Making Memories This Holiday Season {Disney Baby Giveaway}


The holidays are the perfect time to create magical memories with your family. We love December and as we prepare to celebrate Christmas we have a couple of family traditions that help make this cold season warmer and more fun. Family traditions and special holiday customs are important and little ones love participating!

Every year close to December 1st we put our Christmas tree and decorations up. This year we played some classic Christmas songs and decorated the tree with the help of our 4-year-old. He really enjoyed picking his favourite ornaments and placing them on the tree himself while his little brother watched.  So fun!


We also visit Santa Clause and get a family photo with him. We have been doing it every year since our first was born and I love the tradition. It was fun to go through the photos from last year to see that in last year’s photo I had a baby bump. This is our youngest very first Santa picture.

santa xmas

Whether it’s hanging stockings, buying goofy gifts or sharing family meals, it’s the little details that make the holidays so wonderful. It’s never too early to create magical memories with your little ones! This time Disney Baby has put together some wonderful ideas for family traditions you can start today. Take a look below:

Create a countdown

Find a fun way to prepare for the big day! Whether it’s creating a homemade advent calendar filled with great goodies or reading holiday books like Christmas Around the World in the evenings before the main event, you and your little one can share in the gleeful anticipation of the holiday magic to come.

Trim the tree

Dedicate some family time to decorating your tree together. Give your little ones ornaments that are all their own, so they have special roles to play every year. You can also take this time to explain your family’s history: try sharing stories about your favourite trimmings to show your wee one how special their contribution really is!

Share festive tunes

Embrace the holiday season with some merry music! Teach your little one your favourite festive songs and practice together as a family. If you’re feeling really ambitious, why not put together a little concert? You and your baby can perform seasonal classics together for a group of family and friends.

Bake some sweet treats

What better time of year to introduce your wee one to the magic of the kitchen? Why not work together to bake sugar cookies or gingerbread men, and then let your little one loose with sprinkles, icing and other sweet toppings. Use cookie cutters to construct fun and festive shapes – you can even create your favourite Disney characters!

Pose for a picture

Take a family photo to share on a card, or keep a special holiday album that will grow as your children do. To keep things interesting, try choosing a fun theme: you can all wear holiday PJs or goofy reindeer ears – coming up with a new one every year is a great way to share some cheer together. If it’s your baby’s first holiday, why not preserve the memory of your little elf in a customizable photo frame?

What are your family traditions for the Holiday season?


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Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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26 responses to “Making Memories This Holiday Season {Disney Baby Giveaway}”

  1. Our tradition over the past few years have been to spend Christmas at home. We would spend the entire Christmas Eve and Day in our jammies (nice and comfy). It allows us to enjoy family time without having to rush around. On the 26th, we then head to my in-laws place (a couple of hours away) and stay at a lovely hotel for a couple of days.

  2. We always get everyone new pjs that we open on Christmas eve

  3. We always ride the Stanley Park train and bake/decorate cookies together to hand out to our neighbours.

  4. We decorate the tree together on christmas eve we get into our new pj’s and watch a Christmas movie together as a family, although this year may be slightly different as we are hosting our family Christmas dinner that night

  5. We always go to my Moms house on Xmas morning to open presents.

  6. we always have Christmas eve at my grand parents and Christmas day my husband, daughter, and now we have a baby girl and I, open presents early, have a big breakfast and then watch Christmas movies all day

  7. I love our 3 generation tradition, Dec. 26 is our “Turkey Soup” Day, the kids all come over and we feast on homemade turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and lots of goodies! No stress…..good times!

  8. Christmas Eve is alwyas family game night!

  9. everyone, adults and kids, who owns a Snowmobile or Quad
    bring them to the farm and spend an afternoon playing in the
    snow. Lots of rosy cheeks and stories to tell when they come
    in for the big meal.

  10. We go on a Christmas light tour in our town on Christmas eve, then come home and have hot chocolate

  11. I love decorating the house and tree , we turn the holiday music really loud and bake . We make a whole afternoon out of it , so fun ! 😀

  12. we still do stockings

  13. We get together Christmas eve, celebrate my brother’s bday, and then cook Christmas dinner together, eat and then exchange gifts! Sometimes we play games afterwards depending on how we’re all feeling 🙂

  14. We have a delicious European dinner on Christmas eve. I also decorate my wheelchair with Christmas lights.

  15. we build our annual Gingerbread house, though not always a house,we have made a farm yard with barn,church,princess castle..I fill it with candy and little toys/gadgets while assembling it/before decorating and on New Years Day they get to smash it open. The tradition of smashing it open started when my son was around 2 and took his Tonka back hoe to it with out me seeing… the next year we let him and the tradition they use a hammer but the spirit of the tradition is there!

  16. We do every activity there is to do in Vancouver – Stanley Park train, Vandusen, Christmas market, etc… we do a Christmas Eve box with new jammies and a Christmas movie and treats.

  17. We cut a fresh tree to bring home and decorate.

  18. Our family traditions for the Holiday season are to gather at my aunt’s house, have a great meal & enjoy trifle which is now the job of my cousin – still delicious

  19. Our only tradition is a steak and lobster dinner. Other than that, we go to see all our family on different days.

  20. We get together Christmas eve at one families’ home and exchange gifts.

  21. Elf on the Shelf has become one of our favorite traditions!

  22. We cut down our own tree (well, hubby does–and we decorate the tree with mostly handmade ornaments, including a popcorn and cranberry garland.

  23. We love picking out our Christmas tree at the farm and then decorating with my parents.

  24. I tweeted the wrong link today! here is the correct one sorry!

  25. Spending Christmas Eve at my aunt’s house and Christmas day at my Grandma’s house.

  26. Every Christmas eve we all get new pyjamas and watch Christmas movies together.

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