Gift Giving Made Easy with CardSwap {Giveaway}


Thinking about buying gift cards for your loved ones and friends this holiday season? Canadian website makes gift giving easy, especially for those hard to buy people on your shopping list.

I have asked a couple of my loved ones about their Christmas wishlist this year and so far I’ve heard nothing back, for them I am choosing gift cards! Getting a gift card means they can purchase whatever they need and want this holiday season, it’s a win-win.

I also like giving gift cards to teachers at the end of the school year, always a nice way to show appreciation for everything they do at our schools for our children.

This year when buying gift cards I’ll be using I have used their services a couple of times in the past and I had a wonderful experience. The website is very user friendly and I received my gift cards within a few days. The process was super easy and shipping is always free.


When looking for a card, you can sort them by merchant name, availability and category. Once you find the card you are looking for you can click “add to card” and proceed with the checkout. Each time that you buy a card you will be given an amount of SwapPoint rewards. For example, if you purchase $100 Pizza Pizza, $100 Loblaws, and $100 Mark’s Work Warehouse, you’ve already earned a 1000 SwapPoints! That’s $10! Or $50 Crate & Barrel, $100 O&B Restaurants, and $100 Petro-Canada Reloadable card. That’s another $10 in SwapPoints, and if you re-load that gas card, you’ll earn even more bonus points each time.

If you want to sell your unused gift cards you can also do it via  You are asked to simply enter your gift card details and you will then be provided with an offer up to 92% cash back. After that you mail the cards to them directly using their prepaid shipping label and receive a cheque via mail or account credit once your gift cards have been received.

I love the idea of having a website where you can easily buy and sell gift cards within Canada and I will be purchasing all of my gift cards for the holidays through them. Don’t forget to use their services as well when purchasing or selling unused gift cards this holiday season!

CardSwap is having a great promotion in the new year for people selling their unwanted gift cards. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and look out for that on their page!


Win it: Canadian readers, enter to win a $50 CardSwap credit!

Entering is easy, right now, CardSwap has a 12 Deals of Christmas promotion (2 deals per day). Go visit their Facebook page here to check out the deals and come back here to comment with your favourite deal of the day (pick one of the two), that will give you one entry per day. Come back everyday for 12 days to get more entries.

Winner will be randomly selected from the comments below on Dec 17th. Good Luck Everyone!

And the lucky winner is: Jennifer P

Disclosure I received compensation to facilitate this post, however all views and opinions are my own. 

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284 responses to “Gift Giving Made Easy with CardSwap {Giveaway}”

  1. Perhaps I’m blind but don’t see any deal of the day???

  2. I had to go to their Facebook to see it. My favourite is the 7% Swappoints from Canadian Tire

  3. I like the Canadian Tire deal for today.

  4. I like that they will give an extra 7% from CardSwap with 25% off Canadian Tire hockey gloves for my grandsons gloves.

  5. the deal is 7% swap points on a canadian tire gift card

  6. I would love Moxie’s!

  7. I like the Canadian Tire deal

  8. I like Canadian Tire.

  9. Ooohh… I would choose the Canadian Tire!

  10. One of the deals is 7% swap points on a canadian tire gift card

  11. my favorite deal for dec 1 is the Canadian Tire Card. you are a 7% reward

  12. The 7% reward on the Canadian Tire gift card is my favourite deal for December 1

  13. My favourite deal of the day is 7% rewards on the Canadian Tire gift card!

  14. Canadian Tire deal

  15. My favourite of the 2 today is the 7% Swappoints from Canadian Tire.

  16. I’d pick the canadian tire card.

  17. My fave deal is Earn up to 7.0% in SwapPoints rewards at Canadian Tire.

  18. I like the Canadian Tire deal.

  19. the Canadian Tire deal for today

  20. I would like the Moxie’s deal…i haven’t been there in years.

  21. The Canadian Tire Deal is my fave!

  22. Moxie’s Classic Grill looks great.
    Earn up to 11.0% in SwapPoints rewards.

  23. I like the Canadian Tire deal today.

  24. The Canadian Tire deal for me

  25. The Walmart card would come in handy for sure!

  26. I like the 8% swap points at Gap!

  27. My choice today would be the Walmart gift card.

  28. I would like the Walmart gift card

  29. My fave deal today is Walmart Earn up to 3.5% in SwapPoints rewards.

  30. I like the 3.5% Swap Points with Walmart.

  31. like the 3.5% Swap Points with Walmart.

  32. I like the Canadian Tire deal

  33. Love the Gap deal today.

  34. Walmart is my favourite for day 2

  35. My favourite deal is the walmart one

  36. Day 2: Wal-Mart is my favourite!

  37. 8% swap points at the gap!

  38. The Walmart deal for today!

  39. The Walmart deal is my fav for today

  40. Today i love the Walmart deal

  41. I like the walmart gc deal today

  42. I would choose the walmart gc deal over the gap

  43. My pick of the day would be Walmart, because one can get anything there.

  44. The 3.5% with WalMart is a great deal!

  45. Today’s choice is tough, but I think I would pick the 3.5% swap points for Walmart as my favourite, just because I get so much of our food, toys and stocking stuffers at Walmart this time of year – it would be the most practical option for me.

  46. I like the Walmart card.

  47. i like the wal mart deal

  48. I like the walmart deal

  49. I like the Gap deal!

  50. Walmart for me

  51. My favourite deal today is the Loblaws gift card.

  52. The 3.5 % at Loblaws/no Frills. Perfectly useful gift!

  53. My favourite for day 3 i s 3.5% for loblaws

  54. I like the Loblaws gc deal

  55. My favourite is 25% for Canadian Tire Hockey gloves. With a $50 Canadian Tire
    card with Cardswap.

  56. The bay deal is my favorite today!

  57. The bay deal is a good one

  58. Loblaws deal

  59. I like the Hudson bay deal

  60. like the Hudson bay deal

  61. My favorite of the day is 3.5% for Loblaws.

  62. Loblaws/No Frills 3.5% SwapPoints

  63. My favourite is the Loblaws deal!

  64. 3.5% Loblaws SP

  65. My favourite deal of the day today was Hudson’s Bay/Home Outfitters – the 8% swap points is an awesome amount, and I always like to get Christmas décor from there!

  66. Loblaws deal today!

  67. My favourite is the Hudson’s Bay/Home Outfitters deal

  68. the Loblaws deal

  69. My pick today would be Winners/Homesense.

  70. double swap points at winners 8% instead of 4% today

  71. Today the Winners deal is the best in my opinion.

  72. my fave deal today is:Winners/ Homesense
    Earn up to 8.0% in SwapPoints rewards.

  73. Winners

  74. Winners

  75. Winners deal.

  76. Home Sense for some awesome style

  77. I like the winners card deal

  78. I like the boston pizza deal

  79. 8% swap points to winners!

  80. Winners/Homesense is one of my top stores, so that’s my favorite of today’s deals.

  81. day 4 my favourite deal is 8% boston pizza

  82. I love love love the winners deal!!! I find so many unique things there I can’t find anywhere else!

  83. today I’d use the winners deal for sure.

  84. I’d choose WINNERS today!

  85. Winners!!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  86. For today, I’d pick Winners!

  87. Winners is my winner today – I shop there all the time!

  88. winner deal is good

  89. No deals posted today as yet

  90. double swap points at boston pizza – my kids are already cheering lol

  91. Love the WInners Deal today. It’s my favourite store.

  92. They didn’t post a new deal today for Dec 5.

  93. 8% Boston Pizza

  94. I like the winners deal

  95. ….I like the Winners and Boston Pizza— 8% SwapPoints…

  96. No deals of the day for today, but yesterdays was pretty awesome – winners rocks!

  97. the one up I like is the winners deal

  98. Winners with 8% deal

  99. No new deals today, maybe only on weekdays

  100. The sites last deal [post was Winners and Boston Pizza, both great places to have a gift card for.

  101. No new deal today on Dec 6

  102. Winners!!

  103. there is no deal today

  104. My favorite is the Winners/Homesense card.

  105. Winners, always a winner to me!

  106. I’d love the homesense deal for an extra 4% of swappoints

  107. My favorite is the Homesense/Winners deal where you can earn 8% swappoints today.

  108. i like the Boston Pizza deal today

  109. I like the Boston Pizza deal for today!

  110. I like the winners/homesense gift card deal

  111. I like the Boston Pizza deal

  112. Winners is my pick!

  113. I like the Sobey’s deal today.

  114. My favourite deal today is the Shopper’s Drug Mart deal.

  115. I like the Sobey’s deal today.

  116. The Best one today is the Sobeys Deal.

  117. Sobeys

  118. Shoppers is my favourite of the day.

  119. Sobeys


  121. Shopper’s Drug Mart.

  122. I would choose Shoppers Drug Mart as today’s deal!

  123. 3% for Shoppers Day 7

  124. Today I like the 3% Shoppers Drug Mart deal. Love SDM!

  125. I would choose Shoppers Drug Mart today!

  126. I love The Shoppers Drug mart deal!

  127. I would choose the shoppers drug mart deal 🙂

  128. the shoppers drugmart deal looks great today.

  129. I like the shoppers drug mart deal

  130. Shoppers drug mart would be my choice for today

  131. I love the shoppers drug mart deal, it’s one of my favourite stores.

  132. Shoppers Drug Mart wins for me today – I shop there more often than IGA because it is closer to home.

  133. I like the Canadian tire deal

  134. No deals up yet today.

  135. My favourite offer today is from Roots.

  136. Roots

  137. I love the toys r us deal.

  138. Roots bonus 20% – love roots

  139. roots

  140. I love the toys r us deal….

  141. I like the ROOTS deal

  142. I like the Roots deal best.

  143. I like the Roots deal.

  144. Toys R Us

  145. My favourite today is the Roots deal.

  146. 3.5% for toys r us Dec 9

  147. Today I would choose the Toys R Us one!

  148. The Roots deal is great today!

  149. I’ll choose Roots for today!

  150. Well, the 20% reward on Roots is unbelievably good, but I would still have to say Toys R Us is the winner for me because I shop there so much for the kids!

    • Congratulations! You are the lucky winner!

  151. would choose roots

  152. I guess I’m checking too early. LOL, nothing yet. I would have gone with the Roots yesterday

  153. The 8% old Navy deal is great.

  154. I like the Old Navy deal !

  155. I like the Old Navy deal best.

  156. I’d choose the Old Navy deal today!

  157. Old Navy

  158. I like the Old Navy deal today.

  159. I like the old navy deal

  160. Old Navy

  161. The old Navy deal for dec 9

  162. i like the old navy deal today

  163. Old Navy 8% SPoints

  164. Old Navy

  165. Today I would choose Old Navy.

  166. Today I like the Old Navy with 8%.

  167. Today I would choose the Old Navy deal because I am always buying clothes for my kids from there – just placed a large online order last night actually because they had a great sale going on!

  168. I love the Old Navy deal today

  169. I like the Old Navy deal.

  170. i like moxies

  171. I would go for Homesense today

  172. My favourite deal is The Ultimate Dining Card today.

  173. I would love the homesense deal!

  174. my fave deal today is the The Ultimate Dining Card

  175. the ultimate dining card

  176. Home Sense is the best deal for today.

  177. The ultimate Dining card is the best deal today.

  178. I like the ultimate Dining card deal today

  179. Ultimate Dining Card

  180. I like the Winners HomeSense deal best

  181. HomeSense is my choice.

  182. For today, I like the Homesense/winners choice

  183. For today, I prefer the Winners’ card!

  184. Day 10: 8% ultimate dining card

  185. I love the home sense deal today

  186. HomeSense

  187. HomeSense wins for me today – I shop there a lot!

  188. I like the Homesense deal.

  189. The Winners gift card!

  190. I like the Homesense deal….

  191. 8% more Swap points for Mark’s Work Warehouse.

  192. I like the Mark’s Work Warehouse deal today.

  193. Mark’s Work Warehouse for me today

  194. I like the Mark’s Work Warehouse deal today.

  195. 8% more Swap points for Mark’s Work Warehouse

  196. Mark’s work warehouse -they have great stuff

  197. I like the 8% more Swap points for Mark’s Work Warehouse deal.

  198. My favourite today is Oliver & Bonacini

  199. Today I would pick Mark’s work warehouse

  200. I love the Mark’s work warehouse offer

  201. The Mark ‘s deal is the best today.

  202. The 8% mark’s deal is really good.

  203. I like the Mark’s Work Warehouse deal.

  204. 8% for Marks for Dec 11

  205. Mark’s

  206. I like the Mark’s deal for today!

  207. I like the Mark’s work warehouse deal.

  208. Today’s favorite is the mark’s deal!

  209. I like the Mark`s deal today

  210. The Mar’s Deal is really good.

  211. No deal for Saturday Dec 12

  212. I would go for the 8% More SwapPoints for Mark’s Work Warehouse.

  213. No deal for Saturday the 12th

  214. No new deal today 🙁

  215. There’s no deal today!

  216. no deal today

  217. There’s no deal today

  218. No deal today Dec. 13th

    Must just be on weekdays.

  219. No deal for Sunday Dec 13

  220. 12.5% More SwapPoints for Oliver Bonacini!

  221. No deal today 🙂 Looking forward to checking it out tomorrow!

  222. I like the Mark’s Work Wearhouse offer.

  223. My favorite from Friday / this weekend is the Mark’s Work Warehouse deal with 8%.

  224. I like the Mark’s deal

  225. my fave offer today is Pizza Pizza
    Earn up to 15.0% in SwapPoints rewards.

  226. The Pizza Pizza deal is really good!

  227. I like the pizza pizza deal

  228. Pizza Pizza! I’m hungry!

  229. I like the Pizza Pizza deal.

  230. Today I would pick Pizza Pizza!

  231. %15 for Pizza Pizza is my pick.

  232. Pizza Pizza is the best deal for sure.

  233. I like the Pizza Pizza deal today! 🙂

  234. I like the Home Hardware deal.

  235. I’d choose Home Hardware..

  236. home hardware. alberta doesn’t have pizza pizza.

  237. Pizza Pizza

  238. I love Home Hardware!!

  239. I would go for the Home Hardware deal today because we have some home renovations coming up and we also already have a small, local favourite pizza place.

  240. I love the 15% SwapPoints for Pizza Pizza deal!

  241. I like the Pizza Pizza deal today.

  242. I like today’s Pizza Pizza deal

  243. Home Hardware

  244. I like the Tim Hortons deal today.

  245. Tim Hortons!

  246. Tim Hortons all the way!!! 🙂

  247. Tim Horton’s is my fave.

  248. I like Tim Hortons

  249. I like the Tim Hortons deal today:)

  250. I love the Tim Horton’s deal

  251. Tim Hortons

  252. dec 15 – 7% chapters/indigo

  253. My choice for today is Indigo.

  254. I love the chapters deal!

  255. I love the chapters deal today

  256. Today i like the Indigo offer

  257. 7% more Swap Points at Chapters!

  258. 3% More SwapPoints for Tim Hortons

  259. Oooh, today’s is tough because I love Chapters and Tim’s! But overall I would go for the Chapter’s deal because it offers more % back.

  260. I like the Wayspa deal

  261. Wayspa would make a great gift!

  262. My favourite today is WaySpa

  263. LCBO

  264. I like the WaySpa deal today.

  265. Best deal is with LCBO

  266. The wayspa deal today is great!

  267. I like the LCBO deal.

  268. Since we don’t have LCBO here in Alberta, I’ll say wayspa for Dec 16.

  269. I’d choose the LCBO deal.

  270. Oh ya – LCBO for sure!!!!

  271. Today it would have to be WaySpa, since we don’t have LCBO. Thank you!

  272. my favourite deal is the LCBO deal

  273. 20% More SwapPoints for WaySpa

  274. I like the deal today for 20% More SwapPoints for WaySpa!

  275. Today I would go for the 20% More SwapPoints for WaySpa

  276. The WaySpa for the win today – can’t beat the 20% SwapPoints!

  277. I like the Wayspa deal today

  278. I like the Wayspa card

  279. WaySpa deal is great today

  280. 20% More SwapPoints for WaySpa getaway

  281. 20% More SwapPoints for WaySpa and 3.5% More SwapPoints for LCBO!! (dec 16th is last posting….)

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