Chuck & Friends: Tumblin’ Dump Truck

Hasbro vehiclesWe recently received the Tumblin’ Dump Truck and Flip the Bounce Back Racer Vehicles from Hasbro to review.

The Tonka Chuck & Friends Tumblin’ Dump Truck is a fun vehicle that reacts to how your child plays. This truck can roll, tumble and somersault. It has more than 80 phrases and sounds and your child can start playing with it by pressing his lights and rolling him along. Once playtime is over, he will go into nap time mode automatically.

Our 2 year-old really likes playing with the Tumblin’ Dump Truck.  He loves the fact that the truck plays songs when he is rolling him and usually dances a bit to the tunes.  We love that this toy encourages him to move around and run with the truck and it is pretty interactive. We really like toys that help develop his creativity.

Tonka Chunk trucks

The Tonka Chuck & Friends Flip the Bounce Back Racer is a remote-control vehicle that drives on both sides. This vehicle has special phrases and sound effects for each of its sides and it can flip into stunt-truck mode for more fun play. The box includes a simple controller that children can use to control the vehicle’s moves.

Our son loves playing with it and he is fascinated by the fact that he can control the car using the special controller. We love this vehicle because it encourages the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills and imagination.

We found that both toys are super sturdy and made with high quality materials. He throws them around when he plays and they are both still working fine, this is very important specially for toddler toys.

remote controlled Tonka vehicle

We would definitely recommend both vehicles to family and friends. These two fun vehicles would make fantastic holiday gifts for  toddlers.

Buy it:  You can purchase both fun vehicles at your local Toys “R” Us or online at

Holiday Gift GuideWin it: We are giving away a Tonka Chuck & Friends Tumblin’ Dump Truck to one lucky US/CAN reader ($40 value). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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167 responses to “Chuck & Friends: Tumblin’ Dump Truck”

  1. I’ve started getting a few things but #1 on our list is toys that play music, or son is in LOVE with anything that plays music or makes noise (:

  2. I have a 4 month old. I think he just wants milk… I, however, have trouble helping myself and will buy him things anyway 🙂

  3. My daughter woukd love this

  4. Yes i have. She really wants the transforming cinderella carriage

  5. I’ve bought a few things. My son loves all trucks and cars.

  6. i have started and not sure what the top items will be this year

  7. Haven’t really started shopping fro the kids on my list yet but with 2 little boys this toy would do the trick!

  8. I *really* should get started.. but we’ve simplified this year and each adult gets randomly paired with another adult. Leaves more room to spend energy on the reason for the season 🙂

  9. no i have not started yet i usually start around thanksgiving

  10. I have not started yet…and my kids are too young to really ‘want’ anything

  11. I bought the one thing my son really wanted… skylanders giants

  12. I keep telling myself we are done shopping but I know I still want to get the boys Skylanders Giants. THank you

  13. I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping already. My daughter wants a Lallaloopsy doll.

  14. I haven’t really got anything yet, been preoccupied with having a baby! #1 item for my son is a train table!

  15. Started a little bit but not much so far! Top of my son’s list is anything “Special Agent Oso”!

  16. I have already almost finished my shopping. The number one thing on my childrens’ list was stompees

  17. I haven’t started shopping just yet, I like to find good deals on Black Friday. My grandson wants Dinosaur Train InterAction figures.

  18. enter me thanks for my son

  19. I have started holiday shopping and hoping I’ll be done before December. I think my son would love anything cars or truck related!

  20. The top item on my 3 years old christmas list is “CARS” 😀

  21. Yes I have started my shopping already.. My daughter wants a new doll

  22. We’ve started making a list of items we would like to get but have not really purchased anything yet. Hoping to get our boys a play house this year.

  23. November 9–I’ve been at it for a while.My childr4en are adults so I trry to get them something suitable , also my grandchildre n. This year, I have five ggchildren under four so I will have great fun shopping for them.el03ro

  24. Hot Wheels wall tracks…sigh. Like my house hasn’t already been taken over by toys now they have to creep up my walls.

  25. I started a long time ago:) My boys don’t have lists because they are too little but they are getting a play kitchen this year as their big gift. I know they will love it.

  26. I have not started to shop for the grandboys yet. Keeping my eyes open and loving this little giveaway! It would take care of one!

  27. I have already bought the #1 item on my sons list and that was a leap pad 2! Now i just have to shop for my daughter, she’s 18 months… any ideas? lol

  28. I have not started my shopping and on my sons list are clothing.

  29. done with all the kids just about… hit the early sales hard 🙂 My son is still young to have a wish list but he keeps saying he wants a blue kite from santa 🙂

  30. toy cars

  31. I have stated shopping and my son most wamts a 3DS

  32. no haven’t started….waiting to see how elections turn out….since they went the way they did we’ll be doing on practical need things…..clothes mostly….things are only heading south in our economy hoping for change but didn’t get it..bummer.

  33. Have purchased two things – but really trying to go minimal this year.

  34. my son would love this~!

  35. My nephew would love this!

  36. No, I haven’t started. he wants an RC helicopter.

  37. I haven’t bought one thing yet except for a few stocking stuffers. I’m so behind.

  38. I have not yet started my shopping, my sons are too young still to really want anything!

  39. i have started alittle, i think the kids want everything they see

  40. Unbelievably, I just finished my Christmas shopping this afternoon. This is a record for me for sure. LaLaLoopsy was on my granddaughter’s list this year.

  41. I have barely started..! And my son wants a ski-doo!!!!

  42. I’ve started but have a few things to get yet. My nephew wants Legos.

  43. I have started. My 5 year old wane laser pegs.

    • “Wants”

  44. toys, toys toys!

  45. I started last night actually, my boys wanted ninja turtles!!

    tammykd at live dot com

  46. My daughter wants a new cell phone but can’t decide which one.

  47. too many things to count. They have the Christmas Wish book marked from front to back

  48. I have a small pile already started. I hate last-minute crowds… I am also waiting for the Super Spend Your Points event at Shoppers.

  49. Havent really started my shopping yet

  50. I have started, my top item on my list is a LeapPad 2 for my son! Doubt we’ll be able to get him much else though.

  51. I haven’t started my shopping yet. At the top of my grandson’s wish list is anything that has to do with “Cars” and since Chuck looks a lot like the “Cars” characters, I know he would love this, too!

  52. I haven’t started but will soon look in the next few weeks. He likes things with sounds or bouncy balls!

  53. I have a few things I’ve set aside over the last few months, probably enough to get us through. But lately my kid is asking for everything she sees on TV – ugh!

  54. I have actually bought a few gifts so far. I don’t have children,but I am awaiting the arrivof two grandbabies.

  55. I started my christmas shopping yesterday 🙂 Top things on my 2 yr olds list are anything and everything Disney’s Cars or John Deere tractor

  56. Have a few items bought
    My four year old wants the LeapPad
    My five month old hasnt asked for anything

  57. Have not started yet, got a phone and a computer on their list. Not going to bother with little side gifts. 🙂

  58. Yes I almost have my Christmas shopping finished. Today the top toy is LOL Elmo and who knows what it will be tomorrow and so on. Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway.

  59. I have started my shopping. Nintendo DS games are on the top of the list.

  60. Have not started my wife has been in the hospital for 8 days.

  61. My son wants a crayola crayon maker.

  62. I have started. My daughter is too young to tell us what she wants, but I am excited to give her a Mr and Mrs Potato head. She loves playing with the one at grandma’s.

  63. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. My son’s top item is a guitar!

  64. Yes for my five year old because he really wants the new skylander Giants but not for my other two younger ones.

  65. My 18 month old doesn’t really have a clue what he wants, but my daughter wants Monster High dolls =)

  66. I’ve started my shopping. My son’s top item was a Lego log cabin set.

  67. I think I’m going to get my oldest child a tablet… ekk!

  68. I have started my shopping and on the top of my son’s list is a laptop. We shall see if he gets it

  69. i havent started my shopping yet. looking to purchase a train set for my son and some large trucks for him

  70. I’ve barely started – we are only doing stockings with the kids this year (as they are 2 and 6 months) . . . my 2 year old is all about cars, cars, cars! I think he will be most excited about the cars slippers I got him 🙂

  71. I started early this year and it’s been great, I started in October because having one of the children with a birthday a month right before christmas can really crunch the wallet and ideas. This year I’m going for the Lego, the bestfriends lego will be a big part of christmas and her birthday. This truck is now on my need list to have this year for christmas. 😀

  72. I have not started shopping yet – and no lists are made.

  73. The Furby is at the top of the list at least for the moment lol

  74. I have already started my Son would LOVE THIS

  75. I’ve already started picking a few things up here and there.

  76. I have started my Christmas Shopping. I am still on an Elmo hunt!

  77. Not yet, my kids don’t know what they want for Christmas yet either!

  78. haven’t started holiday shopping yet, but a new mattress would probably on the list for my little one.

  79. I have started my shopping. My boys are really into Lego Ninjago this year.

  80. Yes I have started and my baby likes chewy toys lol

  81. Yes. I hope to get my daughter the perfect gift!

  82. no I have not started my shopping yet, but this truck is on top of my list

  83. I have a few things purchased for Christmas. My son wants cars and trucks, as usual. My daughter is asking for babies and Dora toys.

  84. my son loves tractors and trucks so that is what is on the top of his list! i have only started to make lists, not actually shop yet!

  85. My oldest wants EVERYTHING he sees, but cars and truck are a favorite toy around here! I’ve made lists but not started the shopping yet.

  86. I’ve started shopping for my kids. My daughter loves anything princess and my son is too little to know what’s going on!

  87. I have started with 10 grandchildren i have too. the boys are cars and the girls dolls.

  88. I have only bought one holiday gift so far. Need to get shopping! My boys want mega blok sets and imaginext toys

  89. I started xmas shopping in January and a new truck is on the top of the list

  90. I’ve started for my daughter, she’s loving the Lalaloopsy dolls this year.

  91. Have already started shopping, though the kids haven’t given us their ‘lists’ yet– started gathering the standard items– ornaments for the tree, new jammies, etc.

  92. yes i have started my shopping i start shopping on the day after xmas and i dont stop till the day before xmas! lol i dont have any children only nephews so the number toy on their list this year is a sponge bob anything:P

  93. This grandma has been “instructed’ to put money towards an Ipad for my 3 grandsons 🙂

  94. Yes, I have started holiday shopping and the first thing on my list for now is getting my husband a handmade pen from Mike Trobee pens on Etsy, beautiful professional pens!

  95. My daughter would love this – the #1 thing on her list is anything DInosaur Train!

  96. I haven’t started yet. Dora DVD’s and toys are on my list.

  97. Too early for me.I’ll be buying Lego toys.

  98. I wait until December to start shopping. On my list are small electronic gifts.

  99. Oh yes, I am almost done my shopping. Depending on the child (i have 5) the top of their lists are: play food, leappad2, toy vacuum, nintendo 3DSXL, and a PS3. My 5 year old also really LOVES chuck & friends, and would love this! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  100. Already done my Daughters Christmas shopping. Actually done everyone’s thankfully. At the top of her list was the fisher price little people zoo talkers.

  101. no and he is to young to make a wishlist but i want to get him the itikes board and he is in love with the dumptrucks

  102. Thomas the Train!

  103. I have actually…my daughter wants accessories, books and nail polish, and my son loves anything with wheels…trucks, trains, bikes…bonus if there’s a remote lol…he would LOVE this!!

  104. I have started except for my own children who still havent told me what they want.

  105. I have started. My son loves cars so Chuck would be perfect!

  106. My grandson loves these trucks &his grandpa’s name is Chuck!!!

  107. not yet i am always a last minute person 1 toy would be something that makes lots a noise

  108. Yes, I have picked upa few things to start my holiday shopping and the top thing on the list is a tablet (such as a Blackberry Playbook or IPad ect.)

  109. I have not started yet. Money is top of my teens list and anything on tv is what my toddler wants! LOL!

  110. No, I haven’t! My son wants some Thomas and the pirate ship set

  111. I haven’t started yet, but my son would love this 🙂

  112. I have just barely started christmas shopping, ots more to get 🙂

  113. Yes I have! My son wants Thomas trains and tracks to add to his collection!

  114. My son’s birthday is next week so we are focusing on buying birthday gifts right now but I will start on Christmas shopping soon and he want’s a treasure chest and a Leap Pad 2!

  115. yes and my little guy wants toopy and bino dalls

  116. haven’t started shopping yet. #1 item will probably be more bath toys.

  117. I have started and almost finished christmas shopping. My oldest wants a barbie bus. My youngest does care yet.

  118. Not yet ! Lego’s and trucks =)

  119. my 22 month old daughter would love this!

  120. All done shopping…thanks. It feels good.

  121. unfortunately i have not started shopping. I have always been a last minute shopper, every year i say i am going to start early but i never do lol. This truck would be for my nephew. He loves anything trucks or trains….

  122. I have started but still have a long ways to go 🙂

  123. I have picked up a few things, but my kids haven’t fully decided what’s on their lists yet.

  124. I have started and gotten some of the bigger items on my little one’s list.


  126. No, I haven’t started my shopping yet. The top item on my children’s list is a Wii game.

  127. I have started but i still have lots of gifts to buy.

  128. Holiday shopping is done. My daughter is only 14 months so she doesn’t really get it this year. She is thrilled though every time she gets a new book.

  129. Yes I have started and gotten a few things, my daughter would love a portable DVD player to watch her fav movies in the car.

  130. I tried to start early, but still not close to being done. My daughter wants a Furby.

  131. I’m done, I gave all presents early and they are waiting to open them at Christmas, 🙂

  132. Just started. Laptop is on her list.

  133. Have not started yet. Elmo and trucks are at the top of the list!

  134. We finished our shopping online! Our kids don’t have a list. 😉

  135. I’ve only gotten a couple small things. My kids top items are Lego sets.

  136. I am almost finished my shipping

  137. yes i’ve started.. my daughters want anything pink. and my youngest wants everything trucks!!

  138. I always say I’m gonna shop early but it always ends up being at the last mminute. The tree does have presents under it though because of all the stuff I’ve won through these giveaways.

  139. Havent started yet, I’d love to get my son a train set.

  140. I have started shopping, there’s nothing on his list really, he’s only 2. He’s getting a kitchen though and some other goodies.

  141. no i have not my baby is to young to start giving me i want list but soon

  142. I’ve actually finished shopping! My daughter wanted some new puzzles.

  143. Yes, started, the Wii U is tops!

  144. haven’t started yet, and he wants finding nemo 3d!

  145. My son actually wants this very dump truck!

  146. Yes, I have started. My children are grown. But of my grandchildren, the top gifts are a bicycle, play-doh, and dvds.

  147. i still have so much to do! our 4 year old grandson wants legos

  148. I just finished my shopping & my son wanted any lego set the most 🙂

  149. I have started getting Christmas gifts, My grandsons first thing on his list is a train set

  150. Just finished yesterday, but my son would *love* if Santa brought him this, too!! 🙂

  151. i could not afford to shop this year my kids want different things and would be blessed to get anything

  152. I have not started shopping, and the top item is a Wii U.

  153. I’m about finished my holiday shopping; CJ’s most-wanted toy is anything Thomas.

  154. Yes, I have started shopping, Lego’s is top on his list

  155. I have started almost done. Kids want an xbox and new bikes.

  156. Yes, I have started and my kids are too young to “want” anything yet.

  157. Haven’t shopped at all. We are having a stress free no presents holiday season.

  158. yes im pretty much done shopping on the top of my sons list is an xbox 360

  159. yes and a cinderella castle

  160. I have started! Play food and kitchen toys!

  161. I am almost finished shopping. My youngest son is begging for a play kitchen!

  162. Almost done shopping. My daughter really wants an easy bake oven….

  163. new thomas the train set from mystery mountain

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