Once children reach toddlerhood they start showing their own personality a lot more and what they like and don’t like.   This new stage can be very entertaining and fun to witness.

Sometimes toddlerhood is looked upon as a terrible stage and you only hear about the “terrible twos” and dealing with the not so fun behaviors.  Parenting a toddler can be challenging of course but today  I want to talk about the wonders of it .

Think about toddlerhood as your reward after dealing with all the intense sleepless nights and endless daily diaper changes of infancy. You will get to sleep a bit better (hopefully) and change less diapers while enjoying the time you spend with your little one getting to know their personality.

So here is a small list of reasons to show you why parenting a toddler is awesome:

  1. They pretend play, so fun to witness
  2. They enjoy being read to and will actually sit down to listen to you
  3. They imitate everything you do, it is actually pretty funny to see
  4. They have their own language and hearing them use new words all the time is magical
  5. They can express their needs, point/talk and tell you what they want in their own way
  6. They are easy to distract when they are crying or upset
  7. They give hugs and kisses
  8. They are full of energy
  9. They dance with you
  10. They enjoy the simplest things and everything is interesting and new to them
  11. They have immense imagination
  12. They are little comedians and enjoy making you laugh
  13. They play on their own for long stretches
  14. They can walk with you to the park or store while holding your hand
  15. They say mama and dada and they mean it
  16. They feed themselves using a spoon/fork and drink from a cup
  17. They respond to simple directions like “sit down”
  18. They sleep better at night
  19. They want to explore everything
  20. They help clean up messes and pick up their toys

What else do you love about parenting a toddler?