HAYJAC Designs: Initial Necklace – Gold Collection {Giveaway $100 Value}


Are you looking for unique and high quality hand made jewelry pieces that can be personalized?

Well,  I am happy to introduce you to Hayjac Designs.

This amazing company started back in 2003 and was  named after the owner’s own two children, Hayden and Jack.  Since then customers have been able to enjoy beautiful jewelry that is made with extreme care.

I received a piece from their gold filled collection and I absolutely love wearing it.  Their gold necklace is a custom 14 karat gold filled disc that is hand stamped and personalized with the initial of your choice. In my case I used my son’s and husband’s initials and the little heart in the middle represents my heart in between both of them.

I LOVE meaningful jewelry and there is nothing like wearing a piece with the initials of two people that mean the world to you.


The two discs and heart are hung on a 14 karat gold filled link chain that can be either 16″, 18″ or 20″.  You can select the letters stamped across the discs to be either in block or script font as well.  Their gold collection also features a couple of other designs and styles similar to the one I received. I recommend you explore their collection to check them all out.


I really like the quality of the jewelry I received and how beautiful and classy it looks. I like that the pieces are gold filled which means an actual layer of gold is pressure bonded to another metal. It is not gold plating as gold filled pieces have 100% more gold than gold plated pieces (not to get confused with that).   The great thing about gold filled jewelry is that it is very valuable, it is tarnish resistant, it doesn’t flake off, rub off or turn colors and it doesn’t cause allergic reactions.  Love it!

I recommend you visit HAYJAC’s website and browse their collections and beautiful designs. They are economic and very high quality plus ready to be personalized. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Win it: Are you in CAN/USA? Do you want to win a personalized initial necklace like the one I featured? ($100 value). Then click “Read more” below to see the Rafflelcopter form to enter.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and  all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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155 responses to “HAYJAC Designs: Initial Necklace – Gold Collection {Giveaway $100 Value}”

  1. I like the Script Necklace.

  2. family circle necklace

  3. Layered Necklace or the family circle

  4. I think their Antuque Square Pendant is my favourite.

  5. Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace.

  6. I love the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace.

  7. So many beautiful choices! I really like the layered necklaces!

  8. Heart Necklace

  9. heart necklace

  10. like the layered necklace

  11. His and Hers Love, and Peace

  12. like the rustic initial pendant necklace

  13. love the antique square pendant!

  14. lovely

  15. i like the triple cirlce withe the birthstone

  16. I like this giveaway and also like their Rounded Stamped Necklace

  17. I love the SCRIPT necklace,they are all very nice,thanks.

  18. I really love the one you’re giving away the most!! But my second favourite is definitely the his or her necklaces ^^

  19. I like the Rustic initial pendant necklace

  20. I’d also like to own the Layered Necklace.

  21. I really like the Layered necklace

  22. The Script Necklace is nice

  23. I love Letter necklace, I want one with my name on 😀

  24. I like the Gold Collection the best – also like the Cube necklaces, very cute!

  25. love the bracelet with 3 heart charms.

  26. New Follower!

    <3 Laura

  27. The Cube Necklace is sooo cute!!

  28. His or Her necklace!

    cmcosman at yahoo.com

  29. love their cube heart necklace in gold

  30. I like the Cube Necklace. So cute.

  31. I like the Family Circle necklace with the cross charm.

  32. I’d love the Rustic Initial Pendant,

  33. I really love the initial necklace with 5 discs. I could personalize each disc with the name of one of my sons 🙂

  34. i like the his or hers necklace.

  35. My favorite is the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace

  36. The bracelet to keep the name of the grandkids close at hand would be a great gift!

  37. the family circle necklace

  38. I like the antique sqaure necklace

  39. I love the cube necklace! Thank you.

  40. I love the cube necklace.

  41. I like the charmed bracelet.

  42. Love the rustic initial necklace

  43. I really like the family circle necklace

  44. I kind of like their rustic necklace with initials.

  45. I would love to own the monogram necklace

  46. I like the Family circle necklace.

  47. The “Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace” is very nice!

  48. I have been looking for something like this all over the place!! I would absolutely love to win this 🙂

  49. Beautiful jewelry. I loved the website too. My favorite is the initial necklace with the heart.

  50. i love the jewelry

  51. I love the layering necklace that is layered with up to 4 discs

  52. I love the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace!

  53. Another beautiful piece I would love to own is the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace

  54. I would like the layering necklace that is layered with up to 4 discs

  55. i like the heart necklace

  56. I like the his or her necklace

  57. The layered necklaces are nice.

  58. I would like the Family Circle Necklace

  59. I really like the antique square necklace.

  60. The other item I really like is the rustic wax seal initial pendant.

  61. I like the CubeNecklace

  62. I also really like the layered necklace as well…. I could put all my kids names on it

  63. I love the Antique Square Necklace. Gorgeous!

  64. cube necklace is cool

  65. i love the rustic initial pendant.
    rafflecopter won’t let me enter a couple of things..
    twitter name is naemanic
    google plus is Nikki Perry.

  66. I like the Antiqued Square Pendant…very different!

  67. The bracelet with the hearts is pretty.

  68. Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace.

  69. I really liked the Antique Square Pendant!

  70. Family Circle Necklace

  71. The cube necklace looks great!

  72. I like the Antique Square Pendant, it’s gorgeous!

  73. Rustic Initial Pendant necklace

  74. I really like the Monogram Necklace, too.


  75. I also like the His or her necklace that hangs in the leather chain? i dont know what to call it lol anyways it would be nice for my teenage sone

  76. the layered necklace

  77. I would like to win this

  78. Personalized jewelry is the best!

  79. This would be awesome to win!

  80. I like the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace

  81. the his or her necklace is really nice, i love the rectangular design

  82. I love this necklace, so pretty.

  83. I really love the monogram necklace.

  84. I would also love the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace


  85. I love the monogram pendant also!

  86. I like the Antique Square Pendant.

  87. I like the his or her necklace

  88. I like the rustic initl pendant necklace.

  89. March 2–I visited ‘HayJac Designs’ and chose the ‘Hearts’ necklace.–el03ro

  90. I also like the cube necklace

  91. I’d like this, one for each of my kids!

  92. I love the Family Circle Necklace.

  93. The stamped wax pendant.

  94. I love this one!!! The Rustic Initial Necklace is also super cute!

  95. the Family Circle Necklace

  96. So much to pick from, how can I pick just one? LOL Hayjac Designs have some very lovely jewelery. I like the family circle necklace because I can put my baby sisters, my daughter, my neice and my little cousin’s names on it. Most important girls in my life. The layered necklace is very nice as well.

  97. family circle necklace

  98. I like the family circle necklace

  99. I love the family circle necklace. Every women in my soon to be husbands family has one. I am the only one who does not have one yet!

  100. I like the Family Circle Necklace

  101. I love the Script Necklace.

  102. I’d love to own the Layered Necklace

  103. I’d love to have the Heart necklace!

  104. I love the Script Necklace

  105. I also LOVE the monogram necklace!

  106. I love the antique square pendant.

  107. I love layered Necklace!

  108. the heart necklace is gorgeous

  109. I like the script necklace

  110. I would also love the Monogram Necklace.

  111. I’d like to own a Script Necklace

  112. To acknowledge my Blessings the Family Circle Necklace is my choice !

    eva urban

  113. I love the cube necklace!

  114. Love the Rustic Initial Necklace. Thank you!

  115. i like the family circle

  116. i love the heart necklace.

  117. I love the cute Cube necklace.

  118. I’d love to own the heart necklace!!! 🙂

  119. antique square pendant

  120. My favorite is the: Initial Necklace with Baby Feet

  121. I like a few of them but I especially like the initial necklace with a floating heart charm. Beautiful!

  122. I love the family circle necklace

  123. I’d go for the Monogram Necklace!

  124. I would love to own one of the layered necklaces

  125. I like the look of the layered necklaces.

  126. I like the Layered Necklace.


  127. I also like the script necklace

  128. I like the layered necklace.

  129. I love the family circle necklace

  130. The script necklace!

  131. I LOVE THE NECKLACE!!!!!!!! It is Beautiful:) I looked at their other products and I must say the one in the Giveaway would be my first choice, They have a name one with circles, that is cute. Thanks for the opportunity.

  132. Ty for this great giveaway I love the heart necklace

  133. I’d like to have the Rounded Stamped Necklace from the Gold Collection.

  134. I like the Layered Necklace

  135. I love the family circle necklace.

  136. ♥ the layered nacklace! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  137. I love the script neckles

  138. I like the layered necklace

  139. Love the Rustic Initial Necklace!

  140. i like the layered necklace

  141. Love the script necklace

  142. I’d love the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace.

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  143. I would like to have the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace

  144. i like the family circle necklace

  145. i like the script necklace too!

  146. I love the classic necklace that you can add your own word to.

  147. I love the monogram necklace, so simple and beautiful!

  148. I like the script necklace
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  149. I like the Rustic Initial Pendant Necklace! Thanks.

    michedt at yahoo dot com

  150. I love The Letter Necklace!

    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  151. I like the rustic initial pendant necklace.

  152. I would also love to have the Antique Square Pendant.

  153. ԜOW just what I was looking for. Came here bby swarching
    foor wedding rings clip art


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