36. I would use these to hang my sons hoodies. They have so many!

  37. I’d use it to hang butterfly wings, so that they would maintain some type of integrity for dress-up time.

  38. I would use them to hang jackets by the door – on a low level so that our girls can do it themselves.

  39. Hang pot lids

  40. There are command hooks that would hold their knapsacks? Truly? Man- that’s what I’d need to hang!!!


  41. they would be great for anything by the door. there are always skipping ropes dog leashes, backpacks and jackets lying on the floor. this would put some hooks at kid level so they can hang their stuff.

  42. i will use them to hang up my coats and scarves

  43. I’d use them for hanging towels in the poolhouse.

  44. id use them for hanging towels and clothes

  45. I would use them all the time all over my house for many various things.

  46. I would use them for our keys and to hang hats.

  47. Jackets hats and backpacks

  48. i would use it for their school bags

  49. I would use it for my purses, bags and jackets

  50. I would love the cord clips to clean up the wire mess around the computer. Especially since my baby loves to play with them — it would be nice to have them out of the way.

  51. love the products, especially at Christmas time with hanging decorations.

  52. My husband’s clothing!!

  53. I would use them to hang the kids backpacks. Also to hang our stockings at Christmas, towels in the bathroom, and cloths under the kitchen sink.

  54. I would use them to hang my son’s backpack and jackets. I would probably also use them during Christmas to hang stockings and decorations.

  55. I would use it in my kitchen to hang towels/washclothes

  56. I would use them in my bathroom for towels … right now i hang them over the shower rod 🙂

  57. I would use these products to make extra space for hanging things up in the bedroom closet.

  58. I would use for hanging robes and sweaters on the back of bedroom doors!

  59. I would use them to organize my front closet

  60. these are excellent for any room

  61. I would finally get around to tackling my bedroom closet

  62. I could use help organizing/hanging coats and bags at the front door. Specifically the kids jackets in places where they can reach.. but isn’t permanent as they aren’t going to be that tiny forever!

  63. Jackets/pictures

  64. I could use these EVERYWHERE, right now I am so unorganized!

  65. I would use these on my closet to help organize my things!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  66. I would hang my kids’ backpacks that they always go out with them and their jackets

  67. Misc items in my garage

  68. We have a 1/2 wall that faces the front door and I would put them there for my girls to hang their backpacks on when they come in from school.

  69. I would use them to organize our new rv since I don’t want to make holes in the walls.

  70. I would hang some of my thinner bracelets so I can get at them easier.

  71. I’d use them to organize our mudroom for handing school bags and dog leads.

  72. i would use it to hang school bag

  73. I would use them for backpacks.

  74. I would use them for purses and jackets

  75. I would use it to hang the kids coats

  76. hang purses

  77. I need to organize our cords and our closets!

  78. I would organize my bedroom closet, hang up my belts, purses and other things that are disorganized in there

  79. I would use them for hanging up towels and various items around the house

  80. To organize my scarves, belts, etc

  81. I would organize my scarves and purses

  82. I’d organize my scarf collection 🙂

  83. I would use them in my extra room for organization!

  84. I would hang up kids jackets and backpacks

  85. I would use these as a single mom to get rid of my clutter near the front door when the kids get back from school

  86. I use it for backpacks and wet shoes

  87. I would use it to hang pet leases beside the door

  88. Where to start… i’d use them for purses, reusable shopping bags, and also for hanging/hooking up items like my hairdryer.

  89. craft and sewing supplies

  90. I would use it to hang jackets\hats and computer cords

  91. I would hang/organize my belts using Command Clear products.

  92. I would organize things in my kitchen with some good strong hooks

  93. To hang my house keys and my boys hats!

  94. I would use it for kitchen towels and jackets!

  95. I would totally organize all my jewelry onto the wall so I could see everything.

  96. purses

  97. I would use the cord clips to get all those cords off the floor. They always manage to get all tangled and looking like one big mess.

  98. use would be for hanging purses

  99. I would first take care of the cords behind my TV.

  100. I would use it to hang jackets and hats.

  101. I would organize my basement finally.

  102. I would like to hang belts.

  103. lots of cords need organising. thanks

  104. kitchen utensils

  105. I would use them to hang up my handbags, photos of my grandchildren, jackets and scarves.

  106. I’d organize keys, hats, leads, and scarves in my entryway.

  107. Family pictures.

  108. I would use them to organize my computer area.

  109. To organize my coats & hats

  110. In my closet for jewelry and scarfs.

  111. towels in the kitchen

  112. My necklaces and bracelets.

  113. my kids jackets

  114. I would use them to make key holders for my kids bike lock keys. ALways misplacing those.

  115. We have a lot of coats that need hanging so that’s one thing and maybe towels in the bathroom too.

  116. I was just complaining about my purses being hard to get at as they are at the back of my closet so I would use the hooks to organize them. 🙂

  117. by front door to hang up umbrellas and coats

  118. In the shower to hang towel to wipe down tiles after showering to avoid soap and or mildew build up between overal cleaning.

  119. I’d use the hooks to organize my accessories – long necklaces, scarves, belts, etc. Very cool!

  120. To hang things on the back of the front door that need to leave with me that day, so I don’t forget the item.

  121. I would use them in my closet for hanging hats, scarves, and things I would want to grab easily without having to dig around for but not have to look at all day either-thanks!

  122. I would use them for a number of things including, the front porch for my sons school bag, lunch bag and even light jacket. In my bedroom, I am badly in need of organizing and they would help me hand up some scarves, belts and jewelry etc.

  123. I’d use them in the kitchen for towels and small utensils.

  124. I’d use them to hang jewellery. Also, belts.

  125. I would definitely use the hooks to hang the girls backpacks. They are always leaving them on the floor of the front hall by the stairs. I think they also would be great to hang purses or keys by the front door as well.

  126. My handbags

  127. I would use them in our hall closet to make more space for jackets and scarves.

  128. I love them for my kitchen!

  129. i owuld hang up all the frames i have bought but never got a chance to hang

  130. I would use them for hanging pictures,hooks for hanging coats,leashes,keys,etc.

  131. I would hang jackets and hoodies near the entrance of my home.

  132. What a smart idea to hang up jewelry with the Command Clear hooks!
    I would definitely do that if I won the products.
    Then I could fill the extra counter and drawer space with more clutter 😉

  133. I would use these to hang my belts

  134. Definitely my jewelery!

  135. I would most like to try Command Clear Cord Clips

  136. My dorm room! There’s very little space and lots of things that need to be hung. Both my room-mate and I are living very far from our homes and we brought so many things with us.

  137. I would hang my sewing supplies

  138. I would use to hang my son’s artwork and perfect to hold up the dogs leash! What a great product!

  139. My husbands caps!

  140. I would use them to hang my purses and bags!

  141. coats and bookbags.

  142. I would use them for jackets , purses, keys and backpacks.

  143. Posters and purses, definitely!

  144. Cool

  145. We would have a lot of uses in our home, backpacks, pictures, bathrobes behind the bedroom doors,

  146. I would use them to gather and push aside computer cords. My goodness, they are everywhere in our house 😉

  147. My mother would go crazy over this – we use these to hang keys.

  148. keys at the front door. cleaning stuff in the closet. Scarfs in the closet. So many things!

  149. I have 3 teens and I would be pleased to recover my floor!

  150. I think right now, I would be putting up a hook to hang up keys.

  151. Bags in the hall

  152. hang jackets at door

  153. I just got my first teaching job and I would go crazy with the organization of things!!! LOL

  154. We are painting and decorating this fall so they would come in handy when we hang the pictures back up.

  155. Towels in the kitchen.

  156. hang my towels and oven mitts

  157. I would use them to organize my kids’ closets!

  158. Would be great for hanging my jewelry – it would be my wall art

  159. maybe my scrafs

  160. i have some beautifully framed pictures of my grandchildren that I would be proud to display on my livingroom walls

  161. My students backpacks and coats.

  162. I would hang my daughters backpacks, jackets, and sports equipment.

  163. Schedules, to-do lists, pictures, memos.. haha

  164. Laundry room 🙂

  165. backpack, jewellery, scarves, hats, coats

  166. My purse and grocery bags.

  167. I’d put them in my bathroom and/or bedroom to hang my necklaces and other jewelry.

  168. I love how it can hold a backpack-that’s awesome. I would probably be on pinterest looking up some clever ways to use these

  169. I would use them to hang up backpacks and coats

  170. Would use to organize our backpacks!

  171. keep track of the kids school stff

  172. I would use them at school to organize hanging files, calendars, etc. My room will be so organized!!

  173. I have lots of uses but I would use these in my laundry room and my kitchen.

  174. I already have some in the bathrooms but I could use a few more in the kids’ rooms. I love them!

  175. There are so many uses for Command products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. I would hang up some photos around my apartment!

  177. sons jackets, dogs leash, options are endless

  178. I use Command products to hang the works of my many artist friends.

  179. I’d hang up my photo display.

  180. I would give them to my pre-teen – she could hang anything she wanted; as long as things are no longer all over the floor!

  181. I would use to organize my childrens things, I wouldn’t have to search around the house for missing articles lol

  182. I would use these for towels in the bathroom

  183. help keep the hanger by the door organized

  184. i would organize my laundry room

  185. I would use it to hang ALL of my purses – quite a few!


  187. I would hang my belts ;D

  188. I would hang bags, jackets, hats and everything around

  189. I would use these to organize my bathroom

  190. I use them in the shower for clothes and body scubbers

  191. i would hang up bags, hats, winter stuff to come!

  192. I would use them to help organise my computer room ..

  193. Hats and things in the porch

  194. Really could use those fantastic COMMAND hooks to organize jewelery in my daughters room, and kitchen “stuff” to be better organized

  195. My son makes his on longbows so these would be great for him to hang them up off the ground.

  196. I would organize my cleaning (and anything and everything) closet.

  197. I would use it to hang backpacks ,sweaters, scarfs and many more things

  198. I would use it for all of our craft room supplies so that they would be easy to access for my daughter

  199. The dishclothes & teatowels on the inside of the ktichen door under my sink!!

  200. my daughters room could use some serious organizing

  201. Either my little home office or the front entry way could use something for bags and coats.

  202. I would use the hooks for backpacks and jackets.

  203. Awesome products, I would use to get all my pictures up on the wall

  204. These would be great to help organize my teen’s room.

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