Parenting a Toddler {20 Reasons Why Toddlers Rock}


Once children reach toddlerhood they start showing their own personality a lot more and what they like and don’t like.   This new stage can be very entertaining and fun to witness.

Sometimes toddlerhood is looked upon as a terrible stage and you only hear about the “terrible twos” and dealing with the not so fun behaviors.  Parenting a toddler can be challenging of course but today  I want to talk about the wonders of it .

Think about toddlerhood as your reward after dealing with all the intense sleepless nights and endless daily diaper changes of infancy. You will get to sleep a bit better (hopefully) and change less diapers while enjoying the time you spend with your little one getting to know their personality.

So here is a small list of reasons to show you why parenting a toddler is awesome:

  1. They pretend play, so fun to witness
  2. They enjoy being read to and will actually sit down to listen to you
  3. They imitate everything you do, it is actually pretty funny to see
  4. They have their own language and hearing them use new words all the time is magical
  5. They can express their needs, point/talk and tell you what they want in their own way
  6. They are easy to distract when they are crying or upset
  7. They give hugs and kisses
  8. They are full of energy
  9. They dance with you
  10. They enjoy the simplest things and everything is interesting and new to them
  11. They have immense imagination
  12. They are little comedians and enjoy making you laugh
  13. They play on their own for long stretches
  14. They can walk with you to the park or store while holding your hand
  15. They say mama and dada and they mean it
  16. They feed themselves using a spoon/fork and drink from a cup
  17. They respond to simple directions like “sit down”
  18. They sleep better at night
  19. They want to explore everything
  20. They help clean up messes and pick up their toys

What else do you love about parenting a toddler?

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Angela V

Founder and Writer at One Smiley Monkey blog
Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

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  1. I like it how they know more than they let on…. like counting or colors but when they get in troiuble they act like they dont know y

  2. I love you refreshing outlook on toddlerhood! As a mom of grown kids, I yearn for the days when they would listen to me for hours, give me kisses all over my face and their faces would light up at the sight of me!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post! I am basking {sp?} in being a mommy of 3 toddlers right now and am enjoying every moment!

  4. I really enjoyed this post as I remember when my 3 were toddlers. For me as their parent I loved this time the most because truthfully everyday was so different from the previous one!…Thanks for sharing the 20 reasons why Toddlers Rock!

  5. February 27-One of my ggsons, wlho is now three, loves to dance with me. He will not dance in front of my husband but will take me in to our livjng room,; get some music going on the TV and tell me to dance. I couldn’t believes his moves until I watched some of his ‘TV shows with him and saw some of the children dancing. He’s been doing this for some time now and seems to love music. Toddlers and Toddlers plus are such fun. -el03ro

  6. I think hubby needs to read this. As for me, I think you’re right. We often forget that these years go by so fast. We should take advantage of it and live it happy and not mad at what he/she did to you’re lipstick. lol

  7. February 28–My daughter is babysitting her grandson for her eldest daughter and her husband. She keeps me up to date on his doings. He is 11 months now, walking around the furniture and wants to be near her at all times. When she wos cleaning their main bathroom, which has a full length mirror, he sat down in front of it and proceeded to have a conversation with himself for about 20 minutes-until he heard the shower running and came to peek between her legs to see what was gong on! My daughter enjoys him so much and so do I , even tho some of it is second hand fun.-el03ro

  8. February 29- More adventures of Hayden. He was throwing small balls and the cat was ‘pouncing’ on them as if it was s mouse. Hayden would giggle at this and try to retrieve the bals from the cat. My daughter said they played like this for 40 minutes and they had a great time. I do not know who tired first!-el03ro

  9. I really enjoy it to watch a toddler who pretends play – very creative indeed. I wonder if
    I was that creative and my Mom said, of course. 🙂

  10. I have friends who have toddlers and they are so much fun to be around!

  11. March I am happy, Angela, that you gave so many reasons why ‘Toddlers Rock.’ One is that they love to ex;plore. As I have mentioned before, my daughter babysits my ggson. Well, yesterday, she wos unable to take him to his own home for the afternoon, which she usually does because all his ‘stuff’ is there and it is really child-proofed and his friend, the cat, is there. So she spent the afternoon watching him as he ‘esplored’ for three hours. She was so tired last evening that she was lying down –not at all like my energetic daughter!–el03ro

  12. March 2–‘They have an immense inagination.’ –When one of my ggsons was a toddler(he’s three now)., he loved to hold small objects in his hands and walk around with them. I have several small ‘blue mountain’ objects-a duck, a bunny and a small sitting teddy bear. He would take them to me and I would have a chat with them and kiss them. He still brings them to me to cuddle and sometimes says: ‘They are feelilng sad.” . Thest toddlers live in a magical world.-el03ro

  13. March 3-‘They want to help you and clean up messes.’–I really think one of my ggsons was a janitor in another life. He ab -solutely loves brooms and mops.–so much so that my husband made him a little broom of his own but, of course, he prefers a big one. He will go into raptures over a mop and the vaccuum cleaner is a dear friend! I have to actually hide mine if I am babysitting him because it heavy and I don’t like him lugging that weight around as he has asthma. He has been like this since he could walk and it is really unusual I think–He always wants to ‘help’and he does. love that ggson!-el03ro

  14. March —“They love to pretend”–They really do, One of my ggsons would have me turn on the oven light. Put grapes (from his snack) in a muffin pan and ‘cook’ his muffins. He loved to bake. He hasn’t done this lately but, alas, he is not a toddler anymore. -el03ro

  15. March 8–‘They love to be read to and will actually sit down and listen to you.’- My daughter, who babysits her first grandson, takes him on her knee after his nap and reads several books to him. He really loves to be read to, especially if the reader does SOUND EFFECTS!-el03ro

  16. “They enjoy the simplest things and every thing is interesting and new to them.” . Well, My GGson’s father purchased a fake mouse for the family cat. GGson loves to dangle it in front of his friend,. the cat. The Cat pounces on it, runs around the room for a while and deposits it at GGson’sfeet again. He had been giggling all this time. He repeats the danglling and the cat repeats his part. This may last for 20 minutes. Life is so simple as a Toddler. He is my third GGson and is a real cutie and a happy toddler.-el03ro

  17. I love this post. I will be bookmarking this and opening it up as a reminder of what’s great about my life with a toddler on tough days.

  18. “They give hugs and kisses”

    March 10- Our little ggsons are lavish with hugs and kisses when they leave with their parents. I’m still not sure if it is a relief to be going home or a genuine heart- felt action on leaving their ggparents. We accept it , with thanks and our hugs and kisses in return. el03ro

  19. you take great pics. I love reading everything on your blog . and this might be my favorite post you have done so far

  20. great outlook on toddlers. my best friend’s little guy is so neat to watch, he is such a little person now!

  21. March 12–“They say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ and mean it. Well, the toddler in my life cannot say ‘Mama’ yet, but he can say ‘Dada’ and ‘Nan’ (works for me) because his Grammy has been schooling him every day to say it. He can also say his own name- stretching out the two syllables as he crawls and toddles around the house. (Courtesy of the same Grammy!)–el03ro

  22. “They give hugs and Kisses” –Both the Mother and Grandmother of our year-old toddler ggson , think it is wonderful that no matter what else is going on, when one or the other enters the home, this dear little boy stops what he is doing, goes over to them and holds out his arms to be held. “Awesome” says his Mother. “Wonderful” say his grandmother.–AS his lucky ggrandmother, I will echo both sentiments. I notice that our youngest Ggranddauhter, whom, we met in person, last weekend, already puts your arms around her Mother’s neck at three momths of age. Wonderful and Awesome!–el03ro

  23. March 14-” They have wonderful imagination” -I hope this comment counts. I baby sat my 3 yr old ggson last evening. First he had most of my pots and pans out and put them on a large checkerboard to ‘cook.’–(The oven was off limits as it was still hot and I had a chair placed before it and he knows what that means). He served me up lots of servings of ‘Fuselli” , which he has sometimes has for lunch at his baby sitters. When I bathed him later. He was blowing bubbles in the bath with a wand and bottle. I said: ‘The bubbles are very pretty.” and He replied: “Yes, they have rainbows in them.” –Wouldn;t it be a better world if we all saw more rainbows?!–el03ro

  24. March 15–” They are full of energy.” My daughter has taught her grandson ‘H’ to throw a ball. He actually throws it overhand, which I have found very impressive when I witnessed it. His whole body shakes with excitement when he knows that my daughter is going to play ‘ball;’ with him and he is besides himself with joy and excitement all through the ‘ball game.: Blue Jays, Look out!!-el03ro

  25. Love this post and loving my toddler. I couldn’t wait for my son to walk so he can be more independent. I love how proud he is that he can do so much more for himself. I am a mother of 3 and have always loved this age! My 2 older kids never went through a terrible 2 or 3. I just saw them as little explorers and loved every minute I have had with them!

  26. March 24–“They enjoy the simplest things…”–My daughter bought my ggson a stroller shaped like a car. She has been taking him around his home in the cold weather. They have a large house where you can make a circular path. During these ‘walks’ he would not speak-just smile all the time. We had some warmer weather and she took him outside in this stroller for over an hour. He began to sing and talk to himself for the whole time. She was so amused at him that she was smiling too. He loves the stroller and the fresh air too!-el03ro

  27. I lost over 25 lbs in one month when my baby turned into a toddler 🙂

  28. can’t believe my baby girl is already a toddler. Not sure about the “sleep better at night” part though. I think she slept better a year ago – now she wants to get up and play at all hours!

  29. this is a great post…sometimes i catch myself getting caught up in the hardships but there are so many more amazing parts of toddlerhood.

  30. I love that my 2 year old has an imagination and pretends now. It is soooooo cute!

  31. im enjoying my little one being small but i definitely cant wait for him to be a toddler either and see his personality grow

  32. April 20-My eldest daugher and her husband run an Organic Hog Farm . A few days ago, she took my ggson, her grandson , who is a toddler, out to one of the barns to see some young gilts(female pigs). Of course, the little pigs came over to the gate to see what this little human was about and were sniffling, grunting and generally having a wonderful time. The little guy, not to be outdone, was giggling and laughing at these little curious creatures who were as curious as he was.. Everything new is wonderful and a source of discovery and joy (Mostly) to him!-e.03ro’

  33. April 21-They give hugs and kisses. I baby sat my ggson tonite so his parents could go out for a meal. When I babysit him, he has to have my undivided attention. We were watching a DVD that they brought with them , His father has been working out in the Oilfields and is away for periods of time. He is home for a month. C. confided that:’Daddy gave me kisses.’ He was very happy to tell me that . Before he left with them, he gave h is ggfather and myself lots of hugs ans kisses.-el03ro

  34. This post was great! So much is happening now

  35. my son is 19 mo old and i’m LOVING this age….so much wonder and curiosity-about even the simplest of things…things we adults often take for granted….like a butterfly or pretty flower. it’s nice to be reminded of these things by my little guy. 🙂

  36. I agree completely that toddlers are fun! I enjoyed this stage immensely and loved interacting with my son. I found our relationship became even stronger and full of meaning. 🙂

  37. This is such an amazing post. I am a single mom of a two year old boy. The most amazing little boy! Although there are many challenging times and moments with a toddler, it is such an amazing, amazing time. I just try to enjoy every single moment because he is growing up way too fast!

  38. Great post I love that my two are so open to so many new & exciting things

  39. Awe,interesting post!

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