How to Get into the Holiday Spirit! {Giveaway}

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Halloween has come and gone and the beginning of December is near. The holiday spirit has already arrived to most store aisles and people everywhere are starting to get into the festive mood. Our 4-year old loves seeing the decorations at the stores, the lights, trees and all the festive fun around, I can’t wait to get our own decorations out once December arrives!

Are you ready for the holidays? Below are some tips to help you get into the holiday spirt, Christmas will be here before you know it!

1. Watch Christmas Movies.

Get yourself some popcorn and stream a classic Christmas movie. Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more than watching a good holiday flick. It is also fun to play kid’s Christmas classics for the little ones, perfect for family movie night!

2. Make Christmas Themed Crafts

Whether you’re making handmade ornaments for your own Christmas tree or to give to grandparents, crafting paper chains to deck the halls of your own home, or making homemade Christmas cards now it is the time to starting making “holiday themed” crafts with your children. Remember Christmas cards need to be sent out a month before Christmas so they make it to the recipients on time!

3. Listen to some Christmas Music

Now is the time to bring out your favourite Christmas songs, add a Christmas songs playlist to your phone and sing along with your children. I love hearing my son sing along to all of my very own favourites. So fun!

4. Holiday Desserts and Snacks

Have your children help you bake some sugar cookies, make a gingerbread house or bake a festive holiday dessert, anything that reminds you of the holidays. How about getting an Advent calendar? We bought a KINDER® Advent calendar last year and it was a hit. We already purchase this year’s too and we are hoping to make it a yearly tradition.

5. Get in the Spirit of Giving

Don’t forget that the holidays are also about giving! Volunteer to serve food at a local community kitchen, donate to underprivileged children in the city, make an effort to help others and give something. It is important to teach little ones about thinking of others as well, specially those who need it most.

Finally just have fun, the holidays are a great opportunity to surround yourself with loved ones and the people you care about and enjoy life. If you are in Toronto from Nov 7-16 be sure to stop by the KINDER® SURPRISE® Smile Booth at The Royal Winter Fair to share your joyful smiles!

kinder giveaway


kinder giveaway

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109 responses to “How to Get into the Holiday Spirit! {Giveaway}”

  1. I let the kids decorate the house – their excitement gets me in the holiday spirit! Oh and we watch Christmas specials together 🙂

  2. By decorating the house with wreaths, lights, stockings and bringing out the Christmas tree

  3. We decorate our home with our stockings and christmas tree! We also start our Christmas baking and bring some of the goodies to share with our neighbours and the local senior home by us.

  4. Baking, shopping, decorating, music, picking out a Christmas tree, making a wreath.

  5. decorating!!

  6. i start by decorating the house, making the gingerbread house, listening to Christmas music and watching holiday movies!

  7. with lights. lots of lights.

  8. I love to start off with a wonderful baking 😀

  9. decorating

  10. we decorate the entire downstairs, front porch and our big pine tree in the back yard.

  11. OMG i am like a kid with Christmas! I decorate the inside and outside, watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas songs all day!

  12. I get in the holiday spirit as soon as I seen displays in the stores. It doesn’t take much, I love the holidays. Holiday baking really puts me over the top though.

  13. Well, after the first snow. We crank up the Christmas music and start decorating.

  14. I get into the holiday spirit by baking while I listen to Christmas carols

  15. Going to the mall seeing all the christmas stuff. Decoraring the hoise wrapping apple.cider. scented candles. Giving to charity and sonationg. Food

  16. We watch Christmas movies.

  17. I start decorating early and blast the christmas tunes

  18. As soon as Halloween is over I start listening to Christmas music and looking at the Christmas displays in the stores.

  19. By decorating and playing holiday music

  20. I watch It’s a Wonderful Life and then I’m good to go for the holidays

  21. Holiday music all December no TV till after supper.Baking holiday treats on the weekends

  22. decorations and music

  23. By decorating , shopping and baking.

  24. I love dragging out all the boxes of christmas decorations and opening them one by one. Good times! Lol

  25. We decorate and we play holiday music all the time!

  26. I get into the spirit by baking, decorating and listening to music

  27. Baking, decorating and White Christmas

  28. That’s reallyyy easy for me – listen to Christmas music, decorate the place, listen to Holiday movies, drink eggnog.. haha

  29. I get in the holiday spirit by playing Christmas music.

  30. I start my shopping early to get into the holiday spirit.

  31. We sing christmas carols and decorate together

  32. Decorating early and listening to christmas music

  33. listening to christmas music

  34. I get in the Christmas Spirit by doing some baking and listening to classic carols!

  35. I love to play Christmas music to get into the spirit.

  36. The season starts for me when I start baking Christmas cookies, a tradition I picked up whilst living in Germany. There, these Christmas cookies are offered to guests and family on every Advents Sunday before Christmas – it’s a lot of baking but they do all taste good 🙂

  37. We start by decorating, shopping for presents and then Christmas baking! Christmas music helps too!

  38. I like to craft with my son and write my christmas cards while drinking adult coco

  39. I love Christmas, so it is pretty easy for me to get into the holiday spirit! We listen to Christmas music, bring out our big box of Christmas books and read all the wonderful stories, we put up our tree and decorate it, we write Christmas cards, we bake, we make Christmas crafts, we put up lights, as well as drive around looking at lights, we visit Santa…

  40. Decorating and baking!

  41. I get into the holiday spirit by decorating the house.

  42. decorating the house with wreaths and lights

  43. I decorate the house and put up the tree on Dec.1 my birthday!

  44. get into the spirit by decorating, playing Christmas music, wrapping gifts

  45. decorating the tree and playing christmas carols

  46. Christmas movies and music!

  47. As a family we get into the spirit for the holidays by putting on music and decorating our tree. Holiday baking is also uplifting!

  48. By listening to Christmas music, doing some holiday baking, decorating and going for walks in the snow

  49. I get into the spirit by listening to Christmas music

  50. My two favourite Christmas albums: Boney M Christmas and Barenaked for the Holidays!

  51. Christmas Music. Starts November 1st in this house! We’re in full swing!

  52. Christmas music starts really early!

  53. I get into the spirit by wrapping gifts for family and friends, baking fruitcakes and listening to Christmas music. We put the creche up first, without the Infant( he appears Christmas Eve), so we remember the ‘reason for the season..

  54. Christmas music really gets me in the spirit. I love it!

  55. I bake, decorate and listen to Christmas music

  56. We do lots of crafts & decorate

  57. Christmas Carols, Christmas Baking and lots and lots of lights!

  58. I would have to say music

  59. I get into the holiday spirit by baking and decorating!

  60. By writing my Chriostmas cards..that’s how I start to get into it!

  61. Christmas decorating!

  62. I make hot chocolate with a candy cane in it for my little ones , turn on some Christmas music and we all sing and dance while decorating the house

  63. Setting up the tree really helps!

  64. Shopping, Baking, cleaning and decorating.

  65. decorating the house and yard!

  66. Christmas music gets me in the spirit every time.

  67. I wrap a present or two here and there to get me motivated for the holidays.

  68. Put the tree up. Let the kid make a gingerbread house. Start stressing about money, LOL!

  69. Definitely by getting our xmas bins out. It’s a slow gradual lead into the holidays lol…..eventually someone will open them.

  70. i bake cookies,,decorate the house and tree,and go around looking at Christmas lights!! 🙂

  71. We decorate ginger bread houses

  72. start with the shopping!

  73. I get into the Holiday spirit by cleaning up my Tupperware & being ready for all the festive foods I’ll be partaking in.

  74. We get into the holiday spirit by listening to holiday music and by baking holiday themed treats!

  75. Once we start decorating and baking for the holidays, it’s easy to find the Christmas spirit!

  76. By decorating

  77. To get into the holiday season, I start listening to Christmas carols and movies. Also, my grandchildren always get me in the Christmas spirit as they get so excited about Christmas!

  78. Christmas music, decorating the tree and the house

  79. Baking Cheesecake cupcakes with season Christmas Carols – creates the yuletide ambiance. That coupled with hot chocolate with candy cane sprinkles is the finishing touch.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  80. Decorating and building gingerbread houses

  81. We get into the holiday spirit by decorating our house outside and inside and listening to Christmas music.

  82. To get into the spirit my son and I decorate the apartment and the tree together

  83. To get in the holiday spirit, I go to our local Santa Claus parade and tree lighting ceremony. Always gets me in the mood

  84. I get in the holiday spirit by decorating my place with Christmas décor and I sing Christmas tunes

  85. I decorate and start buying Christmas gifts!

  86. I get in the holiday spirit by shopping, baking and decorating.

  87. It all starts with the Music and Decorations then onto the Baking!!


  89. lots of bold colours like red, greens.. and I start decorating in November like mid nov

  90. Decorating!

  91. I get into the Christmas Spirit by decorating my house.

  92. I always start with baking as that puts me in the spirit of christmas ..its hard with such sickness in my family that I need to be put in the mood this year BUT we will make it a good one

  93. Christmas music always does it for me

  94. Decorating and listening to holiday music!

  95. I just love this time of year! My kids get excited when they start doing Christmas things at school, we love watching Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies and making Christmas crafts. Can’t forget Christmas Scentsy!!!

  96. I start listening to one of my Christmas Music cassettes or CDs to get into the spirit.

  97. watching christmas movies

  98. I do a lot of baking and shopping…the kids like to help decorate the house.

  99. My husband gets the whole family in the holiday mood. He makes December 1st decoration day and we do the whole house up. We have Christmas-y snacks on the 1st and then a little while before Christmas he makes gingerbread houses with the kids and then we go out to look at Christmas lights. Watching their joy and excitement puts me in a holiday mood.

  100. christmas decorations

  101. I get into the holiday spirit by decorating my wheelchair with Christmas lights.

  102. Listening to Christmas music and watching movies

  103. By decorating the house with my kids.

  104. I put on Christmas movies while I decorate 🙂

  105. I turn on the Yuletide channel on the television while I do work around the house. Plus, I will put some orange slices, cloves, and cinnamon in a pot of water to simmer to make it smell wonderful!!

  106. I get into the holiday season, by starting my baking

  107. We love playing Christmas music and my daughter has already made her baking list.

  108. Putting up our tree 🙂

  109. I get into the Christmas spirit by baking and making crafts with my kids

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