LeapPad2 Power Kids Tablet {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}


Looking for the perfect holiday gift for children 3-9 years old? Consider the LeapPad2™ Power learning tablet this year. Children can use the LeapPad2 to create, learn and explore exciting apps, games, eBooks, videos and more!

The LeapPad2 features a 5″ touch screen and stylus, front and back cameras/video recorders, 4GB of internal storage and a rechargeable battery pack with AC adaptor so you don’t have to buy batteries for it!

We received a LeapPad2 Power and our 3-year-old loves it. He loves the Art Studio and the front camera because he can take photos of himself and use the Photo Lab app to edit them and add fun effects. He also enjoys the videos and eBooks.

I really appreciate that the LeapPad2 comes with the batteries charged to allow children to play with the device right out of the box. I hate when little ones are super excited about a toy and you have to tell them to wait for a few hours before being able to play. Not with the LeapPad2.

I found that the set-up, registration and download process was super easy and fast and the LeapPad was ready to go within a few minutes. We got out free app and my 3-year-old was super happy playing with it right away.


The LeapPad2 Power comes loaded with 9 apps including:

  • Art Studio App
  • Photo Lab App
  • Pet Pad App
  • Utility Suite
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Note Pad
  • Clock with Stopwatch
  • LeapFrog Learning Songs (5 songs included)

Plus you get to choose 1 of 3 apps to download for FREE.

I really like the quality of the images and the screen and the fact that everything loads pretty fast and it transitions between apps without a long wait. This is specially important when you have an impatient toddler!

Something that I really appreciate about the LeapPad2 Power is that it features high-impact side bumpers and a rugged, rubberized frame that is kid-tough and durable, very important when my clumsy 3-year-old is going to be using it all the time.


LeapFrog offers a complete library of over 800 games, eBooks, apps and videos that are educational and inspire kids through play. I like that they are categorized by age group and you can easily download them on your computer and transfer them to the device.

You can also connect to the LeapFrog Learning Path to see the details of your child’s play and learning, including their levels achieved, skills practiced and recently played games. I like being able to keep track of his progress.

The LeapPad2™ Power tablet is a great first tablet for children and it would make a wonderful holiday gift! Just imagine their excitement when unwrapping their gift!


2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Requires 4 NiMH batteries. (Batteries are included.)

LeapPad2 Power Dimensions:
5.2 x 7.0 x 1.0 inches
Package Dimensions:
12.0 x 11.5 x 3.0 inches
Package Weight:
2.0 lbs


Leap Frog Touch Magic

Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a Touch Magic Ocean Music School from LeapFrog (pictured above). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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183 responses to “LeapPad2 Power Kids Tablet {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}”

  1. a hug me elmo

  2. zoomer dog

  3. Anything princess 🙂

  4. “Everything” Barbie 😀

  5. these toys are really great for learning

  6. stompeez the bunny ones which happen to be discontinued oh joy lol

  7. anything ‘vehicle’ related lol

  8. My son loves all leap frog products

  9. Infinity for DS5 and an Activity Cube for DS15Months

  10. Have lots of kids in my life this would be awesome for ty

  11. a leap pad!

  12. My youngest, who would play with this, is wanting anything Daniel Tiger…he is obsessed!!

  13. My little girl said she wants a doll and teddy bear.

  14. anything barney

  15. barbies

  16. Everything! Each time she sees a commercial, she says, I want that! She does love baby dolls, so definitely getting that.

  17. monster high

  18. A baby doll 🙂

  19. Just Dance 2014 for Nintendo wii!

  20. Anything Daniel Tiger! Even though he doesn’t talk yet, I know it would be on the top of his wish list 🙂 He’s slightly obsessed!

  21. he wants dinosaurs!

  22. She has asked for a Monster High doll & puzzle

  23. Just saw the CAN requirement. oops. Should not have entered. Please ignore my entries, and I really enjoy your blog!

  24. something Mickey Mouse he love him


  26. my middle relly wants a leappad and a remote control motorcycle

  27. Leappad 2 (although he is only 2 1/2 and doesnt know he wants one yet – so far he says he just wants a candy cane)

  28. Grandson would love the leappad

  29. My 2 yr old daughter asked Santa for books this yr

  30. big hugs elmo!

  31. John Deere for my little farmer!

  32. My daughter wants the Lego friends heartlake city pool.

  33. hot wheels on the wall track

  34. Hug me Elmo 🙂

  35. big hugs elmo!

  36. big hugs elmo and barbie

  37. barbies and Farm stuff

  38. My youngest wants anything Bubble Guppies. My middle child wants a squeaky polar bear. My oldest wants a Barbie Car

  39. Anything Princess…bug hugs elmo and books

  40. Anything train or technology related would make him happy

  41. My son wants Lego Chima Chi Palace and my daughter wants a train.

  42. My 5 year old and 3 year old boys are really into robots recently and playing doctor 🙂 So toys related to that may be fun for them.

  43. My daughter wants a Big Hugs Elmo!

  44. My son wants a big hugs elmo…I want hugs too 🙂

  45. bouncy balls….seriously, i think we can swing that:)

  46. Big Hugs Elmo is on my son’s Christmas list.

  47. They want everything they see, but mostly jewelry and hair accessories.

  48. Barbie Dreamhouse is on the wishlist!

  49. anything she can chew on. and a first tooth

  50. My girls want expensive technology hehe, thank you:)

  51. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

  52. Maybe a Big Hugs Elmo

  53. A tablet!

  54. My little one really wants a Big Hugs Elmo and the Furreal Daisy kitty cat!

  55. Anything that makes noise and lights up!

  56. Barbie dream house and big hugs Elmo are on the lists here.

  57. Lego sets

  58. Hug Me Elmo, train set, Leap Pad,toy trains and cars and trucks.

  59. princess twilight sparkle and hot wheels.

  60. Cars and Mater

  61. My youngest wants Doc McStuffins playsets.

  62. I think my daughter would like the Big Hugs Elmo.

  63. My son wants a crane, and a Thomas and friends train table

  64. A leappad is on the wishlist

  65. Monster High “Anything” 🙂

  66. A guitar and puzzles

  67. Pretty much anything and everything he sees!

  68. I want one

  69. Lots of books.

  70. anything LEGO

  71. Playskool Show Cam is on the list, thanks!

  72. My older daughter has asked for a tablet, which she is not getting, and a necklace with “any charm” on it, which Santa is going to bring. My younger daughter can’t talk yet, so she hasn’t asked for anything. 🙂

  73. Big Hugs Elmo

  74. She wants makeup!

  75. too many video games
    this would be much better

  76. 2 of my sons would like a robot and a fire truck.

  77. Elmo

  78. an ipod or laptop not sure though money really tight

  79. My boys want blocks or cars.

  80. we’ve already celebrated chanukah this year, and my almost 3 year old daughter was most thrilled by the dora stickers she got!

  81. anything mickey mouse.. blocks, trains, clothes.

  82. my son would love : mater, mcqueen, sally, bubble guppies, little mermaid, elmo, the list goes on and on and on lol

  83. my kids have said “everything”. I translated that to transformers, board games and elmo lol

  84. Fisher Price Farm set

  85. Anything pink and girlie

  86. my grandson is really into dinosaurs this year and his sister into Little Pony and anything to do with Princesses.

  87. He want a “Power Rangers Power Morpher”.

  88. Anything Elmo, Sesame Street, Dora, Toopy and Binoo, and fun interactive toys!

  89. some more duplo

  90. books

  91. My son wants transformers and my daughter wants My little ponies 😀

  92. A Barbie doll that flies and spins in the air.

  93. My granddaughter wants the new ELMO

  94. My child wants the Elmo that hugs and dump trucks 🙂

  95. My granddaughter says she wants a firetruck

  96. Anything Lego

  97. My little girl wants a “peepee, poopoo doll” otherwise known as Baby Alive

  98. Switch and go dino lol

  99. My niece has a special doll and accessories on her dream list.

  100. Big Hugs Elmo.

  101. Lego, a Dump Truck and Minions!

  102. lots of Duplo and Hotwheels wall tracks for my boys!

  103. my son wants any Thomas the Tank Engine toys and DVD`s

  104. A leap frog scout

  105. Anything Angry Birds!

  106. He wants a train set!

  107. anything lego

  108. This year, its all about the boxes the toys come in!

  109. building blocks

  110. By little (umm big one) wants an XBOX ONE this year.

  111. She follows her older brothers and wants lego!

  112. Elmo

  113. Flutterbye fairy

  114. A special baby doll

  115. my little pony

  116. “I don’t know” is the answer I get every time I ask her

  117. My l’il man’s wish list changes every third day when he sees a commercial on tv. 🙂 But, he is always trying to get his hands on the ipad mini so this would be a lovely distraction and educationally – more appropriate. Thanks for the chance!

  118. hug me elmo

  119. anything minnie mouse! 😉

  120. Big Hugs Elmo

  121. anything with wheels or a screen lol

  122. Great Product-My daughter wanted this but I didn’t have the money to get it this year.

  123. Skylanders giants

  124. she wants a ton of movies!

  125. LeapPad Ultra is on her wishlist!

  126. she doesn’t have a wish list this year – but she likes anything with lights and music

  127. Games, games and more games..lol

  128. the elefun

  129. My little one’s not so little and wants gift cards

  130. Duplo

  131. Big hugs elmo

  132. a furby

  133. This would be great for car trips.

  134. Hug Me Elmo

  135. The Furby Boom

  136. a scooter

  137. my son would like a tank!

  138. My grandson wants Lego!

  139. My niece is 2 months old, so I would imagine all that’s on her wish list is mommy’s milk and clean diapers. Too bad Santa doesn’t change diapers 😉

  140. big hug elmo

  141. Talking Lambie

  142. a barbie doll house

  143. a Lalalopsie

  144. Leappad2

  145. my nieces and nephews are much younger than my children and they are the oldest one got a ds last year and now the youngest wishes she had something like that she could play. but she loves little people play sets.

  146. Merry christmas Emma ..this woul be great!

  147. A doll house and barbies

  148. Everything Doc McStuffin, the older ones want the new XBox one!!

  149. DVDs are always a favorite

  150. My little pony

  151. a tonka truck set and a leapfrog tablet

  152. 3ds for 5 year old and not sure about 2 year old ( he is non verbal ) but we got him that jumpsport trampoline , puzzle, game, books and Thomas things 🙂 Baby…she just wants a boob and a bed :p

  153. My little boy has asked for a bike!

  154. A hot wheel!

  155. She likes Laptop so a LeapFrog Laptop.

  156. Anything from the Little People series

  157. My daughter wants a housecoat and slippers.

  158. Shes only 16 months so she doesn’t have a wish list. But we got her a wooden train, puzzles, and more!

  159. Anything Barbie!

  160. my oldest any thing games , middle one music and art , and my baby girl is dolls 🙂

  161. A musical drum.

  162. Anything princess. She is my little princess though so I am happy to oblige

  163. Leapfrog is by far the best educational toys out there

  164. Dora tent

  165. My daughter has asked for a guitar.

  166. At the moment she is a huge Dora fan, anything Dora. She’s also been playing with barbie type dolls a lot.

  167. my daughter wants zoomer the dog.

  168. My kids would love this!

  169. roller skates

  170. Noah wants more ‘guys’ as he calls them. Those are little people type of sets that he can play with haha. He also wants new disney movies 🙂

  171. Lego!

  172. barbie dreamhouse us on the top of her list

  173. Anything Super Mario Bros.

  174. Legos and video games

  175. anything Barbie.

  176. I love educational toys.

  177. My daughter asked for a dinosaur

  178. For Chanukah this year my daughter received dress up clothes, puzzles and her new most favorite the LeapFrog Scribble and Write tablet.

  179. A remote control car and legos!

  180. Books, soft toys!

  181. Dinosaurs, ken doll, indespicable me characters and the list goes on lol

  182. anything Thomas the Engine

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