Summer time is a great time to begin potty training, the days are warmer and kids can run around diaper free all day. I trained my first during the summer months and I am hoping to maybe start with my now 18 month before the end of the summer. It may be a bit early but I can always go back to potty training later if it doesn’t happen in the first try.

As I start thinking about potty training my second child and based on my experience with my first I have put together a list of essential products that I will be using this time around:

  • A Small, Portable Potty Training Seat

The big toilet seat can be scary and intimidating when you start potty training your child. Get a small, portable potty training seat that looks less intimidating and more your child’s size.  We opted for a Beco Potty Eco-Friendly Potty when potty training our first son and I will get something similar this time around. At the store you can also find potty seats with friendly colours and children’s characters decorations.

  • Cute Potty Training Pants/Underwear

It is important to transition from diapers to training pants/underwear when you decide to start potty training. I found that going from cloth diapers straight to underpants was the best thing for us but you can definitely try training pants to start with, some have an extra layer of absorbency to help when little ones have accidents.

Look for cute designs at your local store, even better if you let your child pick his/her favourites.

training pants

  • A Potty on the Go (Carry Potty)

I purchased a My Carry Potty portable seat on Amazon with my first and used it all the time. I kept it in the car and it was always a life saver when he had to go and couldn’t wait to find a public washroom. It was also great to avoid using dirty germy toilet seats at public washrooms. I am definitively using it again with my second.

  • Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are very helpful when little ones are learning to master toilet training. They provide a better clean than toilet paper and rarely irritate their delicate skin. They are also convenient for travel and on the go when there is not toilet paper in public washrooms. I carry a pack of Kandoo® Flushable Wipes in my bag at all times and I love that they are biodegradable and the perfect size for little hands.


  • A Good Selection of Potty Training Books

Potty training books are a great way to introduce the potty to your child. A fun way to make training interesting and explain all of the steps of the entire routine. Go to your local library to get a few books if you can, there are many wonderful ones but our favourite when training our first was Sesame Street: Potty Time with Elmo.


Potty training shouldn’t be stressful for yourself or your child, remember, patience is key! If you think your child is not ready don’t rush him/her. Wait a few weeks and try again! Good Luck and enjoy the summer!

Check out some useful potty training tips from Kandoo in the official Kandoo Potty Training Guide.

For those of you that have a potty trained child, any other must haves you can think of?


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