I Love Toopy and I Love Binoo DVD’s {Giveaway}

 photo I_Love_Binoo_zpsc8zbu5qq.jpgEarlier this month we received the two new Toopy and Binoo DVDs, I Love Toopy and I Love Binoo.  They have been on a little more of a rotation than I would like to admit but the boys have been sick the last week so they have had plenty of time to watch them as they have been pretty laid up.  I have the opening song stuck in my head, but that is A-OK with me because I actually really like the show!

I recently had a laugh with some mamas about what shows they cannot possibly watch even one more episode and what they liked watching.  I can report that Toopy and Binoo are safe in hearts of these mamas!  We all agreed Toopy and Binoo was a show we felt good about letting our kids watch.  I think the reason we all like the homegrown, Canadian Toopy and Binoo is because they are sweet and care for each other.  They model what a friendship should photo I_Love_Toopy_zpsq7uuwbf0.jpg be.  They have huge imaginations just like their little viewers which really endears them to kids and parents alike.

Toopy the rat is full of energy and imagination and he is very talkative while his smaller cat friend is silent but is so expressive. In these DVD’s the episodes show how the two friends try to do special things to make their friend happy.

Each of these DVDs has 15 episodes with a run time of approximately 90 minutes so you can choose to watch just a few episodes or like me with sick kiddos you can be in for the whole DVD.  The episodes highlight the special relationship between the two friends (and Patchy-Patch of course) and takes them on adventures with Valentines, Easter, birthday and everyday themes.

Ok now we get to the part that just messes me up about them—if Binoo is a stuffed toy, (see the stitches down his tummy) then why is he animated but his plush toy Patchy-Patch is inanimate?  Is it because Binoo lives in Toopy’s sweet imagination?  Please tell me I am not the only one out there that wonders about this!?

 photo c5e424a6-812c-4802-928c-c710ea356bcf_zps9wyg5t0z.jpg

Toopy and Binoo made a sick day home with the kids a little better! Even with tummy bugs they were both smiling!


WIN IT: One lucky Canadian reader will win both DVDs (approx. $30 value). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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36 responses to “I Love Toopy and I Love Binoo DVD’s {Giveaway}”

  1. Love how sweet they are 🙂 thanks for the chance to win.

  2. i love the fact that it catches my sons attention easily.

  3. it keeps my son entertainted

  4. I don’t really love Toopy & Binoo, but I like that its Canadian, and my boys sure do love it. My youngest son loves Patchy Patch the best. He even has a stuffed Patchy Patch that he sleeps with 🙂

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I will have a chance to watch it with my kid.

  6. I love that they are so funny.

  7. We love all their fun adventures

  8. They are my son’s favourite and make him so happy, which of course makes me happy. He had the opportunity to meet them last Fall which was something we’ll always remember!

  9. My granddaughters love toopy and binoo its there favorite show because its fun to watch

  10. it’s so cute, shows lots creativity & love & first show to really get my girls attention,

  11. My son loves when the sing and dance, my daughter loves the missions they always go on. Very cute show.

  12. I like all the crazy and imaginative adventures that toopy and binoo goes on!!

  13. I love how happy they are all the time!

  14. It keeps my niece entertained, and I don’t have to worry about what it’s teaching her.

  15. I love that they always have positive messages and that my children learn and love to watch Toopy and Binoo.

  16. I love the fact that the cat is small and the mouse is large. My ggson doesn’t seem to see anything unusual about that although they have a large cat as a pet.
    I find it amazing that this is accepted so well. They are good friends and It is a wonderful cartoon which my ggson loves to watch.

  17. They are cute and the kids love em!

  18. I love that Toopy and Binoo make my daughter smile.

  19. I like that the kids get excited when it comes on.

  20. I love that grown-ups (well me anyway!) can enjoy the humour in the show. Binoo is almost witty even though he never says a word!

  21. I love that they are full of imagination and fun!

  22. they are funny and entertaining, even I like watching them!

  23. I don’t know much about them but my little cousins probably love them because they’re cute!

  24. I love that they are funny and they make my kids laugh

  25. I don’t know anything about these 2 characters. Trying to win for my grand-nieces.

  26. How the whole show keeps my son entertained!

  27. I love how adorable they are.

  28. They are cute and the kids love them.

  29. I love that they are so whimsical.

  30. I love that it’s a show that I can turn on for my son to watch, that will keep him entertained.

  31. I love that they are age appropriate for my little one.

  32. My niece loves them and I love that they are full of imagination and fun!…

  33. My grandson loves them he laughs and it really keeps him entertained and he watches Toopie and Binoo everyday 🙂

  34. Toopy and Binoo make my son smile and that makes me happy!

  35. I love how happy they make the kids when we turn it on.

  36. I love that they are kind and playful, but not over the top.

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