Hydration For Pregnant Moms, New Moms and Babies

I remember how thirsty I was all the time while I was pregnant and after my two boys were born and I was breastfeeding them. I used to carry a bottle of water with me all day all over the house and re-fill it all the time. Staying hydrated is super important but even more important is the water you are putting in your body and passing to your baby.

I wish I had known about the ZeroWater filtration system back then. ZeroWater is a high performance water filtration system that employs a patented 5-stage filter compared to most on the market that are only 2-stage.  The result is great-tasting water in just minutes removing all lead as well as other heavy metals including chromium that may be present in  your tap water. ZeroWater filters remove 99.6% of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from your water.

Not sure about how clean your water is? You can get it tested yourself with a water testing kit found at any home improvement store. You can also call in a professional who will offer more detailed lab analysis.

Contaminants such as lead are detrimental to pregnant women and children under six years of age, they can even cause developmental delays, slowed growth, learning disabilities and more. Using filtered water is the better option when expecting, nursing a baby or introducing water to your little one.

There are many water filter systems available on the market. Some offer more purification than others, however ZeroWater is the only filter certified by the National Science Foundation to reduce lead. We have been using their filters and we are loving the great-tasting filter water we are now drinking.



ZeroWater offers products like 6 Cup to 23 Cup pitcher and dispensers, starting at $19.99 and available at major retailers across the US and Canada.


Win it:  Open to US/CAN –  Two lucky families will win a ZeroWater Family Starter Kit ($140 value). Perfect way to start drinking great-tasting, clean water in minutes!  Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.


The Family Starter Kit includes

  • 23 cup container
  • 4 pack of filters for 23 cup container
  • 2 tumblers with 2 replacement filters
*prize may look different than photo shown above for promotional purposes.

Good Luck friends!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with ZeroWater. A product sample and/or compensation has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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163 responses to “Hydration For Pregnant Moms, New Moms and Babies”

  1. I try to drink as much water as I can daily!

  2. Most of my water I drink in the form of coffee because I don’t like the taste of the water here. This might change my attitude 🙂

  3. Likely about 5 bottles of water daily for me

  4. I’m not a big water drinker and probably only drink about one 500mL bottle per day. It’s something I have to work on increasing!

  5. I can go thru a couple of liters a day, some days a little less!

  6. 4 litres

  7. About 110-12 cups daily I should think.

  8. Not enough! I should definitely be drinking more but I do make sure to have some water everyday! I would drink more if i had one of these that’s for sure

  9. I go through about 10 glasses a day,,at least I try to.

  10. I don’t drink enough!! I think I only do 2 glasses a day and I know my body needs more!

  11. I don’ drink a lot of water. I’d say maybe 2-3 glasses a day.

  12. Monday, Tuesday and Friday I drink about 2L of water – those are my work/volleyball days, and I really good at staying hydrated at work and when I am playing sports. The rest of the week I maybe drink 10-20oz per day.

  13. I drink 5 or 6 cups of water a day.

  14. I drink about 4 large cups of tea with a lot of milk. Sometimes I’m a litle thirsty when I first get up, and then I’ll drink some filtered water.

  15. I drink about 4 cups of water everyday

  16. I don’t drink enough water because our tap water stinks like chlorine. Maybe 3-4 glasses a day?

  17. Needs this badly

  18. Really love this

  19. several bottles a day

  20. I drink lots usually..up at least 8 glasses

  21. I drink lots of water about 8-10 glasses a day.

  22. I drink 2-3 bottles a day. This would be great to win. Water is all my daughter will drink.

  23. I drink a lot of water! At least 8 cups a day.

  24. I have recently started to become better about drinking more water daily. I drink about 10 glasses – 80 oz.

  25. I try to drink 6 glasses of water a day. I drink coffee in the morning, doesn’t that count for another two?

  26. My son drinks about three bottles of water a day. My hubby drinks 1-2 bottles a day.

  27. The goal is 8 to 10 glasses a day. Thank you.

  28. I try to drink 5 or 6 but now I should be drinking a bit more than that, I just get tired of water after awhile

  29. MY boyfriend & I drink a lot of water – we go through a gallon or more a day.

  30. I would say 5-6 give or take on the day.

  31. I barely get one 8oz. glass of water a day.

  32. There are 4 of us in our household, between us we drink about 3 – 4 Gallons of water a day. This is a great ZeroWater prize pack that we could put to good use while saving lots of money. The water would taste much better too!

  33. I am not exactly sure how much I drink a day but it is all I drink besides one cup of coffee in the mornings. I keep it on my desk all day.

  34. I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  35. Not nearly enough; if I’m good, about 3 cups.

  36. I drink about 6 cups of water a day

  37. I’ll admit that I don’t drink enough water. It’s what my kids prefer though and I’m happy about that.

  38. I’m not sure exactly but it’s basically the only liquid I drink. I always have a water bottle with me.

  39. I drink over a gallon of water each day.. Hydration is key!

  40. I drink 8 glasses a day.

  41. I drink about 8-10 glasses a day!

  42. About 3 or 4 glasses.

  43. I try and drink 2 water bottles a day. I should probably drink more water though.

  44. I drink about 30 oz or so, This varies according to temperature and activity level.

  45. 8 glasses of water a day.

  46. I am working on losing weight and make sure to drink at least 120 ounces of water every day. 🙂

  47. Not enough lately 2-3 cups day…need to re-up to 6-8 stat!

  48. I have one cup of coffee in the morning. The rest of the day I drink water.

  49. Sadly I don’t drink enough water during the day. I really need to start drinking more water.

  50. I drink about four glasses a day but it should be more !

  51. I only drink about two glasses a day – but I’m trying to do more!

  52. 4-8 glasses depending on the day, more in the summer when its hot

  53. i drink about 2 litres a day

  54. It`s sad to admit, but I only drink about 3 glasses a day.

  55. I gotta be honest..I hardly ever drink water but my kids drink lots. My top goal is to start drinking more watwr and no soda pop!

  56. I drink about 80 oz. a day.

  57. I drink 6-8 large tervis cups of water a day

  58. I love water but I’m not sure exactly how much I drink. Maybe 6-8 glasses a day. We live in the Comox Valley and are constantly on boil water advisories all winter long. This Zero Water system would be wonderful to have. Thank you 🙂

  59. I drink at least glasses a day. It’s very important to stay hydrated!

    • *8

  60. I drink maybe 2-3 glasses of water a day but I’m working on trying to drink more.

  61. i dont drink near enough. only about 3 cups

  62. I drink approx 10 glasses of water a day. I do not drink coffee/tea so my main drink is water!

  63. I drink at least nine cups of water a day and two cups of tea 🙂

  64. I drink between two and three litres a day

  65. I drink 3-4 bottles a day. Sometimes more,sometimes less.

  66. I drink about 8 glasses. If I’m working I end up drinking less. I definitely need to work on this!

  67. I have no idea really. I just chug a glassful whenever I am thirsty, which is.. often? The glass is 8 oz I think. I will chug a whole glass several times a day. LOL But then I’m up peeing all night………………………..

  68. When I am at work 8 to 10 glasses a day on the weekend not so much maybe 1 or 2

  69. I drink water with meals.

  70. Tell me, how much water do you drink a day?

    lots of coffee,and a few bottles a day

  71. I drink about 72 ounces a day

  72. 3 or 4 glasses a day

  73. About five glasses a day.need more

  74. 2-3 tall glasses a day when I am at work. For some reason I don’t drink as much water when I am home.

  75. I drink about two litres of water a day; some days a little more, some a little less.

  76. I drink at least 7 or 8 huge cups of water a day.

  77. I know I don’t drink enough, maybe 2 or 3 glasses.

  78. I have water with me all them time, so it’s hard for me to tell, but I’d say anywhere between 7-11 glasses a day on average.

  79. I don’t drink much during the day because I’m so busy and I forget.

  80. I drink a pitcher of water a day. I fill it up in the morning, and make sure it’s empty by evening.

  81. I drink about 5-6 glasses a day,water is my beverage of choice!

  82. We all drink as much as possible!

  83. All I drink is water and tea! I drink about three glasses a day. Probably not as much as we are supposed to 🙁 Recently north of Milwaukee had trouble with their water. So I am constantly worried about the water I drink. I worry for the people in Detroit for their tainted water, too.

  84. I don’t drink much water – I should – but I love to chew on ice all day

  85. I’m convinced our water is bad so we need to try this

  86. 2-3 cups day

  87. I think I drink about 5 glasses of water a day. I make a pitcher of water with cucumber slices and a couple of small squeezed limes and have this in the fridge. I like this much better than plain water and drink more this way.

  88. Not enough – usually only a glass a day.

  89. I drink about 3 litres a day.

  90. I do not drink enough water per day. Maybe 1-2 cups.

  91. as much as i can

  92. not much about one glass a day

  93. 4 glasses a day?

  94. When I am thinking about it…… 8 glasses for sure But there are times it will be 5 or 6.

  95. I like to think I drink a lot of water but I don’t think it’s enough. I have a 1.5l bottle that I fill every day & carry around with me but I don’t even finish that a lot of the time.

  96. I drink anywhere from 5 to 8 glasses of water daily.

  97. i try to drink 12 cups because i am pregnant, I have an app on my phone that reminds me 🙂

  98. I drink about 5-8 glasses a day. Still breast feeding so I need to drink more!

  99. I must admit I do not drink enough water in a day to keep me well hydrated. I drink on average 4-5 glasses of water.

  100. I drink about a 1liter a day of water…sometime 2 in the summer months.

  101. I aim for about 50 oz of water a day, or about 2-3 refills of my water bottle!

  102. I don’t drink a lot of water but I drink a lot of tea. My kids drink a lot of water which I’m very glad they do.

  103. I don’t drink much at all.

  104. Generally 8 to 10 glasses of water a day

  105. I drink 3 to 4 glasses of water a day.

  106. I drink tons of water since I have taken soda out of my diet.

  107. I drink a lot of water and I even different flavors into the water

  108. A couple of glasses of water but a lot of coffee!

  109. 3 cups but working on more!

  110. 8 glasses

  111. On an average (good) day i drink about 6-8 250ml bottles.
    this would be a great prize to win as I cannot financially keep up with buying bottles of water, I mgiht actually drink more if I had this! thanks for the opportunity!

  112. I usually drink 4-5 cups a day; I need to drink more.

  113. I usually drink a little over 20oz. Yeah I need to drink more!

  114. I drink 2-3litres a day! Something I’m pretty proud of! I’m also pregnant and experience that intense thirst you talk about – not looking forward to the crazy breastfeeding thirst thought!

  115. I drink around 4 glasses of water daily

  116. It varies between 4 to 8 glasses a day.

  117. LOTS! I drink 3-6 big tumblers full :]

  118. I don’t drink enough water, probably 5 glasses a day.

  119. I try to get in 3-4 glasses a day

  120. I usually drink about 16 oz. of pure water and then several glasses of other beverages.

  121. I drink a lot of water. I’d say maybe 7 cups at work.

  122. I don’t drink enough water Maybe 5 cups a day.

  123. I drink about 3 or 4 water bottles that are 16 oz each a day.

  124. I drink six to eight cups of water a day.

  125. I drink at least 100 ounces of water a day for my growing baby boy!

  126. i don’t drink nearly enough water a day, maybe this would help me!

  127. Weekdays I drink 60-80 ounces. Weekends, not so much.

  128. 4 cups

  129. I don’t drink nearly as much water as I need to, its something that i struggle with and hope by winning this, could help!

  130. I drink 8-10 glasses of water and tea every day! 🙂

  131. only about 4-5 glasses a day. need to increase though!

  132. I aim for 3 litres, especially when I’m pregnant!

  133. I usually try to get at least one cup in but sometimes I find myself drinking a bit more or less.

  134. I know I don’t drink enough water…For some reason it’s tough for me. Likely 3 glasses is the average…

  135. I try to drink about a gallon a day. I often fall short as I get busy and forget to keep up. Especially in the winter months.

  136. I’d say I drink about 6-8 glasses a day

  137. I try to drink 8 glasses a day… try to. Some days I hit it and some just under…


  138. I don’t drink enough, maybe a few glasses a day.

  139. I usually drink between 6-8 bottles of water a day.

  140. I drink 3-4 bottles of water a day. Thanks.

  141. I drink at least 3 bottles a day sometimes more

  142. I drink 2 bottles a day

  143. I try to drink a couple glasses but really should drink more water….less coffee.

  144. 5 or 6 glasses per day!

  145. i’m not sure, but i know i would like and need to drink more.

  146. I am for 5 16ounce bottles but I average 3 1/2 to 4

  147. Not as much as i should in winter. A few glasses.

  148. I need to drink more. I only drink a couple glasses a day.

  149. I drink 8 glasses of water a day.

  150. I drink 3 or 4 litres of water a day 🙂 More in summer.

  151. I drink about 3 liters a days.

  152. probably only 3 a day

  153. Likely about 5 bottles of water daily for me

  154. I don’t drink plain water, but I add sugar free drink mix and drink about 2 quarts a day. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at) aol.com

  155. I drink about 2l a day my hubby drinks the equivalent of a watter jug so this would be amazing

  156. 6-8 glasses a day.

  157. 1 – Gal.

  158. I try to do 6-8 glasses a day but it’s more tea than anything and it’s usually about 4 glasses.

  159. I don’t drink enough. Maybe two glasses a day.

  160. I probably drink too much water!

  161. Honestly, I probably don’t drink enough water. I get 2-3 glasses of water a day.

  162. Definitely not enough, about 1-2 cups a day : O

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