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Are you hosting any family BBQs or picnics in the next couple of weeks? Summer is now coming to an end, so be ready for the last BBQs of the season with the following hostess tips:

Music: Set the tone of your BBQ with some fun music that everyone would enjoy. You can create a play-list on your phone and use portable speakers for a simple set-up.

Use Reusable Plates: Forget about spending money on paper plates and disposable cutlery. User your dinnerware and avoid all of the extra waste, just run the dishwasher an extra time. You won’t have an overflowing garbage bin to deal with after your party either.


Potluck: Make your BBQ simple for you and your guests by allowing your guests to incorporate new foods to the BBQ, potlucks and “bring something to grill” options are wonderful and take a lot of responsibility off the host. Besides you don’t have to worry about making sure you have something specific depending on what guests likes or dislike.

Plan for Rain: Prepare for rain by having an indoor space available in case you need it. Planning fun indoor activities to keep guests happy is also a must. Board games are always great for all.

Prepare an Outdoor Kit with Essentials: Keep the following essential items on hand for guests, they will appreciate you being prepared: a bottle of sunscreen, wet wipes, band-aids, antibacterial cream, instant stain remover and anything else you can think of that would be needed.

Mosquitoes Season: Humid temperatures and rainfall make the perfect season for mosquitos. Be sure to pick up BENADRYL® itch products during your next shopping trip to keep on hand for yourself and your guests. BENADRYL® products provide effective relief from itchiness and pain due to allergic reactions, poison ivy, insect bites and sunburn.

Disclosure: I received a gift basket to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own

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18 responses to “BBQ Hostess Tips! #BeyondPrepared”

  1. Great tips!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Love the idea of not buying a ton of disposable stuff that ends up in the garbage!

  3. We’re having a bbq at my dad’s place this weekend! Great tips! Living in Victoria, we are always prepared for rain lol

  4. I don’t own a grill but if I did, I would love hosting BBQs. They are my favourite “parties” to attend in the summer, however, most people don’t prepare for the rain, which is weird because it rains quite a bit where I live!

  5. Great tips on the benadryl. I also like how you said prepare for the rain. In vancouver we always have to prepare for the rain!

  6. and maybe plan for extra unwanted guests-set out wasp traps a couple of days before

  7. I love BBQs. I get a break on the cooking, Having quests the weekend. Rain gear always handy.

  8. Thanks very good info!

  9. great tips! I second the pot luck!

  10. November 21-The BBQ season is over for this year but I am reading these tips to see how I can make BBQing more fun and be more prepared. Believe it or not, I had not considered playing music and I LOVE music. This is a wonderful tip and since I have a portable CD player, I will certainly use it next summer. Thank you.

  11. Use reusable plated: I think that I will quit buying disposables. They are messy and take as much time to gather and put in the garbage as putting real dishes in the dishwasher. They are not as sturdy either. Thanks for reminding us that disposables may be disposed with!

  12. NOvember 25-Potluck-You are a very wise woman and clever as well. I will follow your example and allow people help me when I have a Barbeque for my Husband’s birthday. Thank you

  13. Hostess Barbeque Tips-Prepare for Rain- I really think you are covering all the bases. It’s a quirk of hostessing that a sunny day can suddenly bring a shower and at the worst possible time. I will certainly think of this in future and have board games, etc., available.Thank you.

  14. November 29- You are the Hostess with the mostest! It never even occurred to me to make up such a kit even tho’ I am the one in the family who had the most complete first aid kit and everyone knew where to get something in case of emergency. This seems so logical once it is pointed out. Thank you so much.

  15. Great reminders! We’re getting ready for a birthday bbq. First one in our new place!

  16. We have so much some,guess its time to store the BBQ for winter

  17. Thanks for the tips!! I love to bbq

  18. When you have people over a barbeque, especially if they bring small children, you must prepare for amost every eventuality. Your tips are so good and timely that I cannot think of any additions. Thank you for your complete analysis of what you should have on hand to cover all problems that might arise. Thank you.

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