Omaïki: Christmas Signature Limited Edition Diaper {Giveaway}

Christmas 2012 Limited Edition Diaper

Are you getting in the holiday spirit yet? We have so many awesome holiday features and giveaways coming up!

Here is a very special giveaway from Omaïki. They are participating in the holiday gift guide with some other goodies but they have been kind enough to reserve one of their new, limited edition Christmas Signature Diapers for one lucky OneSmileyMonkey reader. This diaper will also be available for purchase directly from their store in a few days.

Would you like to win this limited edition diaper? Then enter to win via Rafflecopter below!  This giveaway is open to both CAN & USA readers.

Good Luck Everyone!!

Disclosure: No compensation was provided  to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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104 responses to “Omaïki: Christmas Signature Limited Edition Diaper {Giveaway}”

  1. Our kids have special outfits to wear to church around Christmas time.

  2. This is my first Christmas with two children and i did something i never thought I would…got them matching outfits for Xmas pictures. They also get Christmas pjs.

  3. The first outfit my first born ever had was a Christmas outfit! (She was due on Boxing Day, but she came early and we brought her home on December 22!)

  4. No I don’t get them special outfits but I do get them new Christmas PJs every year.

  5. Have a Christmas outfit for the baby but haven’t found an outfit for the big girl yet, still looking but will be sure to find one 🙂

  6. Holiday babylegs

  7. We get Christmas panamas for all of the kids and also dress outfits that they wear for church.

  8. I always buy a pyjama with a christmas theme on it.

  9. We get special clothes for church on Christmas Eve, but try to get them second-hand to help reduce our footprint on Earth.

  10. I check out a few different local stores, NOT the big chains.

  11. Yes. One dressy one but hopefully a hand me down

  12. I will only buy my little one a holiday-specific outfit if they don’t already have something sufficiently cute to wear. 🙂

  13. We get Christmas pj’s

  14. I do, for pictures that we use as gifts and on cards 🙂

  15. yes!!!

  16. yes, every year!

  17. Kiddo always gets brand new Christmas PJs, and we usually get a nice outfit to wear during the holiday dinners as well.

  18. I do usually dress my little one in a special christmas outfit, but usually one that is handed down or gifted!

  19. I never really did with my son, he would just wear a nice shirt for pictures and church. Now that I have a daughter, I will probably find a pretty dress!

  20. Yes, for their Santa pics

  21. No,not usually.Prefer clothes that we will get more use from

  22. I get my daughter a Christmas dress each year.

  23. Yes dd gets a new dress for Christmas every year!

  24. I try to get a Chanukah shirt or onesie every year, as well as a “nice” outfit for going to his grandparents’ houses.

  25. We usually get new outfits for Christmas but this year just néw pj’s for Christmas pictures.

  26. Yes, we buy them special coordinating outfits and pajamas!

  27. We decided last year to start getting new pajamas every year

  28. No, I never did get special holiday outfits for my kids.

  29. This is my first year as a mom, so I don’t have a tradition. I’m thinking I’d like to start a tradition of opening some new pjs on Christmas eve, but I don’t know that it will happen this year, since my gal is WELL SET with clothes.

  30. They will get a special outfit from grandma!

  31. My daughter just got her Christmas dress!!

  32. I will when they get here.

  33. Yes, they wear fancy dresses to Xmas dinner.

  34. I do actually… but I often will use them after the holiday has passed as well.

  35. I coordinate my children’s outfits for Christmas Mass.

  36. I do get them special outfits for pictures and to wear to church.

  37. Yes, he gets special Holiday outfits. (:

  38. no, but this diaper is cute.

  39. I don’t. Though I am thinking about starting a tradition where I make a pair of pj pants for LO, DH & myself for a Christmas morning picture

  40. not usually

  41. Yes. We get nice dresses for parties and for our Christmas pictures!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT Com

  42. We don’t go overboard on themed outfits but love some festive red and green.

  43. Haven’t had the baby yet but I think we will do a special outfit for christmas every year!

  44. I love to match my kids! no matter what season!

  45. I always get my daughter a dress to wear for Christmas.

  46. This is my sons first Christmas and we have bought him pjs to open Christmas eve and a outfit to open that night as well to wear on christmas day 🙂

  47. No special Christmas outfits yet. no money to spend for that 🙂

  48. Yes we usually get special outfits for Christmas for the kids.

  49. i plan of getting x mas pjs for my little guy!

  50. I bought red babylegs and Christmas bibs for my LO.

  51. Every Christmas a new outfit is needed for Santa’s visit! 🙂

  52. My duaghter will be 4 months in december, shes my fisrt so I will probably buy her holiday Pj’s and a dress.

  53. I like to dress the kids up for the family Christmas card. And they definitely dress up for Christmas eve service at church!

  54. I get my son special jammies to wear to church & then a special outfit for christmas with our families.

  55. Yes! I get them matching outfits every time I take them to have pictures made.

  56. I have picked up a cute Christmas party dress.. Second Hand.

  57. I didn’t think I would but now that I have a 4-month-old I’m thinking about it…

  58. every year 🙂 usually a set of pj’s and then some cheeky holiday shirts

  59. Yes, usually something christmassy, like a little red dress.

  60. Well, almost. ZOu can always use what you have at home, plus add something special.

  61. The kids get new Christmas dress clothes

  62. I usually get a little sleeper or cute sweater for my son, not sure what I’ll do this year!

  63. So cute – would make a great gift – hope to win for my goddaughter.

  64. not yet, probably won’t later either

  65. I do like to get a cute outfit that they can wear on the day of the holiday.

  66. we usually do matching pajamas! I love it

  67. No, I don’t, but they do get a new pair of slippers and a robe around Christmas time and they sometimes end up holiday themed.

  68. We have a nice outfit picked out for our daughter to wear but she will also wear it for christmas parties this year as well

  69. This is babies first christmas so my mother in law is making the most adorable little outfit!

  70. I have a couple of special outfits for special occasions!

  71. yes! For his 1st and this year 2nd Christmas he had the same outfit that says Santas Little Helper on the onesie then a santa face on the butt

  72. Ours always get a pair of pjs to wear for Christmas morning and then we do get an outfit for Christmas and church

  73. I don’t get anything special other than Christmas pjs.

  74. I sewed him a couple of Christmas-y outfits this year.

  75. I’m planning to do pajamas for him every christmas eve.

  76. We get them special Christmas Pj’s!

  77. I ususally do get them a special outfit.

  78. I don’t know yet–my first baby, a boy, is due next month so he won’t have a Christmas outfit until 2013! 🙂

  79. We have outfits given to us, but we prefer hand me downs or secondhand since holiday clothes are often lightly used.

  80. nope, he wears something nice or festive, but I don’t buy something special for the occasion

  81. This is our first Christmas with our 8 month old first born, but yes! We have a very cute outfit for him from Grandma :).

  82. dear daughter got a christmas dress for church and pjs for christmas eve. also and outfit to see santa!

  83. yes I do 🙂

  84. Not anymore because they are all grown up but my daughters do for their kids

  85. I don’t really buy holiday outfits but I do love ugly holiday sweaters and will always scoop those up for everyone if given the chance!

  86. This will be my little one’s first Christmas but she doesn’t have a special outfit for the occasion.

  87. I love having matching pjs and dress clothes for the kids for the holidays!

  88. We put PJ’s in the kids’ stockings and bought both a new Christmas outfit for pics!

  89. Yes, pajamas and I am going to save them and make a quilt for my son out of them.

  90. We always get the girls Christmas pajamas. 🙂

  91. Yep, we do! The family gets winter/Christmas pj’s, DD and DS get an nice outfit for pictures/dinner/church.

  92. Yes we have already gotten L a few different holiday outfits as this is her first holiday season 🙂

  93. We pick out a Christmas dress for church and a few non-dressy holiday themed outfits for normal wear.

  94. No I didn’t, but I still kinda want to

  95. I am making dresses and holiday pajamas for our baby.

  96. My kids (and their cousins) always get pyjamas! 🙂

  97. I get my daughter a special dress for the holidays! Also, some PJs 🙂

  98. always!

  99. We usually just get the kids nice dress outfits. Something they can wear again;-)

  100. I have so far, but it depends on whether I have something that is what I want for that day or if I see something I am dying to have.

  101. In the future we may buy Christmas outfits for our little one, but I am not a fan of the outfits they have for little boys…. We did get Christmas pjs for him to open (me to open for him) on Christmas Eve

  102. i do for my 4 year old grandson

  103. I usually get my daughter special Christmas pajamas, but have yet to buy her a special Christmas dress.

  104. I usually get my daughter special Christmas pajamas.

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