Lil’ Sidekick: Keep your Child’s Stuff Off Of Germy Floors {Giveaway}

lil sidekicks

Little ones love the throwing game, they throw their toys, cups and spoons on the floor all the time! Us parents, we don’t love it as much, besides we worry about losing their stuff and all the germs they pick up on the dirty floors.

Enter Lil’ Sidekick™, a simple solution that keeps your child’s things secured to everyday items like high chairs, strollers, exer-saucers and more.  No more throwing items out of reach or on the floor at the mall or at the store.

I received a Lil’ Sidekick™ to try and I must say that I love it! With a newborn at home and lots of pacifiers all over the house I have been using it daily. I absolutely love that I can adjust it easily to fit any handle and I can use it to keep the pacifiers attached to the swing, the stroller, the car seat, baby carrier and more!

What I like the most about the Lil’ Sidekick™ is that it can be used with a variety of toys, water cups, bottles, spoons and more. It means that once baby is older I can continue to use it for other items and not just for pacifiers, so versatile!

The  Lil’ Sidekick™ is dishwasher safe, made in the US and it is phthalates and BPA free!

If you are tired of picking up dirty items off the floor all the time and losing their toys then I recommend you invest in a couple of Lil’ Sidekicks™, they are only $16.99 and they come in a variety of fun colours.

lil sidekicks

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Lil’Sidekick. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso,  Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample! 

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58 responses to “Lil’ Sidekick: Keep your Child’s Stuff Off Of Germy Floors {Giveaway}”

  1. I would love a little side kick because it would be a great way to teach my daughter that her spoons, etc don’t belong on the floor (and that she shouldn’t throw them while in her high chair) – she’ll love the little stuffies and will want to make use of them!

  2. I’d love to try it because my 19 month old is currently going through a “throw everything on the floor when done with it” phase and it is driving me nuts. Plus, with my second due in less than 3 weeks, it’ll come in handy again with her as well.

  3. I would love to try the Little Sidekick because Boo always ALWAYS manages to throw her toys on the ground on the skytrain. If she is out with daddy we don’t get these toys back because neither of them is paying enough attention to notice they are gone. This would help for sure!

  4. I would love this for outings to avoid stuff falling on the germy floors!

  5. I would like to win this for my nefew whos due n e day

  6. looks like a great (and cute!) way to keep stuff clean and within reach

  7. not only are they cute, my new grandson could use one.

  8. as much as I loved my kids the Pick Up game could get really frustrating after while. I think this product is genius and I would love to have one!

  9. I’d like to win since this would be perfect for my granddaughter.

  10. I would use the Lil’ Sidekick in several different ways. When using the stroller to keep toys and sippy cups from landing on the floor and being lost. In the car to keep the same things from falling on the floor and not being able to retrieve them while driving.

  11. I would love my cousin to try a Lil’ Sidekick ‘cos it’s always good to have extra hands & this will definitely be a helping hand.

  12. This is a great invention I wish I had it with my first he was extremely messy but now with my 3rd oh my she is starting to want to stand in her high chair eat everywhere and she throws everything and dumps food out ….. this would be so handy

  13. It would really help keep track of things, including my sanity…

  14. would love to win!

  15. my little one is now starting to toss things from the stroller. Actually toss stuff from anywhere. Enough said lol.

  16. My girlfriend is expecting her first baby and I would love to gift her with a L’Il Sidekick. I know how important it is for first time moms to keep their children safe from germs.

  17. I would love one for traveling. My daughter is always dropping her blanket or sippy cup on the floor.

  18. It would be perfect for my granddaughter she throws everything on the ground

  19. My son keeps throwing/ dropping things lately, so this wouldbe great!

  20. seems like a great idea to keep things from falling and the dog grabbing whatever fell.

  21. I had something like this made by a local crafter and it was a lifesaver. My son would pitch EVERYthing out of his stroller

  22. it will be great to keep my grandson from throwing spoons out of his highchair when eating.

  23. i think this product would save my back:)

  24. my son is always throwing things on the ground

  25. Because my daughter is constantly throwing things off her high chair!

  26. I would love it for when we go shopping or other public places,you never know what’s on those floors and when “pinky” falls,there is a screaming match until she is retrieved.

  27. I would like a Lil’ Sidekick because it would prevent my son to lose all of his toys when we are running errands!

  28. My daughter likes having her sippy cup in her stroller, but it doesn’t fit in the stroller’s tray holes. She tries a few times to get the cup to sit properly, and when it doesn’t, she throws it out of the stroller. I’ve run over it a few times, so the Lil’ Sidekick would help keep her sippy cup safe and sound.

  29. Would love to try this bc my 17 month old constantly throws his toy or sippy cup out of the stroller 🙂

  30. Useing a lil’ sidekick would really help when you are in public so you don’t have to worry about washing and re washing when things fall on the floor/ ground.

  31. I would love one because my little boy is just at that stage where he loves throwing everything out of carts, his highchair, his carseat etc.

  32. This would be great for keeping my son’s beloved stuffed toys off the floor.

  33. I would love to win one of these, so my baby doesn’t lose get pacifiers!

  34. I would love to win one of these so my baby doesn’t lose her pacifiers!

  35. I would like to win so my kids (mostly the youngest) wont throw their toys/cups out of the stroller on the groung or floor

  36. I would love one for my friend who is due with her first little one in May! This looks like a great product, mine are passed the stage of throwing things or dropping everything but she would love this!

  37. this would be great when going out of the house

  38. What a fantastic idea! Sure would have com e in handy when my youngest was younger. LOL

  39. I would looove this for my son’s sippy cups. He throws them down when he’s in the his high chair all the time and it dents the wood floor everytime they land.

  40. My 9 month old just drops everything from his high chair. This is a great idea.

  41. I have soon to be 3 kids and 2 hands…

    Just can’t do everyone for everyone anymore.

  42. I would love to win this for my sister. She just had a baby and I know what it is like to have younger ones also. They are constantly dropping/throwing things and this is the perfect way to help resolve that as well as avoid those many runs to the sink to rinse things off because they fell on the floor.

  43. I’d love to try it because it sounds like it will be extremely helpful day to day.

  44. I think this would help keep track of things and lose less.

  45. My grand daughter is always throwing her cup onto the floor. This would help a lot .

  46. my son needs this to hold on to his cups

  47. would love to win this for my niece!

  48. It looks cute and is a great way to keep from losing toys and cups.

  49. I would love this because our stroller has a belly bar but no snack tray/cup holder. We could hook our daughter’s cups onto the bar and not have to worry about her tossing them.

  50. What a sanitary idea!

  51. I’d love to try this because my baby constantly drops her sippy cups, bottles, snack cups, toys etc and this would be sooo handy – at least when they fell they wouldn’t end up out of the stroller, under the car seat etc if they were attached to this!

  52. I would love to win this because it would make stroller walks so much easier!! Limiting the amount of things which go flying out of the stroller! 🙂

  53. It’s a great idea and my daughter would be able to use it. She will soon be in a high chair.

  54. This would be great for keeping toys clean!

  55. I would love to try it as my son always throws his stuff on the floor. This will teach him not to do that and it will be great for outdoors.

  56. With my second child due in May this would be so handy to have for any outings to try and keep things with us (no losing things) and maybe a little cleaner!

  57. This would be nice to have to keep my daughter’s things germ-free

  58. My daughter loves to throw things so this would keep them clean!

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