NEW All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid

All Access Organizer

Traditional bins and containers work well for organizing and storing items, but finding and retrieving those items can often be difficult -especially if they are at the bottom of a stack of containers.

We have that problem with items we store in our garage and other areas of our home. I really dislike lifting heavy containers to get to the bottom of the stack, besides after all the lifting and moving you may find that items were moved and they are no longer in the same spot. Frustrating!

Enter the new All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid. The All Access Organizers feature a clear, drop-down door that can be used to see and retrieve wanted items without having to un-stack the containers or shift their contents. Such a practical solution!

We received a four pack of their medium size  totes and I absolutely love that I get to see what I have where without worrying about heavy lifting and lots of stacking and unstacking to find an item.  They are fabulous to store toys, sheets and towels, crafts, office papers and anything that needs organizing around the house as well.

All access organizers

The All Access Organizers come in three sizes and they are available at Walmart and The Home Depot.

Small – MSRP: $14.99 19.5” L x 17.5” W x 11.6” H
Medium – MSRP: $16.99 19.5” L x 17.5” W x 15.1” H
Large – MSRP: $19.99 22” L x 17.5” W x 15.1” H

Right now Rubbermaid wants to help you organize your home and they have some great prizes up for grabs on their Facebook page and a chance to have either Clare Kumar or Ramsin Khachi (design superstars) help organize your home. To learn more about it, please visit their Facebook page HERE.

Win it: Rubbermaid is also offering one lucky Canadian reader the chance to WIN a four pack of All Access containers (Medium Size). A $70 value! Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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204 responses to “NEW All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid”

  1. i would organize my lotions from bath and body works, and photo albums

  2. I would organize the kids playroom or my crafts in these cool bins!

  3. i would use it to organize my messy basement

  4. I would organize all of my games and spare cables for my computer. I’m nerdy like that.

  5. OMG I totally need this to organize my dozens of boxes of medical supplies. I might actually be able to find something.

  6. i would use them for my crafts/my knitting and sewing stuff

  7. I would store all my baseball cards

  8. I would organize my kids games and art supplies.

  9. I am moving into a new place, what wouldn’t I organize with these babies? My research work, sweaters, foodstuffs.. the works!

  10. I would use them to organize the bathroom for all my hair care products.

  11. I would use it to clean up the kids toys 🙂

  12. I would organize my home office.

  13. clothes or shoes!

  14. Without a doubt my term papers and school stuff. Not to mention my coin collection will finally have a real home.

  15. I would use them in my home office and sewing room

  16. We’d use it for craft supplies!

  17. clothes

  18. I would use these Rubbermaid totes for the things my son is taking with him to school

  19. I would organize all my bills and important papers.

  20. I would use these contariners to store my kindergarten resources

    pam w h

  21. I would put all my cleaning products and laundry products in it.

    Thanks 🙂

  22. I would used the containers to organize all the hand me downs for my youngest daughter

  23. In my laundry room to get all those bottles and boxes off my

  24. I would use them to organize my kids closets with all of their toys.

  25. I would either use them to organise the laundry room or my closet

  26. I would use them to organize my son’s stuffed animals.

  27. I would organize my medical supplies, clothes & shoes.

  28. Kids toys, crafts and clothes!!

  29. I would use them to organize all my papers for work and school.

  30. I would use it to sort recyclables.

  31. I would organize the laundry and cleaning supplies

  32. toys!!!!

  33. TOYS (specifically lego and dinkie cars) and into my sons closet it would go!

  34. I would use it to organize camping supplies

  35. I would use them for storing our camping stuff during the winter months. Each year we seem to accumulate more and more things.

  36. I’d organize my yarn & knitting supplies.

  37. I’d store all my daughters clothes that she doesn’t fit yet!

  38. my craft supplies

  39. I would store toys and crafts!

  40. My sons video games, electronics, chargers, etc and excess transformers, toys, etc.

  41. My documents.

  42. I would use them in my son’s room for his lego collections and also use them for off season clothing

  43. I would either use them in the kids playroom for their toys (barbies, stuffies, cars, balls) or for my laundry/sewing room for yarn, fabrics etc

  44. I would organize my sons room. these would be great because they stack (his room is small) and he can see what’s in them!

  45. i would put all my samples and free stuff in it 🙂

  46. video games and accessories

  47. I have a small place and storage is always an issue. I already know what I would put in these units and where they would go.

  48. I would organize my craft and school supplies.

  49. I would store all my important papers and all my children’s documents and accomplishments from school!

  50. Lots of “stuff” needs organizing in my house

  51. my kids toys

  52. toys

  53. Oh god, the MOUNTAIN of craft supplies. Every time I go near my storage closet I dread trying to find which container has the things I need in it.

  54. I would organize and store all my grandchildren’s toys that they play with at my house so they could easily find them..

  55. Toys for sure!

  56. I would use these for organizing my craft supplies.

  57. I would use them to organize my business supplies! (I run 4 business!)

  58. kids’ clothing

  59. I would use them to keep better organized at work

  60. I just started a home business and have piles of kids clothing in bins. This is an AWESOME solution to my problem going through the entire bin to find that one item!!! Sweet!

  61. I would organize bedding in a closet that currently has no shelves…

  62. my kids’ toys. thanks

  63. I would organize my basement and closets!

  64. I would use them for storing out of season clothes!

  65. Camping gear, clothes and summer yard items

  66. I would organize my basement. I have all these things that I have no place for and Rubbermaid containers would help me organize where everything should go!

  67. Everything needs to be organized around my house!

  68. All of our extra Christmas decorations, there seems to be so many decorations each year.

  69. looks like our office is going to have to be converted into a bedroom soon, so i’d use the bins to organise all of the office stuff

  70. I would use it for kids toys

  71. I would use the Rubbermaid All Access Organizers to store laundry, cleaning and craft supplies!

  72. These containers would make a lovely home for toys.

  73. I would organize my kids toys

  74. I would organize/store my hats/gloves/scarves using the All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid

  75. Definitely my daughter’s art supplies – they are everywhere!!!!

  76. craft supplies

  77. my yarn collection

  78. my tools

  79. All the electronic accessories. various USB cables

  80. seasonal shoes and clothes

  81. I would organize our art supplies.

  82. My craft supplies!

  83. I would organize crafts and activities for my little one

  84. I would store the kids’ toys.

  85. My closet would be great with these Rubbermaid bins with clear windows I could see where everything is, without having to open all of the boxes and other Rubbermaid bins I have. No Searching!

  86. I would store all my books. I love to read.

  87. I would use them in my office.

  88. I’d organize my kid’s closet. Summer clothes, winter clothes, accessories, etc.

  89. My son’s toys and clothes he’s outgrown but that are being kept for the next baby.

  90. toys and books

  91. I would use them for toys and to protect collectable diecast cars.

  92. I would use it to store my purses and shoes.

  93. All my cleaning supplies!

  94. toys and crafts

  95. I would organize my kids’ school and arts and crafts’ supplies

  96. Baby Clothes

  97. I would organize my home office.

  98. I would use them to organize all my daughter’s art supplies!!

  99. I have craft and office supplies I could use these to help me get organized. I also have plenty of toys and games of the grandchildren’s that I could use these Rubbermaid totes for.

  100. i would use them to organize my samples

  101. My sewing stuff! I need some serious organization!

  102. I would organize all my yarn in it

  103. Maybe the kids craft supplies, colouring books etc.

  104. I would organize my make-up and hair accessories.

  105. I’d use it for out of season clothes

  106. I would organize my daughters room!

  107. I would organize my son’s room

  108. These would be great for storing my craft supplies.

  109. I would organize my Christmas decorations

  110. I would love to organize my daughter’s toys and books!

  111. I would organize my sons books and toys

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  112. Clothing or toys

  113. All my craft and jewelry stuff!

  114. I would gift this to my sister who is having to live in a small apartment with my great-niece and needs the storage.

  115. As a teacher, I could keep all of my stuff for school in these! No more digging through boxes!

  116. I would organize some of my kids’ toys and games in these!
    Ross Olson

  117. I would use it for craft supplies.

  118. kids clothing

  119. I would love these for organizing toys and and craft supplies! Great idea!

  120. I need to win about 400 of these!

    I have a store room in the basement which would look awesome if it was all like this.
    Ditto the garage.
    My closet? Check!
    Weird giant closet in upstairs hall? Oh yeah!

    Throw some in the closets in the bedrooms for the kids? I would!

  121. I will organize my tool shed!

  122. I would use these for my sons toys. Right now they are all in a big tub and if he is looking for a certain toy he dumps everything out to try to find what he is looking for.

  123. I would organize my office supplies.

  124. kid’s toys

  125. To organized my cleaning product in the laundry room

  126. Toys, toys, toys

  127. I would store Sara’s baby things it them. They would also be good to use for crafts and scrapbooking supplies.

  128. Hello! We have quite a collection of bins in our garage that I would love to replace with these. Every time I need to find something (for example, seasonal decorations), I have to pull the whole bin out from under the other bins and then dig through, find the item I’m looking for, then re-stack the bins. It is quite the pain in the butt! I’d love to use these bins instead. Thanks for the contest.

  129. So many great uses. I’d start with The kids craft stuff.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  130. I would organize my stationery.

  131. Samples and Freebies 🙂 lol

  132. We adopted a new puppy 6 months ago and we have so many toys and accessories, this would be perfect!

  133. I will use these containers in my kids playroom. They have an endless amount of toys that are all over the place!

  134. I would organize our bills and papers- my filing system is on the floor for now lol

  135. Would use it to store balls of knitting yarn.

  136. I would organize my kids school documents and crafts!

  137. I would store paperwork – work stuff & bills

  138. Craft supplies for sure… and Thomas Train equipment!

  139. my scrapbooking supplies it would be great for that

  140. I would use it to organize my growing pile of paperwork

  141. i would put it in my laundry room and put all my laundry supplies in it.

  142. I would organize my craft supplies

  143. These would be awesome for my Cricut supplies!!

  144. I would use them to organize toys and games.

  145. I would organize my office sewing area.

  146. My cross stitch supplies.

  147. cleaning supplies

  148. I would use it to organize my room in the basement that has bins in it that I don’t remember/ can’t see what’s in them!

  149. Clothing for different seasons.

  150. I would use it to store toys!

  151. I’d use them for seasonal items and extra blankets/towels.

  152. I would organize my home office area!!

  153. Organize all our toys and the basement

  154. i would organize the arts and crafts thru out the house

  155. I would organize/store scarves/hats/gloves using the All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid

  156. I would organize craft stuff and office/school supplies!

  157. I dont have enough shelves in the storage closet and these would be great to get things off the floor.

  158. Home Office Supplies

  159. I would store Christmas presents I have already purchased.

  160. First up would be organizing sports items…balls, gloves, skates..all that fun stuff.

  161. Oh my – the top pic is sooo cute. I would use the binds to store Christmas decorations.

  162. i would put some of my stock pile in it!

  163. I’d use it to store my son’s Legos.

  164. I would organize the kids craft supplies,

  165. My office supplies and crafts. Maybe bills and receipts.

  166. Either for office supplies or for my son’s clothes.

  167. July 18-I would probably use some of these Rubbermaid All Access bind to hold my yarn collection!

  168. I love anything that helps me stay organized and these look fantastic. They would look even better in my house! 🙂

  169. I would organize my sewing room!

  170. Crafts / Toys

  171. My craft room is a MESS!! It could use some major organization. These would be PERFECT!! Thank you for the chance.

  172. My office files are needing a more accessible system!

  173. I would try to organize my husband and his home office.

  174. I’d use them for sporting items as well as outdoor clothing items like hats, scarves, umbrellas, etc. these bins are great – nice size and such a practical way to store things.

  175. I’d use them for organizing toys and books in my 4 year old’s room!

  176. I would use these to organize arts and craft supplies.

  177. i would store my assortment of video games in this

  178. all the stuff off the floor and into the bis! Great!!

  179. I would store my out-of-season clothes (sweaters etc.).

  180. I’d organize my cleaning supplies

  181. Organize all those kids toys!

  182. I would use it to store my daughters arts & crafts.

  183. I have crafting and scrapbooking supplies everywhere. Not to mention all of my office clutter I keep near my computers. These would really come in handy to organize all this stuff. In fact, if I don’t win, I am going to buy them 🙂

  184. This would be great to organize my office

  185. They would be great for arts and crafts, school books, scrapbooking supplies, and sewing items. Thank you.

  186. I’d use them for larger sewing notions, craft supplies and fabrics.

  187. Either homeschool supplies or other miscellaneous children’s items lol

  188. excellent idea. I’m always struggling to remember what’s in different totes in my basement…I label them, but it’s never quite adequate. These Rubbermaid totes have the see through side…and you can access what’s in there to boot.

  189. Books and toys.

  190. I would use mine for my coupons

  191. I would use this in the playroom, to store the millions of little Fisher Price people that end up scattered all over the place.

  192. I might use this for organizing my kids’ shoes, hats and gloves!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  193. I would probably store my cleaning supplies in them.

  194. I would def use this in my crafting area it would make it so much more organized!!! great giveaway

  195. well we are getting ready to move, so I would be moving clothes, toys, and nick Nacks, movies, games, plateware, Tupperware etc!

  196. I would organize my cloth diapers and the baby clothes I have that are too big/too small for my daughter.

  197. I would organize our camper! Currently all of our stuff in in boxes on top of each other and multiple times every weekend we rearrange the boxes to get out what we need. This would be SO much better

  198. Those are soo useful-All my art supplies, drafting materials and scrap model making pieces will all be in one place!

  199. Probably my basement. We just moved here and we need to pack some things away and organize a bit!

  200. One for play dough, one for megablocks, one for dolls, etc.. 😉

  201. I would use it for my baking supplies. This would be easy to access all the tips and tools.

  202. craft supplies

  203. I def need one of these for all my learning stuff

  204. I love how these Rubbermaid bins have the windows so you can see what’s inside because unless I label them I never remember what I’ve put inside them

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