Okanagan Hockey School Contest

Win a Hockey Rink Survival Kit

Canadians, did you know that Sunkist is giving young athletes from Canada (ages five to 17) the chance to WIN the ultimate hockey experience at the prestigious Okanagan Hockey School?

Open now and until April 21st 2014, Canadians can enter to win one of 15 Grand Prize trips for one child and their parent or legal guardian to experience and train at the Okanagan Hockey School. Players will receive coaching from past NHL stars including Mike Needham and Robert Dirk, as well as former Canadian National Team member and three time Olympic Gold Medal winner, Gina Kingsbury.

Pretty amazing prize right? Here is how to enter:

  • Visit their website here:  www.sunkisthockey.com,
  • Go on your mobile phone and enter via text message or by scanning the QR code of specially-marked Sunkist navel orange packaging*.

*No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.


To help young athletes train in their hometown, Sunkist is also offering OneSmileyMonkey readers in Canada a chance to win a “Sunkist Hockey Rink Survival Kit,” which will include an Okanagan Hockey School hockey puck, water bottle, practice jersey, workout shirt, thermal mug and a pair of Sunkist seat warmers, plus a $50 gas card. (Valued at $175)

Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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131 responses to “Okanagan Hockey School Contest”

  1. I like how it teaches and builds teamwork! It’s a way of life, I grew up with it (same with my husband). It’s the only sport I understand haha.

  2. I love the teamwork.

  3. the energy and passion for sport

  4. I love the suspense and the fast pace of hockey!

  5. I love how exciting the game can be and it’s a sport that can bring family and friends together!

  6. the action and the excitment

  7. How exciting it is. It’s very fast paced.

  8. How it teaches team work! Always played sports and would love my boys to do the same!

  9. I love the thrill….been watching it since I was little!

  10. I love gathering together as a family to watch at home, or in the rink.

  11. I love that hockey has provided my son with years of entertainment, exercise and a great group of friends. Hockey is the best sport to watch too!

  12. I love hockey because my grandson just can’t get enough of it. He’s only 4 years old and already following in his daddy’s footsteps and wants to be a goalie.

  13. Love to win it!

  14. I love the excitement

  15. I just love the game!

  16. I love the camaraderie of the team members. I also like how fast paced the game can get…great for spectators.

  17. I just love watching kids having fun on the ice!

  18. I love spending time with my family while watching the game.

  19. great to see the support for our youth who will step up soon!

  20. The rivalry between teams and the passion from the fans

  21. I love how fun hockey is to watch and play

  22. I love the fast pace of hockey games. We’ve also met a lot of very nice people at the rink.

  23. I like the fast pace

  24. I like watching the teamwork and the fast pace of the game.

  25. I love that it’s something that several generations of the family likes to do and watch together at home and at the rink.

  26. I love the coordination of skating and puck passing.

  27. My Grandkids would love this

  28. I love to watch the little one play. See how hard they work. Falling down and getting back up.

  29. It is a Canadian game that we grew up with and have always loved to watch.

  30. how fast paced the game is

  31. I love watching hockey – doesn’t matter what team – it’s always fast paced and exciting.

  32. I love the fast pace!

  33. i love that my kids love it

  34. My favorite thing about hockey is the that whole family loves it. We can watch it together.

  35. It is a fast paced and exciting game. i love it.

  36. I love the speed of hockey

  37. The thrill and the energy!

  38. I love how excited my kids are to watch it.

  39. I like that it is fun for kids and it teaches team play. The kids are getting active while having fun.

  40. The endless excitement and the fact that the game can switch up in just the last few seconds. plus the enthusiasm of the fans in general

  41. The speed and agility of the skaters.

  42. I love watching my 2 boys play hockey and seeing the excitement in their faces when they play and have fun and listening to them talk about what happened in the game after the game.

  43. I love the breakaways when the forwards completely beat the goalie

  44. I like how it brings Canadians of all walks of life together.

  45. I love the physical nature of it and the speed

  46. The fan spirit!

  47. I love watching the sick moves of the goalies!

  48. i love the fast game play

  49. I love that hockey is a sport that brings everyone together. It’s great exercise and get’s the family away from video games.

  50. The speed of it. It makes it more exciting.

  51. The team work and pretty goals!

  52. I love the fast paced action

  53. I like that hockey is a team sport and it really takes a lot of physical enerygy to play to really works those muscles and keeps the kids fit

  54. I love watching and cheering on our favourite team.

  55. I love its speed! Really fast-paced and exciting.

  56. I like how exciting it is, i love cheering on my hometown team, and i love wearing my hockey clothing

  57. it’s such a fast paced games that includes speed, skill & team play.

  58. That teamwork mantality

  59. The most important thing TEAMWORK.

  60. I love that we all watch it together as a family 🙂

  61. the speed

  62. the fast pace is goes at, always exciting

  63. My son plays and loves it!

  64. The excitement and the adrenalin rush!

  65. I love that it is fast paced and the players are always so passionate, its in our Canadian blood 🙂

  66. I love the suspense and the teamwork!

  67. The skill.

  68. I love to see how it gets the family all together and involved!

  69. I love the speed of the game and the team work involved

  70. I love how they need to work together to make the team work well.

  71. The excitement on the kids faces when they talk about it.

  72. I love the teamwork and friendship they make,my son have been in hockey for 10 years,and made a lot of friends and have fun 🙂

  73. I love the fact that its fast paced and that everyone gets involved with the game.Not just the players,but the audience as well. Its never boring,it keeps everyone’s energy up and the excitement lasts. Fun for all.

  74. the bonds it creates!!

  75. I love the team work and the passion

  76. The excitement of the finals!

  77. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I love the fast pace.

  79. I love that its always exciting

  80. I like the feeling of togetherness with others while watching a hockey game and cheering for the same team.

  81. I love the love for the teams! Each city LOVES their teams! 🙂

  82. I love the spirit

  83. What I love about hockey is that how happy it makes my son when he is playing it with his friends.

  84. I love that its basically our national sport!

  85. I love the high energy and scoring of coarse.

  86. I love that hockey is and always has been a Canadian thing! It is a great way for kids to get lots of exercise as well as interaction with other children!

  87. I love the family our team becomes for hockey season, meeting new folks & gaining new friends, plus the healthy exercise the players get.

  88. I love watching the kids working together as a team for pride of winning the game 🙂

  89. The action, the ambience, the game… hahah

  90. I like how it teaches team work and discipline

  91. The skill it takes to skate in all directions well maneuvering a stick and puck around

  92. the energy and passion for sport

  93. I don’t know – all of it! The game, the smell of the ice, following the Canucks (or any of our local teams! So much!!

  94. I love watching the kids get in there and playing their best .

  95. I love how much my boys LOVE playing it!

  96. I can not play hockey but I sure do watch it on tv. GO SENS GO!

  97. It’s exciting to watch, we had a lot of bonding at work watching hockey Olympics!

  98. I love the adrenaline!

  99. I like the entertainment value surrounding the game when at one live.

  100. I love the skating in hockey!

  101. I like hockey for kids because it is very active and good exercise plus it gives them a chance to learn co-operation and teamwork.

  102. The excitement! Games are never boring!

  103. I love the whole game, I remember as a child Saturday night the music from Hockey Night in Canada and the whole family watched, the game is so exciting!

  104. I LOVE HOW MUCH FUN IT is to watch.

  105. I love how fast-paced and exciting hockey is!

  106. speed of a second outcome

  107. Spending time with my family cheering on our fave team

  108. I love the speed of the game. And that Canada is so good at it. 🙂

  109. I love how everyone gets so excited participating and watching.

  110. I love that it is an activity my son can do with his dad.

  111. I love seeing the children having fun

  112. What I love about hockey the most is watching the peewee kids. They are so cute.

  113. I love watching my son play. It’s great to watch him and his teammates grow together.

  114. I love the memories of watching hockey with my dad growing up

  115. the feeling of being Canadian that is associated with it.

  116. I love that kids enjoy hockey

  117. the action!

  118. How fast a player can make a goal. It’s an exciting game, unlike golf (haha).

  119. I like that families can watch hockey together.

  120. The Fast Pace, Teamwork and Skill. Love it ALL!

  121. I love the comrader and the excitement of winning!

    • comradery

  122. Friendship for the kids and the chance to learn about organized sports!

  123. It’s Canada’s game! What’s not to love! My favourite is actually watching hockey moms (and dads), they’re more entertaining than the kids most of the time!

  124. Love the fast pace makes it easy to watch 🙂

  125. It’s fast and exciting.

  126. The excitement!

  127. Excitement and joy I see in my kids eyes when they watch and when they play hockey !

  128. Great family game.

  129. The most exciting sport in the world! Bringing families and friends closer since it was invented. Lots of great memories from my childhood playing hockey.

  130. i love the fighting on the rink

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