Native Shoes: Anti-microbial , Water Proof Shoes for Kids


Native Shoes are made of molded foam and they are water proof, anti-microbial and washable.  They are extremely lightweight and very comfortable. Air circulates around thanks to the open vent holes all over the shoes, so perfect for the summer and when going to the beach.

We got to try the kid’s Corrado style shoes and I gotta say they look so cool!  They are available in a variety of vibrant colors and we got their popular Regatta Blue.

I really like that these shoes are made with animal free materials and are shock absorbent and odor resistant.   Since it is the middle of the winter right now my little one tried them on at home (while wearing socks) but we are getting a chance to wear them to the beach when we go to Mexico in a few weeks.  Can’t wait!



I think the Corrado shoes are going to be perfect for the beach because they are a lot easier to walk on than flip flop sandals, plus they are washable and breathable!

Overall these are great for the summer and for wearing around the house in the middle of the winter.  They are perfect for a trip to the beach or to any hot destination, and I am sure my little one will get to wear them a lot during the summer. They have the same styles for adults so I am totally thinking about getting a pair for myself.

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7 responses to “Native Shoes: Anti-microbial , Water Proof Shoes for Kids”

  1. These Native Shoes are so cool, I love the look of them. Being waterproof and light weight is just what kids would love.

  2. Perfect shoes – the sole looks like it gives support. And, the plus, I can use them for another child or give them away and they will still look brand new. thanks.

  3. these shoes are def a must have for my toddler

  4. these are adorable! my nephew would love these!

  5. Cute, they are like super-crocs!

  6. Oh my – I need to order some of these for me as well!

  7. Those look great! I love shoes that my toddler can put on himself:)

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